Falathar’s Journal 28

The cover of the book had an unknown symbol on it.  The symbol has a small circle on top of a line with four spidery arms pointing up and two smaller arms lower below the circle.  A quick glance inside the book revealed writing quite unfamiliar to Falathar.  He had one first level spell left, which could be used to cast comprehend language.  He longed to do so, but knew that it would leave him unable to cast a cure light on his companions.  Logic demanded that he reserve the spell.  Yet, he promised himself to read the book as soon as the party was safe back at the temple. 

The other members of the party were going through the Elf’s equipment and gear.  Falathar cast detect magic on the items.  This revealed the chainmail, hand cross bow, a ring, and slippers as being magically imbued.  He further studied the slippers, which the Elf had been wearing on her climb up the wall.  They looked like a fit for either Rain or himself.  Concentrating on the slippers he found them to have the faint hint of a transmutation spell.  Falathar decided to try them on and found he could walk up the wall with ease. 

Falathar called down to the party that he was going to climb up and check out the trap door in the ceiling.  There was some discussion among the rest of the party with some for and others against the idea.  He was not dissuaded to leave a possible threat unchecked.  He reached the door and signaled for the others to be silent.  Slowly he lifted the door an inch to peer out looking and listening for any threat.  He could see light in the distance, but could not detect any movement.  Falathar then opened the door and moved up to look all around.  He saw that it was a cave, which opened to the sea.  The cave seemed to be empty so he climbed up and into the cave.  He then took off the slippers.  He called down to Rain, “I’ll toss you the slippers so that you can climb up.  There is nothing to it!”  With that he tossed the slippers to her and she climbed up after him. 

Falathar and Rain moved about the cave.  They could the Cyphergate rising beyond the cave above the sea.  A ship was sailing out to sea under the arch.  The cave was some distance above the sea.  Meanwhile, Erlig used spider climb and scaled the arch up through the trapdoor.  He tied off a rope to a stalagmite and tossed the free end to the party below.  Parlay was the next to climb up.   

Falathar had reached the mouth of the cave and was looking about for a way down or up away from the cave.  He was startled by a male Elvin voice from above, “What are you looking for?”  He snapped his head around to face the voice and saw a male Elf.  The young Elf had coppery skin and pale white hair and a stern expression.  Much to Falathar’s relief the skin wasn’t purple and the Elf had normal eyes.  “May I ask who you are,” Falathar directed at the Elf in a very formal tone.  “I am Kwava from Mwangi,” was the reply.  The two according each the respect due from one Elf to another, but each seemed to be wary until motives were clear.  “Why are you up there, “ Falathar asked.  “I was asked to find a renegade Elf from Celynviwyn with purple skin and white hair.”  Celynviwyn the ancient city of the Elves, the current knowledge only the Queen and a few of her closest advisors have any current knowledge of thought Falathar.  He ever so alert to any sign of treachery said in a cold voice, “Would it bother you to know that she is dead?”  “No, I was sent to bring here back with me or kill her,” was the equally cool response.  Then a slight smile came to the Elf’s lips and he directed at Rain, “You look kind of familiar though not a full Elf.”  Rain replied, “My sister is Shalelu.”  This brought an understanding and full smile from the Elf.  The Elf replied that he like Rain’s sister was a member of the Shin’Rakortath.  Falathar thought about the translation of the name in common, “to be the light against the coming darkness.”

Parlay upon climbing into the cave, had assisted Bron in his climb up.  Hearing Falathar and Rain talking to a stranger, Parlay notched an arrow, but did not draw the bow.  He moved to one side to listen to and view the stranger.  Kwava seeing the Shoanti and Dwarf climb into the cave, “What I have said is for Elvin ears only.”  Rain took umbrage, “I am only half-elf does that me I should not be listening!”  Kwava asked if we had found anything on the Purple Elf.  Falathar said that we had recovered a book or journal, but it was written in an unknown language.  “May I see it,” he asked in Elvin.  Bron wanted to know what was being said.  Falathar said it was Kwava a member of the Shin’Rakortath and he asked to see the book we found.  Bron then launched into why it was not a good idea to trust someone we did not know.  Kwava did not take this kindly and replied in kind about dwarves.  Bron told Falathar to show him the symbol on the cover, which Kwava did not recognize. 

Falathar turned to Kwava, “This is Bron, the undersheriff of Sandpoint, a fine and upstanding man as I have known.  Bron, the Shin’Rakortath is the Elvin group that Rain’s sister Shalelu has joined.  I will vouch for him.”  Kwava who had climbed down bowed to Bron, “May the blessing of the Earth Mother be with you good dwarf.”  Bron returned the bow, “Our party is a mixture of the races.  We are all united to defeat evil.”  Erlig asked how long the Purple Elf had been in Riddleport.  Kwava responded, “a few weeks perhaps a full month.  I would like to take her body on my return to report.”  This led to another discussion about giving up the body without receiving something in return.  Kwava lamented, “So you want a reward, I have no money to give you.”  Bron drew himself up to formal stance, “I don’t want gold or gems, but information.  People in this town are trying to destroy the arch.  We have been attacked by various people including the Purple Elf.”  An admonished Kwava, “I only know that which was necessary to my task. I was given her description and told to find her and bring her in alive or dead.”  Bron thus assured called out to bring up the body.  The rest of the party had either climbed or been hauled up during the discourse. 

Kwava turned to Rain in Elvin, “Would you like an application?”  Rain was honored by the offer.  Sampson spoke up about Kwava wanting the Elf’s body, “I don’t want any chance of that evil being raised from the dead.”  He suggested that just her head be kept and the rest of the body burned to ash.  We invited Kwava to join us the next morning at the Temple of the Veils to copy the book.  Falathar would be able to translate it by then.  Erlig suggested that he spend the night at the temple and enjoy himself.  Kwava reached into his pocket and only pulled out a couple of coins…”I’d like to, but I have not the coin for it.”  Erlig assured him we could work something out for him.  Once more a smile came to Kwava’s lips, one that would stay there all through the night!

We climbed up the cliff and started to return.  On the way back Parlay suggested we stop by the Golden Goblin and finish our business.  We entered the casino and found no one else alive, we had killed all of Saul’s “bouncers.”  A thorough search was made, but we did not find the devil.  A disappointed Parlay, “It would not have been as much fun if we found devil and Agrent sleep through it all.  He never forgive me.”  We returned to the pit and found Saul still bound up.  Parlay wanted to dump him into the water, but Sampson hoisted Saul up and carried him to the ground floor.  Falathar followed making sure the bound and gagged Saul could see him.  Parlay not wanting to return empty handed raided the wine cellar.  He stuffed fifteen bottles in his pack and rolled a full barrel of ale up the stairs.  Bron found several bottle of brandy and others also filled their packs.  Along the way back to the temple Falathar played a merry tune on his flute.

On reaching the Temple of the Veils our party was greeted by Shorafa.  She looked at the bound and gagged Saul and wickedly smiled, “How’s that for vengeance!”  She then looked at Kwava, “Who’s your friend and what’s in the bag?”  Bron suggested that we first move to a more secluded venue.  There we introduced Kwava who had been hunting for that which was in the bag.  We then opened the bag to reveal the body of the female elf.  We asking Saul about her, but he didn’t know anything beyond her wanting more and more money.  She had fronted the money to reopen the Golden Goblin.  Someone suggested that we force him to tell us more, but Shorafa mused, “Usually find it’s better to let them tell what they will rather than force it from them.” 

Falathar then asked Shorafa if she knew anything about this elf or her people.  She decided to ask Calistria and concentrated for a time.  “I get no response about her,” Shorafa said returning her attention to us.  “Maybe she is from the Dark Lands where some of the Forlorn are said to live.  She turned to Kwava, “You won’t tell me will you.”  He replied, “I only know what I needed to complete my mission.”  Strabo then arranged to have Agrent bathed and cared for by a half Shoanti attendant.  “He will be well taken care of.”

Falathar then cast comprehend language on the Elf’s journal.  He could then see that the rune on the cover must be some type of house emblem.  Inside he found notes in spidery runes including one written in three languages.  It had been found on a plaque on a tunnel leading to Orv.  It seemed to be the key to translation.

Ech Goz’ra dan’en’s ys’to Th’ek

(a line in runes)

The beginning brought him.

Ek Rech’s htu’ro vet’tok un’t na’chu’lok,

(a line in runes)

The attack left none alive,

Dan’yat Mech to’t uu’mak.

(a line in runes)

And I was alone.

There were notes about Thasolonian ruins and artifacts.  It also had Thasolonian runes translated into an unknown language.  It also contained a ledge listing supplies including spell components and equipment to be shipped to the Devil’s Elbow, which is an island southwest of Riddleport.  It included a reference to Riddleport: 

“Strange and eldritch side effects from the charging of the glyphs on Devil’s Elbow and that it would do to minimize such blatant displays lest the enemy perceive further warnings of the impending apocalypse than we wish to reveal…as soon as the glyphs are activated and the star is plucked.  The strange side effects such as the shadow in the sky should vanish immediately.  This should occur as soon”

A couple of hours later Agrent woke up in bed alongside of a beautiful woman.  He had been bathed and placed under the clean sheets.  “What…where my friends…where my clothes!”  The young “lady” tried to calm him and assure him that his friends were fine.   “Don’t you want to be with me,” she teased.  “Agrent smell many men been with you.  Me not be one.  My clothes.”  She pointed them clean and hanging by the bed.  Agrent leaped out and put them on.  “Where my feathers.”  She pointed out his headdress above the cabinet.  He put them on, “Where weapons.”  With a sigh and shaking her head she pointed to where they lay.  Agrent picks them up and rushes out and sees Bron, “We got to go back and kill purple elf.”  He began running towards the temple entrance with Bron shouting for him to stop.  “No time, but go back.”  Bron shouted, “Ya dammed hard headed Shoanti, we already finished the fight and killed the elf.  Everyone is here waiting for you to wake up.”  Agrent finally stopped and turned back.  “You mean fight over…what about man called Saul.”  Bron informed him that we had Saul as a prisoner but that we could not find the devil.

They joined the rest of the party where Agrent wanted to drink the dwarf’s brandy.  Falathar warned him, “Remember when you drank wine and woke up with a headache.  Brandy is concentrated wine and will make for a bigger headache.”  Agrent smiled, “Big headache worth it…brandy good,” as he took a large swig.  Falathar thanked Agrent and Parlay once again for “staying for me…I will be buying your ale for a long time.  That done, they then got down to some serious drinking.  Assured that his friends were fine, Falathar sought out an attendant.  He was still filthy and could smell the sent of the Purple Elf on him.  He arranged for a steam bath followed by a massage.  The masseuse was young and attractive, “if only she were an Elf,” he lamented.  After the bath and massage he felt much better deeming the ten gold well worth it.

The next morning found the party refreshed, although Erlig looked worse for the wear.  He did have a large smile on his face.  Some of us were not fully healed up.  Falathar cast cure light on Erlig, Agrent and himself.  Erlig looked much better, but would need another night of rest to recover fully.

The party identified and appraised the items they had recovered from the casino and the caverns.  Each member of the party share was two-thousand and five-hundred and eleven gold pieces.  The elf’s chainmail was mithral and magic.  It fit Rain so she kept it as part of her share.  The black leather boots were masterwork and enabled the wearer to move silently.  They would only fit Rain or Falathar and he decided that they would be better used by Rain.  The slippers of spider climb were given to Falathar as part of his share.  The ring of feather fall was acquired by Sampson.  Erlig received the bracers.  The five vials of sleeping potion were divided between Agrent, Erlig and Rain (she received two being the best archer).  We could not identify the poison or the “perfume” and decided to keep these for the party’s use.  Cameo took the masterwork studded leather armor.

The party spent the rest of the day in various pursuits.  Erlig idea of resting may wear him and several girls out.  Sampson went to St. Caspieran’s Salvation where he presented Father Padrick a tidy sum to refurbish the temple and provide for its operation.  Father Padrick thanked him over and over, “Is there no end of your goodness.”  Paladin Sampson assured him, “it is your goodness that honors this place.  These funds will help you continue the good work.”  Meanwhile, Falathar still not feeling “clean” booked another steam bath and massage.  Once more he lamented “the only Elvin female around and she wanted to kill me.  What a waste!”


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