Falathar’s Journal 12

The party searched the cavern and found bones, armor and weapons.  It looks like the goblins have been sacrificing individuals down through the opening in the roof of the cavern.  The bones include goblin and human and range from adult down to child (the children’s bones seem to be goblin).  The bones are scattered about by the seal as it consumed the flesh. 

The party explored the tunnel to the right.  It exits to the open in two locations.  The open fissures meander around with overhanging cliffs above.  There are narrow beaches along some areas in the undercut cliff face.  One fissure leads to a cliff face that has an opening sealed by a wooden door.  It would seem to lead back to the open sea. 

Agrent decide to climb the cliff face.  Upon reaching the top he tied a rope around a stump.  He then dropped the rope down to us.  He was startled by whispered voices very near his position.  The darkness and his very stealthy movements had concealed him from the goblin guards.  Finally, he was able to distinguish two pair of eyes staring out between wooden slats above him.  The goblins were drawing their bows while staring down at the party.  Agrent tried to motion Rain in warning, but the goblin shot her with an arrow.  Rain moved to the beach and tried shooting an arrow without hitting the goblin.  Erlig shot his crossbow and scored an amazing hit, dropping the goblin!  Agrent smashed through the wooden barrier and dealt a stunning blow dropping the second goblin.

Now that the threat was handled Agrent noticed that his knot tying the rope looked suspect.  He quickly retied it before someone risked their life climbing up.  Again he heard Goblin voices approaching, but was able to tie the rope securely.    As Agrent took cover Parlay began climbing up the cliff face using the rope.  Upon reaching the top he placed the goblin bodies against the barricade facing out and covering the broken section.  Meanwhile, Rain started climbing, but quickly slipped back down.  Agrent launched a sneak attack and dropped another Goblin from behind.  Parlay tried attacking with his pole arm and managed to launch a goblin up and over the barricade.  The Goblin may have survived Parlay’s weapon, but did manage to survive the sudden stop down at the bottom of ravine.  Seeing that surprise was no longer a concern, Falathar started singing to hearten the party.

Down below Strabo was intent on climbing the rope, but met with no better success than had Rain.  Erlig decided to cast mage armor on him.  He felt that Strabo was going to need all the help he could get!  Parlay failed miserably in his next attempt to hit a goblin.  Down at the rope Cameo decided that he would be the next to climb.  However, even with Strabo’s help Cameo failed in the attempt.  Falathar continued singing and notched an arrow, but never was presented with a target.  Parlay and Agrent tried to hit goblins, but missed.   Erlig and Sampson try to assist Strabo in his climbing attempt, but he only makes it up part way and is stuck.  Bron tried to assist, but had no better luck. 

Parlay chops up a Goblin while Agrent hit it dropping it!  Two more goblins approach them.  Agrent and Parlay each drop another Goblin.  The last living goblin runs off screaming an alarm.  They follow the goblin in pursuit.  Meanwhile, back at the rope Strabo is still stuck.  Falathar is sung out for the day and is amusing himself by taking bets as to where Strabo will hit when he falls.  Parlay decided that Agrent could handle the pursuit and returned to the rope.  Strabo was able to climb up with Parlay’s assistance, thus spoiling the betting below.  Strabo ran off to follow Agrent.  Sampson was the next to try and climb, but failed on his first attempt.  Up top Agrent was losing ground to the escaping Goblin who could run upright, while he had to run in a crouched position.  Finally, Sampson is jerked up to the top of the cliff by Parlay.

Agrent is attacked by the Firepelt.  A ball of fire laced out barely missing Agrent at the same time.  Parlay turned over helping on the rope to Sampson and rushed towards the sound of Agrent’s fight.  Cameo was successfully pulled up by Sampson.  Sampson then tried to pull up Bron, but failed badly.  Strabo caught up to Agrent and channeled negative energy into the cat.  In the process he also hit Cameo with it.  A party of goblins has made it out onto the bridge to attack.  Agrent is hit a second time by the Firepelt.  Seeing this Parlay dove in to intercede himself between the cat and Agrent.  Back at the rope Samson was barely able to pull Bron up.  Cameo hit the cat with a magic missile.  Bron was able to reach the fight quickly as his less than tall stature did not hinder is movements in the thistles.  His first attack missed. 

Back at the cliff we tied up the packs and armor into a net with Erlig, which Samson quickly fails to haul up.  Back at the fight Cameo hit the cat with a second magic missile.  It seems that he is getting the hang of it with improved damage on the second one.  The goblin druid sent a ball of fire from his concealed position, which hit Parlay.  The druid ran off with the thistles parting magically for him.  An enraged Parlay dropped the Firepelt.  Cameo blasted a ray of frost into the thistles after the druid.  Bron ran up to the spot and started smashing the thistles in an effort to follow the Druid.  Strabo cast negative energy into the brush and was satisfied to hear the druid “eck” in pain.

Meanwhile, back at the rope Sampson finally hauls up the net with the gear without Erlig.  Rain ties the rope securely around Falathar, even if wasn’t so sure of her knot.  Samson fails in his try to haul him up.  The druid popped out around a corner brandishing a flaming scimitar, which missed in his attack on Parlay.  Falathar decided that he could not depend on help and managed to safely climb up the cliff a third of the way.  Bron missed in his attempt to hit the druid, but Strabo was able to use his whip to disarm.  Parlay then slammed the druid into the ground.  Bron hit him with a solid blow.  The druid looks pretty beat up.  The party hears the goblins shouting from the bridge.  Falathar reaches the top with Samson’s help.  Together they pulled Erlig up.  Parlay dealt a blow to the druid while wrestling with him.  The druid is unconscious!  Erlig ran off to join the fight, while Samson and Falathar hauled Rain up the cliff.  Back at the fight Bron delivered the “coup de grace” killing the druid.  Parlay immediately set about scalping him.

Falathar upon joining up with the party cast two cure light wounds on Agrent.  He is now up, but not fully healed.  We bound the party’s wounds and collected the weapons, armor, and other items.  This included a bone wand (abjuration) and an iron wand (evocation – flameblast).  There were also two potions that detected in the transmutation school.  The druid’s cloak, armor, and three arrows all have magic as detected by Erlig.  He also had a sling and a pouch of stones.  We collected ten sets of cruddy leather armor and dog slicers.


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