Background info:

It once was a glorious civilization, in a land of vast stone cities built up to the skies by giants and enchanted to last forever, ruled over by one who was able to enthrall the very dragons of old to teach him their secrets, Xin the first of the Runelords. Xin had left doomed Azlant to create a new kingdom in Varisia led by himself and his apprentices. The dragon magic did everything Xin told his people it would. He died content to leave the rule of his land, Thassilon, in the hands of his former apprentices, fabulous wizards in their own right. Seven there were, each only learning a seventh of Xin’s knowledge to rule together, each having his or her own province. Sadly humans are ever corruptible and it was not long till the seven virtues of rule became the seven sins of decadence and power. When the apocalyptic fall of the Starstone came to end ancient Azlant, the end was already written for Thassilon; although it remained long after its founder’s death, it was enmeshed in internal conflict amongst the descendants of the seven Runelords. It is said that though the Starstone’s fall destroyed what was left of Thassilon completely; the Runelords themselves kept contingencies of their own in light of the internal strife and that one day, far in the future; they would rise again to subjugate the peoples of Varisia.
The story is in the stones for those who can read it…

History & Timeline

Age of Darkness – ~10,000 years ago: Earthfall, the Starstone apocalypse, ends the Azlanti and Thassilonian civilizations. One thousand years of darkness caused by the fall of the Starstone causes the remaining people of Avistan to die in vast numbers due to starvation. Those that remain are little better than savages, with the exception of the few Azlanti who survived due to being away from their homeland when the stone struck. Dwarves fulfill the Quest for the sky and emerge from the Darklands onto the surface of Golarion. Orcs are driven to the surface before the might of the Dwarves.
Age of Anguish – ~4,000 years before the founding of Absalom: Humans struggle to pull themselves out of barbarism and savagery to establish new civilizations with no knowledge of the old. A vast pit opens in the east from which spawn of Rovagug appear and unleash destruction. The orc leader Belkzen organizes the orcs into a single force that besieges and conquers the Dwarven city of Koldukar, later named after their leader.
Age of Destiny – ~3,500 years before the founding of Absalom: Osirion is founded on the delta of the river Sphinx in Garund. It rises in power and glory under the reign of the god-kings. It eventually dwindles and enters a period of decline. The country of Taldor appears and is lead by the ancient descendants of the Azlanti who merged with the Kelish on the shores of the Inner Sea. The Linnorm King Uvalas establishes Vallenhall.
Age of Enthronement – AR 1 : Aroden, the last Azlanti, raises the Starstone from the Inner Sea and founds Absalom on the island, later named Kortos. Aroden ascends to become a god and patron of all humankind and causes the Temple of the Starstone to be built.
AR 896 : Aroden mortally wounds the wizard king Tar-Baphon and imprisons his body on the Isle of Terror in the center of Lake Encarthen.
AR 1707 : Andoran is founded as the westernmost province of Taldor as portions of the Arthfell forest are cleared and the city of Augustana is established.
AR 1893 : The notorious thief Norgorber passes the test of the Starstone and becomes a god, the first mortal to do so since Aroden raised the stone.
AR 1975 : Ulfen longships raid heavily along the Varisian coast all the way to the land known as Cheliax.
AR 2632 : The elves return en masse to Kyonin via the Sovyrian Stone Portal.
AR 2765 : Cayden Caylien the legendary adventurer passes the test of the Starstone and ascends to godhood.
AR 3007 : Cheliax is founded as the western most province of Taldor.
AR 3200 : Beyond the mountains on the edges of Avistan and Taldor, the evil minions of the Demon God of the Undead, Orcus, establish a hold in the
remains of the ruined city, T’sar. They begin to make attacks on Bard’s Gate and trade caravans in the east.
AR 3203 : The wizard-king Tar-Baphon returns as a lich known as the whispering Tyrant, unifies the orc hordes of Belkzen, and devastates central Golarion.
AR 3754 : Taldor launches a two front war with the Shining Crusade against the Whispering Tyrant in the West and the Army of Light against the minions of Orcus in the East.
AR 3818 : The Knights of Ozem, a Paladin heavy military organization that worships Aroden calls forth the herald of Aroden, Arazni, to fight with them.
AR 3823 : Tar-Baphon humiliates and kills Arazni.
AR 3827 : The Knights of Ozem, led by Iomedae imprison the lich in the Gallowspire. The Army of Light enters T’sar victoriously and mysteriously vanishes. The Gods Thyr and Muir who supported the Army of Light fade into obscurity and are forgotten in the West.
AR 3828 : The Shining Crusade comes to an end and the Taldoran province of Lastwall is founded to watch over the prison of the lich and the orcs of Belkzen.
AR 3832 : Iomedae, heroine of the crusade, passes the test of the Starstone and becomes Aroden’s herald.
AR 4043 : Kazavon appears to help the people of Ustalav push back the orcs
of Belkzen from their land. Later he reveals himself to be an ancient blue
dragon who then claims the lands of Ustalav and the surrounding states as his
own; joining the tribes of orcs of the Hold of Belkzen and others as his army.
Mandravius the hero of Lastwall infiltrates Scarwall, Kazavon’s citadel in the
Hold of Belkzen and kills Kazavon in an epic battle.
AR 4081 : The Cheliaxian King Aspex the Even-Tongued breaks from Taldor and claims Galt, Isger, Andoran, and Devil’s Perch under Chelaxian control. AR 4137 : Cheliax gains control of the Arch of Aroden and monopolizes trade into and out of the Inner Sea.
AR 4305 : King Hallid III of Cheliax launches the northern war of conquest and adds Molthune and Nidal to the empire and establishes a colony in Varisia known as Korvosa.
AR 4307 : The Pathfinder Society is founded in Absalom.

AR 4317 :
Pathfinder Durvin Gest explores ruins of Lost Azlant. Later members translate
Thassilonian script.
AR 4509 : The Chelish Army forces the native Shoanti tribes away from their holy land where Korvosa was founded to the Storval Plateau.
AR 4576 :The first of the Hellknight orders is established in Westcrown. Chelish explorers from Korvosa found Magnimar.
AR 4605 : King Gaspodar of Cheliax establishes a celebration in Westcrown to mark the manifestation of Aroden that is prophesied to advent the Age of

Age of Lost Omens – AR 4606 : Aroden dies instead of appearing, leaving Cheliax without a mandate and thousands upon thousands of humans and others without a god. Cheliax flounders in chaos as its leaders are seen to have failed the people. Civil war results as factions attempt to take control of the country. One province after another frees itself from Cheliax’s control. Iomedae, the Herald of Aroden, takes over much of Aroden’s clergy.

AR 4608 : Thousands abandon Korvosa to relocate to Magnimar.
AR 4610 : The Worldwound appears in the north and the faltering Church of Aroden –soon to be run by the Church of Iomedae – initiates the first Mendevian Crusade (in 4622).
AR 4638 : The Crusader town Drezen falls to a sudden attack by the demons, causing the second Crusade to be called.
AR 4640 : The diabolists of House Thrune wrest control of Cheliax and immediately begin to alter official history. House Thrune relocates the capital to Eogorion. Shadows begin to appear in the night in Westcrown the former capital, and people who wander the streets of Westcrown at night begin to disappear.
AR 4682 : Queen Domina of Korvosa courts one of the Hellknight orders to set up an outpost nearby.
AR 4695 : Lastwall’s famed heavy cavalry rides down and routs Warlord Graukrad’s army of orcs while outnumbered more than three to one.
AR 4698 : The courts of Magnimar have a bit of a shake up as Jarbin Mord, the executioner, is charged with murdering his wife and young son and hung in a startling hurry the same night of his trial. The presiding judge, overwrought with grief from the betrayal of a close associate, commits suicide and dies within a year.
AR 4702 : In the sleepy coastal town of Sandpoint, the gifted artist Jervis Stoot
murders 25 men, women, and children.
AR 4704 : White Astrid becomes the first woman to down a Linnorm and become a Linnorm King to the disgruntlement of the other Kings as it is said she used “magic” gifts from the Earth spirits to assist her.
AR 4704 : Ileosa Arvanxi, a daughter of an influential and wealthy noble house of Cheliax, weds Eodred II the King of Korvosa. As she is young, a third his age, and beautiful, many rumor that she wed him only for the power and money.


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