The return of the elves to Golarion occurred before you were born. Only a few ancient elves remember Sovyrian, the world of exile. Only tales and stories exist of the time before Sovyrian, back when the elves dwelt in Golarion. One tale stands out, the tale of prophetic visions of a cataclysm that the leaders of the elves believed, of the utter destruction of ancient Azlant and its step-child Thassilon. None know exactly what caused this though many elves guess that it was caused by human tendency to bite off more than they can chew, to overextend themselves and anger forces far greater than themselves. Fearing that this would affect their homelands as well and worse, that a great many elves would die, the rulers created the Sovyrian Stone and gathered as many as they could to pass beyond into exile.

Upon the return to Golarion your people established a home in the forests of Kyonin, one of the ancient dwelling places where the Sovyrian Stone was placed and the location of the portal. Once settled in Kyonin the elves became curious about what happened in Golarion while they were gone. They were surprised to learn that the resilient humans quickly (in elven terms) reestablished order out of the chaos of the cataclysm, and established new civilizations upon those lands that were not destroyed. Slowly the elves began sending out persons who were interested in discovering what happened and how those who were inadvertently left behind fared.

Discovering the Forlorn elves was disheartening at best and few of the Forlorn who were contacted wished to return to the fold of elven society. Seeking further, the elves tried to discover what happened to their ancient places of power. One of those was Celwynvian and the Mieriani Forest. The Queen of the elves sent numerous trusted individuals to Mieriani to discover what happened. Tales came back telling about the fantastic monuments that remained of the ancient human civilization of Thassilon. As the elves were uncertain just how much time had passed it did seem rather unlikely that anything at all would have been left behind. Yet the reports of these monuments still existing after thousands and thousands of years held true.

The elves sent out representatives to the new human nations. In particular to the city at the center of the new world, Absalom attracted many. The Queen keeps an embassy there. Of Absalom, the elves learned that it was brought up to the surface of the Inner Sea by one called Aroden, known as the last Azanti. Aroden, upon accomplishing this task and also forming the Empire of Taldor, among other heroic deeds; ascended to become the God of Humanity. As with humans, unsurprisingly Aroden burned brillantly for years but failed of his promise to fulfill the prophecy of a new golden age of mankind. A mere fifty years ago on the eve of the fulfillment of the prophecy, Aroden’s followers simultaneously lost their abilities to channel his energy as their prayers went unanswered. Aroden had vanished without a trace.

While in Absalom, the elves became aware of an organization known as the Pathfinder Society. Though perhaps some members are little better than adventurers and treasure hunters, the goals of the leadership of the Society are based upon gathering knowledge and disseminating it in the form of published chronicles. Seeing this as a way to use the work of others to further their need for information the Queen sent a few to become members of this organization. 

Falathar’s task is simply to discover as much about ancient Thassilon as he can and return to Kyonin to report. He did as instructed and became an initiate of the Pathfinders. After three years of training and tests, he was assigned to join the newly established Pathfinder lodge in Magnimar. The Pathfinder Society knows of Falathar’s goal to track down and learn all he can of Thassilon and they fully support this goal and are awaiting his report on what he finds. This is the final test for his confirmation into the society and will be published if accepted. He will then officially be a full-fledged Pathfinder.

While in Magnimar Falathar learned that Eando Kline, the Pathfinder Venture-Captain he was sent to work under had left under mysterious circumstances known only to the Decimvirate, the secret leaders of the Society, and Eando’s journal was sealed. Falathar met the pair assigned to the Pathfinder Lodge in Magnimar to replace Eando Kline, Sir Canayven Heidmarch and his wife Sheila. They give him a wayfinder, which is the mark of a Pathfinder and a useful tool. He was also allowed to research in the library at the lodge and come across a manuscript written by a man named Brodert Quink who resides in a small coastal town called Sandpoint. His fanciful claims on the possible use of a Thassilonian ruin in Sandpoint were discredited as “exaggeration without proof;” and though he isn’t a Pathfinder, Falathar decides that he may have information the lodge does not.


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