Falathar’s Journal 46

Rain turned to the rest of the party, “What is the plan?” Falathar suggested that we go to the Witch Light’s Tower to find Erlig’s “girlfriend” with the Cypher Mages. Strabo on the other thought we should back track the dwarf and the two human survivors. “We can recover the star metal they dropped and investigate the crater.”

Agrent, Rain, and Parlay searched for tracks. Oddly, Rain and Parlay found tracks from the day before that Agrent missed until they pointed them out. They took the lead and we began following the tracks uphill going inland. The bulk of the party followed behind alert to signs of an ambush. There Bron asked Strabo why he had not demanded we go straight to Riddleport, “I thought ya’ were worried about things there.” Strabo confided that he had performed an Augury and learned that the blue creatures had not been in Riddleport. Bron then shared that he had talked with the dwarf about his missing companions. The dwarf informed him that three had been sent to the Witch’s Tower and they never returned. The rest were lost at the crater or on the way back.

Up on point Rain found the tracks of some large type of cat combined with the tracks of the missing party. Tracking was tough going as we climbed through brambles with fallen tree nest to standing trees. Agrent not have much luck tracking examined the fallen trees
and found them all to have been weakened by beetles. The trees still standing showed no evidence of beetles. We encountered increasing numbers of fallen trees with many showing evidence of burning .

Rain had lost the track and the party stopped and tried to find it again. Surprisingly, it was Strabo who first spotted the lost track. “Training as a fighter in addition to a cleric seems to have really helped Strabo,” thought Falathar. His thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of something rustling up ahead. Falathar quickly called out the warning. His apprehension was greatly increased when he realized there were no normal sounds of nature to be heard. Rain and Agrent could see a bloody and torn bit of clothing off to the side in the leaves.

Suddenly, the bit of cloth rose up. It was a dwarf whose body had been rent with a blue tentacle protruding from its mouth like a long tongue failing about. A second zombie dwarf rose up in the general direction the sound had been coming from. Parlay sent an arrow with such precision and force it went through the mouth and out the back of the head
of the second creature. It sort of sank to the ground no longer animated. Justice moved up alongside of Parlay to protect him. Agrent sent an arrow, which barely hit the first dwarf. The creature moved towards us out of the trees, but it movements were so slow it only covered about five feet.

Rain sent two quick arrows into the dwarf with both going through the tongue and exploding through the back of its head. That dwarf sank to the ground no longer a threat. Strabo went up and cut the blue tongue out and found it to have been some type of creature that had eaten away the jaw. The back of the tongue had the beginnings of a head

We searched about and found a sack with three chunks of the green crystal metal, Noqual. Falathar recalled that it was like Adamantite in that it is used to strengthen armor. It has magical resistance and produce superior armor. Agrent set about recovering his arrow,
which was unbroken much to his relief. After a few minutes we resumed our tracking.

We approached and area with all the trees down and severe scorch marks. The berm of the crater was just ahead. We moved up alert and carefully to the edge. There Justice tried to sense Evil without finding any. Down in the crater we could see the bodies of four dwaves.
Erlig glanced down and found a crystal of Noqual and picked it up. He then prudently cast mage armor on himself. The only signs of life were some vultures wheeling about above the crater.

Agrent and Falthar climbed down the steep incline of the crater easily thanks to their boots and slippers of spider climb. Erlig decided to stay up on the top and Bron and Cameo joined him to watch the party’s back. He tied off a rope to a boulder, which Justice and
Strabo used to climb down. Parlay and Rain being more adept just climbed down the face.

Agent upon reaching the floor of the crater pulled out his club and klar. Falathar notched an arrow just in case. They could see the meteor in the middle of the crater. Its surface pitted with deep large crack showing. Two bluish four legged creature with tentacles
sprouting from their heads rushed out from the meteor. They were about the size of a hyena. They rushed in from about three hundred feet to within about two­-hundred and twenty feet when Parlay missed with an arrow. Rain landed the second of two arrows hitting the first creature. Agrent casting, while Falathar started singing to hearten all. Strabo held position waiting for the creature to come in range.

Parlay focused carefully and managed a critical hit with his arrow into the first creature. It exploded right through the creatures brain pan dropping it in its tracks. The second creature continued towards us without hesitation and reached about one-hundred and forty feet. Rain scored hits with two more arrows and Bron missed with his cross bow
from up on top. Agrent was still casting, while Falathar missed with an arrow. Strabo continued to hold position, and Erlig cast shield.

Parlay missed with his next arrow while the creature closed to about sixty feet. Rain landed two more hits with her arrows and Falathar missed again. Up on top Bron reloaded his cross bow, while Erlig looked around to clear the area. He spotted another crystal.
Justice stood by Parlay ready to defend the Shoanti.

Parlay’s next arrow hit the creature, which stopped moving forward. Parlay and Justice rushed up to the creature and reached it just as it collapsed bleeding. The blood was citrine in color as it bleed out.

We moved up to the core of the meteor and searched the area. We found three more crystals. Rain and Agrent scanned the ground and found signs of many foot prints. One set in particular was that of an Elf, which led up slope towards the berm of the crater. They
were joined by Falathar following the tracks. Shortly, they came upon signs of a struggle several days old. The Elvin tracks continued towards the south climbing uphill and dragging something.

They followed the tracks up to the rim of the crater, but lost them in the rubble there. Agrent and Rain searched about with Rain locating the track leading away. After a short distance the Elvin track met up human footprints. The human prints continued on towards the smoke we had seen on our approach to the island. The elf had turned towards the cliff and had been still dragging something. We decided to follow the elf. Falathar set small stones into the shape of an arrow in the direction we were going to go for the party to follow “

Agrent followed the track to the edge of the sea cliff. He peered over the edge and could see a ledge at the base just above the water. A cleft in the base of the cliff turned out to be a cave. Agrent carefully moved back to share this with Rain and Falathar. Rain asked what we should do? “You go back get rest of party and kick ass,” pronounced the Shoanti.

Meanwhile, back at the crater the party was still searching for crystals. They had found 12 more good sized crystals in the interim. They now had two full sacks and were starting on a third.

Near the edge of the sea cliff Agrent tied a rope off to a tree and tossed the end over the edge of the cliff. He carefully climbed down the cliff. On reaching the ledge at the base he saw a slightly wider cleft in the face off to the right. Up on top Falathar watched as Agrent moved towards the cleft. Suddenly, two small cross bow bolts lanced out of the cleft hitting Agrent.

Agrent could hear a voice speaking in a strange language. Just then two more bolt issued out with one hitting him. Agrent quickly moved to the side and up the face of the cliff above the cleft. “Falathar come down here and speak with elf.” Falathar, thinking this was a very bad idea, came racing down the cliff to join his Shoanti friend. The area suddenly was enveloped in darkness. Agrent took the opportunity to cast cure light on himself.

The rock face next to Falathar slid open and he was seriously bitten and clawed. His Elvin eyes could see an albino skinned creature like a giant bird/lizard covered in scales. Realizing he was no match for the creature Falathar raced backwards up the cliff. The whole time alternately thinking “what have we gotten into” and “dam good thing I bought
the slippers of spider climb.”

Looking down from the top Falathar could see two purple skinned elves step out onto the ledge. They turned and pointed hand cross bows at Agrent, but missed in their haste. The raptor and two goblins also climbed down onto the ledge. Agrent finally seeing reason, not
to mention the two bolts whizzing by his face, decided to run up the cliff and join Falathar.

Agrent heard that strange language again, which Falathar realized was Elvin spoken with a heavy accent. “Fuck you,” retorted Agrent. Falathar heard them laugh and call out, “Surfacer, you kind will all die.” To which, Falathar replied in Elvin, “Was that bitch in Riddleport your friend? She died badly as will you.” Falathar then cast cure moderate on himself almost completely healing his wounds. He then turned to Agrent, “What the hell
were you thinking.”


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