Information added for the Pathfinder Society membership

A new page has been added showing information regarding the Pathfinder Society.

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New character background posts

We have character backgrounds for Caymin the Paladin and Mordek the hardy dwarven fighter. Also I added Caymin’s response to the letter Varsuvius translated. Just a suggestion, someone might want to do some research on “The Desolation” or the notable names mentioned in that letter.

But we need more journal entries! Your character’s response to events in game can earn you experience points.

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New Pathfinder Campaign: Rise of the Runelords

Welcome Pathfinders in Anchorage!

I am starting this campaign for players in my new home of Anchorage, Alaska. So far I have only two players, but more will arrive. I will provide a separate section for Anchorage players. Please do not read the Wednesday Night Society notes (unless you wish to spoil the adventure for yourself). Refer instead to the Anchorage Meetup tab.

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Poking the Hornet’s nest gets you stung

Alas for Falathar, bard of many talents except the ability to know when to run.

Strabomenos offered his temple and his high priestess to make an attempt at breathing life back into the bard. Strabo took the hat of disguise from Falathar’s pack and nonchalantly stuffed it on his head, perhaps as payment for the services, either raise dead or funeral, no one is exactly sure.

The party has learned two things for certain. Shadows are scary and Paladins are REALLY handy to have around.

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Of Devil’s Elbows and blue tentacles

The party deals with politics at home and then heads to Riddleport by way of Devil’s Elbow.

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The Lady’s Light is added

We are still missing the party’s travels from Magnimar to the Lady’s Light. There were encounters not mentioned by our faithful scribe due to the player’s absence from that game night.

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Some ants bite, hard

Woe to Ironbriar. He thought he was superior, knew that he was to the vast unwashed masses of humanity and others in the streets of Magnimar. They were fodder for his god, mere ants to be squashed when the whim took him. It was a service to the undertrodden of the community. The greedy were leaching them dry. Best they be done away with, and if it served the needs of his new mistress, Ironbriar thought that was even better.

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PaizoCon hiatus and more gaming

After a brief hiatus, wherein the GM went to PaizoCon and had tons of fun without the rest of the Wednesday Night Society, (Hope no one is jealous… but you should be. :P) more craziness ensues while our intrepid band of adventurers attemps to find out what Foxglove got himself into. Oh what troubles the bored rich can find.

Falathar’s journals 38 and 39 added to the mix.

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More Foxglove fun

Falathar’s Journal 37 continues with the story of everyone’s favorite creepy noble, Foxglove, or at least with his house.

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The story behind the Shoanti they call Parlay

See Parlay’s story in the Wednesday Night Society Player Character backgrounds.

Also, the duplication of Falathar’s Journal 35 was removed.

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