Falathar’s Journal 14

The three across the gorge moved into the courtyard of the stockade.  They found several doors on the inside walls of it.  Parlay checked the right tower to make sure the goblins were dead, and to recover his dagger.  In short order he found his dagger and determined that all five goblins had been killed.  He then noticed two goblins riding dogs in an interior courtyard.  Alas, the same goblins noticed Parlay and hit him with an arrow.  Parlay being more than slightly annoyed, sent an arrow through one of the riding goblins.  Not only did it kill him, but it pinned the dead body to the back of the howling dog.

Back at the main party Agrent tied off a rope and tossed its free end down to the water.  He then took a second length of rope and dove into the sea.  After swimming across he climbed up and tied this rope to the dangling end of the bridge.  He then swam back to the shore side and tied the two ropes together.  Agrent then swan back across and climbed up to the end of the bridge.  He was then able to climb up to the top of the bridge and cliff using it, where he joined Parlay, Strabo and Sampson at the stockade. 

Parlay sent an arrow into the second goblin dog rider with the same results.  A second dead goblin is pinned to a second dog racing around that courtyard.  He took a couple of shots at the dog and managed to hit it on the last try.  Across the water the rest of the party drew up the severed bridge and reattached it to the shore side.  At Falathar’s suggestion Rain, being the first person to cross was tied to a safety line.  Once across she tied off the rope.  Falathar began tying a rope around himself and the safety line.  During that time Erlig, Cameo and Bron moved across the bridge in turn.  Finally, Falathar moved across the bridge, but had to take more time to untie himself from the safety line.  All the while dogs yelping could be heard in the distance.

Strabo now opened the door to the left tower backed up by Rain.  He surprised the two goblins inside.  Strabo took advantage of the surprise and upended one of the goblins into an open pickle barrel.  Rain took the opportunity to launch an arrow into the second goblin.  That goblin distracted by Strabo using the first goblin to churn the pickles missed in his attack on Rain.  Rain repaid him with a solid arrow shot.  All this happened while Strabo kept churning the upended goblin in the pickle brine.

Agrent opened one of the doors leading out of the courtyard to find a stairway going down, but no sign or sound coming from inside.  Samson backed up by Bron tried to open another door, but found it barred from the inside.  They heard a voice from within grunt “I hear you knocking, but you can’t come in!”  Up above Parlay leaped from the tower onto the roof of the interior stockade building.  At the second tower the goblin Rain was fighting tried to make a run for it.  She promptly dropped him with an arrow, while Strabo continued diligently churning with his goblin until he was sure it was dead.

Agrent check the next door and found it opened into what smelled like a pigsty.  He wasn’t far off in his assessment as it was a filthy room serving as a barracks.  Up on top Parlay was trying to listen for goblins, but now finding any starts pealing back the roof.  Samson with Bron’s assistance tried to force open their door, but failed badly.  Strabo and Rain both failed individually and together in attempts to open the door leading out of the tower.  Meanwhile, Agrent opened the door under the tower that Parlay had climbed.

Finally, Samson with Bron and Rain assisting manage to drive the door open at last.  Inside they observed a Goblin wearing a crown and riding a giant gecko, a female goblin singing, two goblins riding dogs, and a whole host of goblin warriors.  Erlig cast color spray past the front row into the goblins.  He managed to stun the two goblins riding dogs along with one of the dogs.  The goblin with the crown drank a potion.  The goblins in the rear fired arrows, but only managed to hit Bron through the doorway.  Erlig tried to hit the gecko riding goblin with a crossbow bolt, but missed.  Samson swung his sword at the goblin atop the dog trying to hit both.  He did cleave and drop the goblin, but missed hitting the dog.  Bron took a mighty swing at the stunned rider on the stunned dog and missed!  Falathar tried to interrupt the casting of the female goblin bard by casting prestidigitation to tweak her nose.  It did not even faze her.  Cameo tried to hit her with his crossbow, but met with no better success.  Rain moved out to join the fight, while Strabo climbed onto the roof and moved towards Parlay’s position.

The Crowned Goblin riding the gecko urged it into a leaping attack with a short sword, which fortunately missed Sampson.  He then had his mount leap back away from the fight.  The female bard scored a hit on Erlig using a crossbow.  Rain sent an arrow into the crowned rider.  Palay had managed to open a small hole in the roof over the room full of goblins.  He hit one goblin with an arrow.  Erlig used his crossbow in an attempt to return the favor to the female bard.  Alas, he missed again!  Bron finally hit the stunned goblin riding the dog.  Samson dropped that goblin and hit the dog too.  Falathar switched to his bow in attacking the bard, but his arrow missed!  Cameo scored a hit with a bolt on one of the goblin warriors.  Strabo scrambled into position on the roof directly above the room.

The goblin bard fired another bolt at Erlig, but did not manage to hit him this time.  One of the goblins had seen Parlay shooting through the roof, and screamed out to his comrades in warning.  One of them manages to wing Parlay with an arrow.  About this time Agrent attacked from behind the goblins through a doorway.  He had managed to flank the goblins using a passage coming from the tower.  He delivered a decisive hit.  Samson stepped up and tried to cleave the nearest goblin, but missed badly in his excitement.  Parlay second shot through the hole missed, now that the goblins were alert to him.  Erlig tried in vain one more time to hit the bard with a bolt.  Falathar met with no better success with an arrow shot at her.  Bron managed to strike a deadly blow dropping the remaining dog.  Cameo next attempt with his crossbow failed.  Strabo up on the roof channeled negative energy down through the roof.  His attack caught all but one goblin, who was fighting with Samson.


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