Falathar’s Journal 16

The party moved down the stairwell and found it opened into a hallway.  A quick check found two rooms opposite of the party.  The first room was the nursery and held all of the Goblin children.  The next room was full of Goblin women.  The hall had four other doors with each opening into a different direction.  Each of the doors was check for any sounds coming from the other side without effect. 

The party after much discussion and dissent decided into dividing into two groups.  One would remain at the hallway as a rear guard, while the second checked the passage behind the eastern door.  The door opened into a cavern, which had three linked sections.  The misgivings that had been expressed over this plan were quickly realized as they entered the last and largest section only to be met by a Tentamort (land squid).  It immediately attacked that half of the party.  The ferocity of the multi-tentacle monster had all present regretting their decision to cut their fighting strength in half.  The fighters were quickly being overwhelmed by the many attacks of the Tentamort.  Cameo evidently decided that he could do the most good by engaging as many of the tentacles as possible to free the fighters up.  It did have that effect allowing the fighters to overcome the monster.  This was small relief to Cameo who was rapidly being squeezed into jelly.

The rear guard of the party decided to follow the passage leading north from the hallway.  They heard sounds coming from a passage leading east, which turned out to be the other half of the party.  A quick discussion re-evaluated the previous decision to split the party and decided that we would move as one unit!

We moved past the hallway intersection and opened a door.  This was a work room of some type.  A search found tools suitable for excavating and a list of Thassilon relics found.  There is a second door leading from the room, which we spiked for the time being.  Erlig and Falathar spent extra time searching, but all they found was the ancient symbol for Greed.  It looks like a grasping hand. 

The party then returned to the intersection and check out the double doors on west passage.  The doors were originally carved with the symbol for greed.  The ancient carvings have been chiseled over with profane images of grotesque pregnant women.  We passed back down the hallway to the hall at the stairwell.  We took the west door and found it opened into the jail.  One wall had six cells with skeletal remains locked within.  It had two more doors leading from it.  The first led to the jailer’s quarters.  There we found six keys, each of which opened a single cell.  Rain and others searched the cells, but did not find anything of value.  The cells held primarily goblin remains, but they did find some that look human.

We returned to the double doors and upon opening found a temple.  At the far end on the raised dais, was a statue on a black stone.  The statue was recently caved and installed.  The carving is crude, but very disturbing!  The statue is a pregnant woman with a Jackal’s head.  There are scratches on the distend belly.  It has bird like feet and a tail.  Her left eye is glowing red and the right blue.  It is holding two kukri.  Behind the statue is a stone font with frothy water.  Columns line both sides of the temple leading to the dais.  Braziers are emitting smoke and light into the room.  There are carvings of countless monsters feeding on humans.

Falathar searched the room in an attempt to detect magic.  The two kukri are glowing with magic.  Upon hearing this, Parlay tried to smash the hands of the statue holding the weapons.  He was not having much success, when Falathar found out why.  He determined that the magic was from the school of illusion.  Bron then tried to hit the weapon with his war hammer, but it just past through the kukri.  Parlay then tried to touch the weapons.  Falathar pulled out his flute to play a comical accompaniment to match their efforts.  Meanwhile Rain and Agrent had moved into the room with arrows notched.  We noticed that the altar had ashes on it.  Sampson was incensed by the statue and was determined to topple it.  He finally succeeded.  He and Parlay dragged the statue to the opening above the sea.  They sent the abomination crashing into the waves below.

We decided to return to the area by the workroom.  The next room held a table and slate.  It had a map of Sandpoint on it.  Bron check the next room, which was small and covered with pictures in blood and paint.  It has a side view of Thistletop.  It looks like the Goblins had an “art” gallery.  Bron returned to the rest of the party in the map room.  There they found a list of events.  The next attack will happen after the “whispering beast” is tamed.  Falathar had decided to search the “art” gallery and found a hidden door on the far wall.  It opened on to a set of step leading down to a landing and continued down to the right from there. 

We formed up to move down the steps.  These turned right once more and opened to a stone door standing ajar.   It was coved in chisel marks, which look like gems had once covered it.  Upon opening the door we were greeted by the Bugbear firing a bow at us from the far end of the room.  The room was sixty feet long and thirty wide with two columns running down the middle.  There were two alcoves on each side holding statues.  The statues are partially damaged, with some now leaning against the sides.  Each statue is that of a man holding a glaive. 

Bron and Parlay moved into the room using the columns for cover.  Agrent ran up behind them.  Strabo touched Sampson with a bit of luck and Sampson then moved up behind Parlay.  Erlig and Falathar moved up the first column, while the others had continued to the second.  They were followed by Cameo and Rain just as the Bugbear “bugged” out!

The door behind which the Bugbear had disappeared, led into a narrow passage.  It has an alcove on both side and one at the far end.  There are two doors, with one on either side about thirty feet in.  The passage rises about five feet as it moves east.  Each alcove hold a statue with a glaive and the floor was smooth and clean.  Bron leaped into the passage, but felt the floor start to move.  He jumped back just in time as two portcullis dropped out of the ceiling forming a trap where he had been standing.  At the same time the statues began slashing the space with their weapons for a couple of rounds.  The floor then opened, which would have dropped anyone on down into a cell below.  After which, the floor closed up and the portcullis rose to reset the trap!  Agrent worked on the trap for some time, before finding the trigger and disabling the trap.

Bron, Parlay and Agrent moved on and listened at the doors.  The door to the left had some small sounds emanating from within.  It was kind of a muted bubbling sound.  Agrent could not detect any traps on the stone door.  Sampson then pushed the door opened.  It was round room with a stone ledge of red marble.  There they found teeth, bones, books, and jars.  There were also three chairs and a bubbling stone cauldron in the room.  The cauldron was full of a blue bubbling liquid.  Strabo found journals and notes detailing the religion of Lamashtu.  The room was magically lighted by two skulls.  A detect magic on the cauldron found it produces pure, clean water.

Agrent check the other door on the right wall of the hallway opposite the round room.  Again, he detected not traps on the door, nor heard any sound coming from within.  Sampson opened this door and found a room about twenty feet deep and sixty feet wide.  It narrowed at the left end which was plugged by a large boulder caved like a stack of giant coins.  The far wall has double doors in the last twenty feet.  Agrent checked the boulder and found no traps.  Sampson then checked the boulder trying to see if it opened.  Agrent followed the wall leading to the double doors checking for traps.  He stopped at the doors listening and heard the sound of “pacing” behind the doors.  He spiked the doors, while the rest of the party checked out the room.  Falathar was able to determine that the boulder is really a door.  As we got ready to open the double doors Strabo cast bit of luck on Sampson once more!  Bron had mage armor cast on him.

The front line fighters opened the doors only to see number of figures moving around ready for us.  The Bugbear was in the back row next to a woman with a wand waiting for us.  The front row had the Succubus and two Demon Dogs.  The room is fifty feet deep and thirty feet wide.  There are two alcoves on each side wall and one alcove in the rear wall.  The dogs wailed a terrifying howl, which sent Rain running away in terror.  The rest of the party managed to resist the spell of the howl.  Bron attacked the Succubus, and scored a critical hit.  Parlay scored a hit with the ranseur.  Bron was bit by one of the Demon Dogs, while the second missed.  Agrent launched an arrow at the mage scoring a solid hit.  Erlig did not have the same success with his crossbow. 

The Succubus taunted us “You fools, you sided with Sandpoint…!”  She sent a wave of negative energy draining health from Parlay, Bron, Agrent, Erlig, Strabo and Sampson.  The bugbear shot Strabo.  Strabo moved back behind Parlay and attempted to disarm the Succubus.  He did manage to pull the sword out of her hand.  Sampson missed as Falathar started singing from behind the corner, which heartened all!  Cameo cast magic missile at the Succubus.  The mage shot a magic missile at Bron while the two dogs missed biting Bron and Sampson.  Meanwhile, Rain continued in her panicked flight!

Bron missed, but Parlay scored a solid hit on the Succubus.  Agrent missed in his attack, while Erlig hit the mage with an acid splash.  The Succubus cast again draining more energy from Bron, Parlay, Agrent, Strabo and Samson.  The bugbear shot Parlay with an arrow.  Strabo dropped to his knee and Sampson scored a hit on the Succubus dropping her.  Falathar heartened by his own song, managed to hit the mage with an arrow. She dropped her wand, “I’m just an archeologist… don’t kill me!”

The dogs missed with their next attack and Bron hit the second dog.  Parlay missed, but Agrent shot the Bugbear.  Erlig scored a critical hit with a bolt.  Bru shot Erlig to payback the hit.  Erlig dropped unconscious, however Strabo was able to stabilize him.  Samson scored cleaving the second dog and dropping it.  Falathar buoyed by his success on the mage, managed to score a hit on the Bugbear.  Cameo followed with a magic missile into it too.  The remaining Demon Dog missed biting Bron, who replied with his own hit on the dog.  Parlay followed with a vicious hit on the dog.  Agrent missed shooting the Bugbear, who replied with a miss of his own on Agrent.  Strabo switched to his cross bow, but missed hitting.  Sampson moved up to attack Bru scoring a hit.  Falathar cast cure light wounds on Bron, who looked dazed.  Cameo used his staff to send a magic missile into the Bugbear.

The next round had the remaining Demon Dog fail in trying to bite Bron.  Bron and Parlay each hit it.  Bru dropped his bow and drew his flail hitting Sampson.  Strabo bravely ran up and cast a cure light wounds on Sampson.  Falathar surprised everyone by scoring another hit on Bru, who was most surprised of all as he dropped unconscious.  Cameo missed with a bolt shot at the remaining dog.  The dog then bit down on Bron, who repaid it with twice the damage.  Agrent shot the dog, while Strabo hit it from the rear dropping it dead.  Sampson began chopping up the bodies to make sure they could not regenerate.  Falathar took the mage into custody.


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