Falathar's Journal 30

The party moved into the house led by Agrent and Sampson.  During the search they found a locked door leading down to the basement.  Agrent failed to pick it and Sampson started to bash the door down.  Rain, already unhappy with all the racket by the party, stepped up, “We did recover a key, why don’t we try that.”  Much to her amazement the key worked they started down the stairs.
The sound of the rain outside suddenly had new accompaniment, the sound of hundreds of tiny feet running towards us.  Rain’s first thought was “No, not rats.”  The undead rats began pouring out of small openings and attacked the party in swarms.  We fought our way back up, but with so many it seemed daunting.  The Shoanti called for burning the house down and began throwing Alchemist’s Fire at the rats.  The paladin was in the front line and Parlay was in a hurry to toss the bottles.  One bottle hit the Paladin on the arm and shoulder, but most of the contents released on the rats.  Parlay, “Sampson foolish to stand in way.  Good thing he can heal himself if he be that foolish.”
We moved back out in the rain and watched the house sort of burn.  We moved back down the trail and camped for the night.  We set up camp, but were interrupted by a group of ghouls attacking us. The party easily defeated the ghouls, now being used to fighting them.  The party healed up prior to sleeping. Parlay collected the bodies of the dead ghouls and burned them.
We returned to the house a day later fully rested and alert.  The house once more hove into view.  If it had been in a state of decay before the fire, now the building was definitely ready to fall down.  It did so in several locations.  Although the fire was out smoke was still rising in several places.  Agrent wanted us to go back to the well and go down that way.  He didn’t want to be trapped going down the stairs.  It took some convincing that the stairs would be less of a trap than going down the well.  Finally, we moved back into the house and moved through the trophy room. We found that part of a burned wall and door were blocking the stairwell.  The fighters pried the timbers and door clear.  Rain insisted that we stop and listen, and much to her relief we could not detect any rats scurrying about.
The stair well was littered by debris. Next we searched a room down a hall and around the corner.  Agrent called for the party to hold so he could check for tracks.  Not finding any he signaled for the party to come forward quietly. Parlay yelled out to the rest of the party, “It’s OK,” much to Agrent’s dismay.
We moved to the next room and found a bedroom with two beds.  This had been servant’s quarters and the dust covering everything was undisturbed.  Falathar once again check for a hidden door, but none was to be found.  The outside wall was stone and mortar, but the wall adjacent to the locked room was only wood.  Agrent, Parlay and Bron worked to chop a passage through the wall.
Looking through the opening we could see a workshop.  There were two stained glass windows looking out over the shoreline.  It seemed to be an arcane workshop evidenced by the broken tubes, vials and pottery along with rusting tools and implements.  The west wall on the north end had stacked books.  The south end had three iron birdcages that had been melted by the fire.  Inside one cage was a dead and diseased rat.  The north stained glass window depicted a gaunt man working at the bench. The second showed him several weeks dead with his hands raised over his head in victory.  The man’s image showed a family resemblance to Aldern Foxglove.
Sampson entered the room first with Rain following to check for traps.  She suddenly saw herself as a woman terrified of what her husband had been doing.  She found his books and thought he was trying to turn himself into a lich.  She felt an urge to run across the room and flip through the books.  Rain belived herself to be reading the notebooks, but to the rest of party the books were crumbling apart in her hands.  She threw herself against the wall and moved towards the opening.  Sampson called, ” What’s wrong Rain – Rain?”  Sampson used lay on hands without effect.  Strabo cast a remove fear on her.

Rain suddenly comes to as if out of a nightmare.  Again we asked what was happening.  “I seemed to be seeing with someone else’s eyes.  I had to go save my children…I don’t have any children!” Falathar read the title on one of the intact books – “How to become a Lich”  He cast detect magic, but none was evident except for the party’s items.  No hidden doors were detected in the room.  We moved out and continued our search with Sampson finding a set of stairs leading down from the basement.  These led to a cavern below the manor.  There was a pile of broken stone and dirt, which had been excavated to reveal a circular stone staircase going down.  Parlay picked up two pickaxes lying by the mound.  Bron examined the excavation and determined it had been dug with in the last few years.

The party moved down with Agrent, Erlig and Rain staying behind.  Strabo stumbled on the slick stairs and lost concentration and no longer was able to maintain remove fear.  Falathar slipped on his slippers of spider climb and began walking down along the walls of the staircase.  He called back up Agrent as he did so, “Come on down, it’s easy.”
Falathar walked out of the stairwell onto the ceiling above the alert party.  He looked up only to see a giant undead bat hanging from the ceiling in front of him.  The bat jumped on Falathar and tried to bite him.  Falathar shrugged off the impulse to sleep and attacked the bat with his rapier dealing some light damage.  Parlay shot an arrow into the bat, but Bron missed with a bolt.  The bat missed biting the bard a second time,
but did manage to claw him.   The bard was barely alive.
Sampson held off attacking and called for Falathar to jump, “I will catch you.”  At the same time Erlig had moved down the stairs far enough to cast a magic missile into the beast.  Falathar knowing he couldn’t survive the jump in his present condition first cast a cure light on himself.  He then did an acrobatic move to jump off the ceiling.  It was good thing too, as the Paladin missed catching him.  The Paladin did a lay on hands on the bard who felt slightly better.  Strabo used his whip to try and catch the bat, but missed hitting it.
Cameo followed by missing with a cross bow bolt.

Parlay shot a second arrow, but managed to miss the bat.  Rain had reached the floor at the bottom of the
stairwell and missed with her arrow.  Agrent finally moved down and shot the bat with an arrow.  The bat swooped down and attacked Bron, but found the armored dwarf too tough to bite.  Sampson swung and hit with his long sword.  Falathar began to sing heartening his party.  Erlig sent another magic missile into the bat.  Strabo cast his net entrapping the bat.  Cameo missed with a bolt, which bounced off of Bron’s armor.  Parlay switched to long sword and klar hitting with both, but also cutting the net.  Rain put an arrow into it.  Bron grabbed the net to help Strabo.  Next, Agrent hit with his arrow.  The bat tried to break free failing
as Bron wrestled with it.  The bat collapsed in a heap.  Sampson made sure the bat was dead severing its head.

The party collected themselves, while Falathar cast two cure lights on himself.  He felt much better.  The cavern was full of old bat guano, none of which was fresh.  The bats must have been undead for some
time.  Searching Sampson found an alcove covered with thick growing mold.  We found two other openings leading from the chamber.  We found the openings connected in another cavern on the other side.  The smell of decay was intense. Strabo pulled out a pair of women’s panties and pulled it over his face to mask
the odor with one more to his liking.  These had belonged to the purple elf. None of the party had known he had taken them as a trophy.  Rain thought, “Only Strabo,” shaking her head.

We moved into a third chamber and found ten goblin ghouls facing us.  The fighter pulled back into a narrow opening to limit the front line to two at a time.  Parlay held until they reached him, but his timing was off and he missed.  Erlig cast shield, while the first two ghouls attacked and missed Parlay.  Sampson used a cleave attack hitting with his first and missing with his second swing.  Rain shot the second ghoul.  Strabo cast
bit of luck on Agrent.  Falathar began singing again to encourage the party.

Parlay attacked hitting with his long sword, but missing with his klar dropping one of the goblin ghouls.
Another ghoul moved up to take its place.  Erlig cast magic weapon on Agrent’s club.  Agrent immediately struck and killed the ghoul who had just moved up.  Sampson successfully used cleave attack and
dropped the other ghoul.  Rain shot an arrow missing badly, but did manage to hit the ceiling.  Strabo used his cross bow missing in the process.  Falathar had no more luck with his arrow as did Cameo with another bolt.

Parlay hit the next ghoul to move up, but Rain missed with her next arrow.  Erlig sent a magic missile into the same goblin dropping it.  Two ghouls moved up and attacked Agrent.  He was hit, but overcame
the desire to sleep.  Sampson completely missed with a cleave attack.  Strabo had more luck and put a cross bow bolt into one.  Falathar put an arrow into the other.  Cameo missed again with the cross bow.  Parlay dropped the ghoul in front of him.  Erlig put a magic missile into the next.  Agrent scored a hit with his club dropping the same.  Sampson did a lay on hands on Agrent.  Rain put an arrow into the next ghoul to move up. Falathar missed with his arrow.  An exasperated Cameo decided to hold his position and stop wasting bolts.

Parlay held his attack until the next two ghouls moved up, but again his timing was off and he missed.  Erlig
sent a magic missile into one. The goblin ghouls attacked Parlay, but missed.  Agent hit with both his club and dropped one.  Sampson did another lay on hands on Agent with little effect.  Rain put an arrow into the ghoul facing Parlay.  Falathar missed with an arrow, while Strabo held off shooting – no target.  Parlay held off until the next two ghouls approached and missed. Erlig had held and then put a magic missile into one.  The ghouls tried to attack Sampson, but could not breach his armor.  Agrent missed with both club and klar.  Rain, Strabo, Falathar and Cameo all missed with their arrows or bolts.

Parlay hit and killed the goblin ghoul facing him.  Erlig held until another ghoul ran up and then put a magic missile into it.  The goblin attacked and missed.  This last goblin ghoul was larger than the other nine.
Agrent and Sampson both attacked it.  Sampson missed, but Agrent hit with both club and klar dropping it to a pile of rotting flesh.  The floor and walls were awash in goblin guts and blood.

We moved out into the cavern.  It has a vaulted ceiling about thirty feet high.  There is a foaming pool of water in the center surrounded by ledge that stepped down to its edge.  The step was very slimy.  We could se a stone door set in the north wall.

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