Falathar’s Journal 09

The party secured the doors shut with rubble, upon which Parlay slept.  Strabo tended to the wounded, while Agrent followed by Parlay set the watch.  After eight hours of rest those of the party tended to their required devotions and study.  Meanwhile, Falathar tried to match sounds to the carved Runes keeping in mind the Quasit’s utterings in Thassilonian.  He did not have much success, but was able to determine that the Runewell was the triangular pool on the altar.  It required a blood sacrifice, which he thought was the blood the Quasit had dropped into the pool to summon demons.  Falathar shared this with the group much to the interest of Cameo.

Cameo walked up to the pool and pricked his finger to drip blood into the pool, much to the dismay of the party!  The pool began bubbling and boiling and then a demon came out of it staring at Cameo.  As the pool again calmed, the demon said something, which Falathar was able to translate as “Orders?”  Cameo ordered it to protect him and not harm any party member, but that was not enough for Sampson.  The paladin, being highly incensed in the presence of an evil demon, launched into a full attack dropping it instantly.  It fell back into the pool, while the rest of us looked on.  The pool did not bubble so we determined that the blood of a summoned demon did not fulfill the required blood sacrifice.

The party returned to the statue room and followed the passages through the cell room.  It led to an about forty by eighty feet with a curved wall at the far end.  The room contained eleven pits covered by wooden grates and had a door on the left wall.  The ceiling was vaulted and twenty feet high.  We could hear strange shuffling sounds coming up from the pits.  This was secondary to the armed goblin standing in the middle holding a long sword, a hand axe and a dagger simultaneously.  Normally, this would be impossible, but he was aided by the fact that he had a third arm to use!

The battle commenced with the goblin missing in his attack on Bron, who had moved up into the room.  Bron repaid the goblin with a stout blow.  Sampson scored two hits with one a critical.  Falathar started singing, which seemed to inspire all.  Finally, Cameo cast a magic missile into the Goblin, which dropped it unconscious.  The goblin was starting to heal, which incited Sampson to finish off the abomination on the ground.

We checked the eleven cells and found that each held a zombie.  Samson detected these as evil and was all for killing them.  We managed to talk him into continuing with the investigation with the assurance that they would be taken care of later.  The longsword recovered from the goblin is masterwork and detected as magic.  The dagger was determined to be steel coated with pure silver.  The hand axe was also of masterwork quality.

Falathar checked the room for secret doors and successfully found one in the middle of the curved wall.  It opens to a ten foot hallway leading to a spherically shaped room of about ten to fifteen feet in diameter.  The wall was metallic red and pulsed with magic, which were identified by Falathar as a Levitation Spell.  Floating about in the room were a book, a dead raven with maggots, a wine bottle, a scroll, and a twisted iron device with a forked tip.  Strabo was able to use his whip to capture the items and pull them out of the room.

The scroll is that of burning hands cast by a third level caster.  The bottle is that of a local wine with a recent date, which is considered a fine vintage.  The twisted iron object is a magic wand.  The book is titled “The Army of Light” and which Falathar is looking forward to reading.  Finally, the dead raven is just a dead raven.

The party decided to check out the door back in the zombie room, which lead away about twenty feet.  There was rubble at the end of the passage, which opened into a circular room.  The staircase led up to the right and down to the left.  The staircase going down is block by rubble.  The staircase goes up to a door, which we believe leads back to the statue room.  The roof is sagging and cracked.  This seems to be under the tower of the old light house.  We retraced out steps to the statue room and followed the passage leading up. 

This passage led to a room with a pool in the middle.  The pool is lined with skulls and there is blood on the floor.  There is a door on the far side, which we surmise leads to the circular staircase going down.  Parlay and Bron entered the room and each was immediately attacked by a floating head with tentacles.  Fortunately, the biting attack by the heads failed.  Erlig moved up the stairs to support.  One of the heads started screaming, which paralyzed Cameo, Strabo, and Agrent.  The other head managed to bite Bron, but he was able to resist the poison.  Parlay swung and missed, while Bron managed to hit one.  Rain scored a hit and Samson really laid into one dropping it.  Falathar started singing again heartening all.  Erlig tried to hit the remaining head with an acid blob, but missed.  The head manage a weak hit on Parlay, who also saved against its poison.  The head tried to fly out of range, but Parlay repaid the attack with a solid hit dropping the head.

Parlay tried to open the door, but failed to budge it.  Bron threw his weight behind Parlay’s efforts and they finally managed to open the door.  Yes, it did lead into the stairwell.  We then conducted a thorough search of the remaining tunnels, but did not find anything.  We returned to the surface to report.

The town guards had been looking for us.  Shalelu had come back into town, reported and left again.  She said some Licktoads were killed off by boggards.  Old Megus has returned.  We went to the village priest and informed him of the zombies.  He assured us he would take care of them.

Note from Sheriff Hemlock: To Mayor Kendra Deverin of Sandpoint,

I have run into bureaucratic stumbling blocks here in Magnimar. I was given the run around and feared either loosing valuable time in my attempt to convince each higher level clerk that the situation for us in Sandpoint is serious enough to have an impact on Magnimar. They seem to forget that they need our raw lumber, fish products, farm produce and other things. The loss, temporarily, of the Glassworks has fortunately had an impact however, it seem some official was awaiting a fancy glass decoration that was evidently ruined when the goblins murdered the night workers. Now I have about 8 to 10 semi useful but unskilled warriors assigned to me from the training barracks of the Magnimaran guard. Once I get them all outfitted, I will be bringing them to Sandpoint where we will need to train them further so they can start to take over guard watch duties. It seems we have had some added assistance from one of the higher ranked Justices of the Magnamaran courts. Justice Ironbriar has agreed to see the case of Tsuto for murdering his father Lonjikyu Kaijitsu. He has requested that Tsuto immediately be sent by ship to Magnimar where he will be imprisoned in The Hells along with the guard who was involved in catching him and any witnesses to have their statements taken by the court clerks. I know this puts us minus a valuable guard captain but it is only temporarily. The court has agreed to pay for passage back to Sandpoint for each person once their statements have been taken. I will be traveling back and be in Sandpoint by tomorrow with our green recruits.

Signed , Belor Hemlock

Note for Erlig: By ship a note arrives written in Skald (Ulfen language).

 “I have been suffering from a cold that none can cure since the day I brought you to Magnimar from the north. As each day passes it grows worse until now I cannot even rise from my bed. It is clear now from the priests who have tried to cure me that I have been cursed and that it cannot be broken by their spells. I am soon to die and I wish that you take the artifact that I was intending to bring to the Pathfinder Grand Lodge in Absalom in my stead. Come to my townhouse in Magnimar and retrieve it. If I am able to speak to you I shall attempt to answer any questions you have. I have asked that a note be passed to the Pathfinder lodge in Absalom as well.”

The note is signed in a shaky hand “Skeleg the Ripper”

You do not need to be told that there is no greater dishonor for a warrior to die in a sick bed instead of in battle.


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