Falathar’s Journal 40

Parlay pointed out the open chute behind the table to Agrent, “Ironbriar went down the chute.” Agrent nodded his understanding and then cast longstrider on himself. Erlig tied a rope around Agrent, “Just in case.” “He won’t get away,” said a smiling Agrent, and
then he raced down the chute using his boots of spider climb. At the bottom he untied the rope and used his torch. He found himself in a tunnel about 40 feet below the dining room. A tunnel led away and in the distance came the sound of eerie mocking laughter. Agrent then raced down the tunnel after the laughing judge. He was quickly followed down by Falathar using his slippers and Rain climbing down the rope Erlig had secured. They called after Agrent and then up to the rest of the party, “Agrent has gone after Ironbriar.”

Up in the room Justice leaped into the chute and used his ring of feather fall to slowly descend. Seeing what the paladin was doing the rest of the party followed using him for an
elevator. Meanwhile, Rain and Falathar raced after Agrent. They noticed the tunnel seemed to have been hastily dug and roughly shored up by wood. It seemed to cut through sediment and sand.

Up ahead, Agrent did not detect any obvious traps and kept after the fleeing Ironbriar. He did not notice the small flagstone until he stepped on it. It moved with a distinctive click followed by a rumbling as the ceiling collapsed. Thanks to his increased speed he managed
to leap past the raining debris safely. Rain and Falathar quickly caught up to the collapse, which was about sixty feet down the tunnel. Falathar scanned the walls, floor and ceiling looking for any hidden doors, but had no success. Rain kept glancing up nervously at the ceiling worried it would continue coming down. Her keen hearing had heard Agrent using his horn and moving off on the other side of the debris.

The rest of the party reached the tunnel and moved to join Rain and Falathar. Rain reported that she thought Agrent was OK and still after Ironbriar on the other side. Our sturdy dwarf examined the tunnel, “It can be shored up and dug, but it will take a couple of
hours.” Worried about his Shoanti friend on the other side, Falathar took a bearing with his wayfinder. “It looks like the tunnel leads to the docks.” They decided that Bron would stay and led half of the party in digging out the tunnel, while the others would go up and follow the bearing to the docks. Justice performed lay on hands on himself and Bron.

Looking back at the debris Agrent knew he was on his own. He pulled out his horn of fog and blew. Using the fog as cover he moved down ten feet and found the tunnel turned sharply to the left. He did not see anyone, but blew the horn again to be safe. It took
some time to move ten feet in the fog and repeat blowing the horn. “Better safe than…” he thought. About ten feet in he heard another click and ducked just as a blade swished about four feet above the ground cutting off the top of his feathers and nicking him slightly. “How many traps are there” he muttered to himself. It was then that he decided to stop blowing the horn. The fog might give him cover, but it would also cover up the traps.

Up on top Parlay, Rain, Falathar and Cameo raced along the wayfinder’s bearing towards the docks. They kept alert for any signs of Ironbriar or Agrent as they moved. Upon reaching the docks diligent search was made on and about, but now sign of a tunnel, Ironbriar, or Agrent was to be found. After about thirty minutes of searching they realized
the futility and decided to return to the townhouse. It was then that Falathar noticed Parlay’s wounds and cast a cure light on him. They returned to the house shortly before the tunnel had been cleared under Bron’s direction.

Agrent had continued down the tunnel carefully checking for traps. After some distance he reached a room with rough stone walls. It was fifteen by thirty feet and was empty. The walls seemed to be stones set for a foundation and this room was a sub basement. On the far side was a wooden stair the lead up to a brick section of the wall. Not finding any traps Agrent climbed the stairs. At the top he detected the faint outline of a door showing in the bricks. He then noticed that elf sized footprints led up to the wall, “Ah, Ironbriar go this way.”

He pushed on the door and found it opened easily. Agrent eased it open and peered beyond. It opened into a hallway with a high ceiling. The walls were of polished pure black granite. Not seeing or hearing anyone he risked using the torch. It revealed a room beyond the tunnel. The room was twenty-five foot square. Agrent noticed the dirty footprints led across the room to the opposite side to a door. In the distance he could hear faint echoes of movement. He switched off the torch and moved carefully forward.

Agrent reached the door and slowly opened it. He saw a hallway curving away on either side with cell doors set on along its circumference. Agrent thought it looked familiar and then realized, “Must be in lower tower…what it called? Oh yes, it be the Hells.” A curving
stairway rose up to the right from which could be heard the sound of shuffling. He stepped out and immediately a mocking laughter filled the air around him. Agrent recognized the feel of an arcane spell. Wondering who was going to respond to the alarm, he moved across and checked the first cell. It was empty and looked like it hadn’t been used for years. He checked a few others that looked the same except for an occasional skeleton or two.

Agrent used his boots to climb the wall along the stairway going up. He moved stealthily alert to any danger. The shuffling grew louder and now he could hear whispering up ahead. He had climbed up some thirty feet when the sound suddenly stopped. Agrent concentrated in the low light and to his dismay there were several zombies carrying cross bows facing him. Two or more faceless stalkers were up on the next stairway. One called out to the zombies to shoot the Shoanti. Two arrows hit Agrent who quickly retreated down stairs.

Agrent stopped at the bottom of the stairs and moved off to one side. There he drank a potion of blur. After which, he cast a cure light on himself healing half of his wounds.
Hiding in the shadows he heard the sound of shuffling feet coming down the stairs. A faceless stalker appeared. It stopped, listened and looked around, but did not detect Agrent. It said something in a strange language, which was answered from behind. The first stalker moved off in the direction of the lower rooms and tunnel. Two more followed it each passing by Agrent’s hiding place much to his relief. He felt discretion was the better part of valor and decided to hide until the party could get past the cave in and reach him. Agrent moved to a locked cell. There he picked the lock and moved inside. After checking to make sure the cell was empty he relocked the door. He then settled in to wait.

The party prepared to move out now that the debris had been cleared and the tunnel shored up to Bron’s satisfaction. We moved off with Sampson in the lead. Shorty, we came upon the bend to the left. “No wonder we didn’t find him at the docks. This tunnel leads
back towards the prison,” pointed out Falathar as he checked his wayfinder. The tunnel led on meandering left and right, but still generally in the same direction. We quickly passed the blade trap and were relieved not to see any blood on it. After seeing it Cameo cast mage armor on himself.

Suddenly two crossbow bolts bounced off of Justice’s tower shield. Ahead we could see where the tunnel opened up into a basement. Two faceless stalkers stood to either side of the opening. Parlay pulled out his ranseur and paced up behind Justice. Falathar started his bard song which heartened the entire party. Justice moved up the thirty feet and hit the stalker on the left. Parlay hit the same one at the same time. Strabo tried in vain to use his whip to snatch the creature’s crossbow. Erlig sent a magic missile into it using the wand.

Parlay tried again with the ranseur, but missed this time. The paladin moving about with his tower shield had gotten in the way. The two stalkers dropped their cross bows and tried to pummel Justice. Falathar managed a lucky shot with an arrow hitting the first creature. Rain did the same with her arrow. Justice launched a cleave attack, but being flanked missed. Erlig sent another magic missile into the creature followed by Cameo doing the same from memory. Bron stuck behind Rain tried to jump up and see without success.

Parlay missed again with the ranseur, while Justice was pummeled by one creature. Falathar missed with his next arrow, but Rain scored a hit with hers. Justice failed again in his attempt to cleave attack, while Strabo missed with his whip. Erlig and Cameo sent in another magic missile each. Parlay missed yet again, if only Justice weren’t plugging up the passage. Neither creature managed to hit the paladin. Falathar missed, but Rain nicked the first creature with her arrow. Justice hit with his first swing of a cleave attack, but missed with the second swing. Strabo missed yet again with his whip. Erlig sent in a magic missile. Cameo, being out of spells, switched to his crossbow, but missed rather badly. At least in the passage crowed with his friends, he hit none. Our poor dwarf
still hoping about could see the fight.

Parlay scored a hit with the ranseur, while both creatures missed pummeling Justice. He could see a third stalker in the back of the room. Falathar finished singing have used up his ability for the day. His arrow missed yet again. Without the help of the bard’s song, Rain
missed with her arrow. Justice missed with his cleave attack and Strabo did the same with his whip. Erlig sent another magic missile into the creature. Everyone in the party was pleasantly surprised when Cameo scored a hit with a cross bow bolt. Even Bron turned to congratulate him.

The first monster tried to smash the paladin’s shield, but failed miserably. Falathar missed with his bow. Off in the distance Agrent had heard the sounds of the battle. He picked open the cell door’s lock and began moving carefully back to the party. Rain sent an arrow
into the first creature. Justice scored a critical hit dropping the creature. He stepped up to take its place. This allowed Parlay to move up as he switched to long sword and shield. Strabo cast true strike on himself for his next attack. Erlig and Cameo held position as they couldn’t see the two remaining creatures. Bron kept leaping up to see without success.

Parlay reached down and killed downed creature. The creature in the back moved up to flank the paladin. Agrent reached the doorway leading down into the basement. He climbed up along the wall onto the basement ceiling. Justice turned his attention to the creature on the right side of the door, but missed with his cleave attack. That creature
managed to land one of its fists on him. Falathar cast a cure light on Parlay, while Rain sent an arrow into the second creature. Thanks to his spell Strabo successfully hit with his whip and tripped the second creature. Erlig could see the creature on the ground and sent a magic missile into it. Cameo held position with his loaded cross bow. Bron was still not able to see through or over his companions.

Parlay struck with his long sword, but missed with the shield. The third stalker hit Justice. The second creature from the ground managed to trip Parlay causing slight injury. Agrent moved up behind the third creature and successfully back stabbed it. Falathar switched
back to his bow and found it much easier to hit the creature lying on the ground. Rain, however, did not find it so easy and missed it. Justice tried a cleave attack on the third creature, but also missed. Strabo reached out with a dazing touch and stunned the creature on the ground for one round. Erlig sent in a magic missile while Cameo held position and Bron was still jumping in vain attempt to see.

Parlay stood up and missed with his sword, but hit the second creature with the shield. That creature tripped him again, while the third missed the paladin. Agrent missed with the dagger, but hit number three with the klar. Falathar missed with his arrow, but Rain hit the creature on the ground. Justice hit with his first swing, but missed on the second. Strabo missed with his whip in an attempt to trip the third creature. Erlig sent yet another magic missile into the second creature. Bron was tiring from jumping and Cameo held with the cross bow at the ready.

Parlay jumped up and missed with his sword, but scored with his spiked shield. The second creature failed to grapple him this time. The third turned its attention to Agrent, but also missed. Agrent scored with both dagger and klar on it. Falathar managed to put an arrow into the second creature that was still on the ground. Rain was jostled and
missed. Justice missed with a cleave attack. Strabo had managed to get by the creature
on the ground and used his whip to trip the third creature dragging it back five feet from the door. Erlig sent another magic missile into the second. Cameo and Bron were still stuck at the back in the tunnel.

Parlay managed a critical hit with his long sword killing the second creature outright. As it died it clawed him. At first he felt a little dizzy, but he seemed to overcome the feeling. The last creature missed Agrent. Agrent returned the favor hitting with his dagger. Falathar and Rain missed with their arrows. Justice landed a hit and a critical hit with his sword. Strabo switched to his cross bow and managed to nick the creature. Erlig sent in yet another magic missile with Bron fidgeting about and Cameo holding position. Parlay picked up his ranseur, but missed over the paladin. The remaining creature directed its attacks at Justice without effect. Agrent, Falathar, and Rain missed in their attacks. Justice scored again with a hit and a critical hit dropping the last creature dead.


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