Falathar’s Journal 01

Falathar and Erlig met at the Pathfinder Lodge in Magnimar.  They got to know each other at a nearby Inn where Falathar’s performance paid for the meal and ale.  They joined a caravan traveling to Sandpoint.  Erlig drove a wagon to earn his way.

The caravan consisted of three wagons.  The first held some tough looking Varisian men led by Jubryal, who did not socialize with anyone.  The second wagon contained a Varisian couple.  The third was the one we traveled on.  It was here that we met Strabmenos (Strabo) a cleric of Calistria and Paladin named Samson.  The trip was uneventful the first three days, except for the on and off rain. 

The fourth day started out from a Ranger outpost where the men in the lead wagon bought something in small package from the priests.  Later that day we found the road blocked by a large tree.  On one side was a thicket and the other side of the road was a stream.  The men in the lead wagon got out and we also went on alert.  Out of the thicket stepped 6 men.  The lead boldly commanded, “You know the drill, put your valuables on the ground and you won’t be hurt!”  The leader of the Varisians responded, “How do you say it in common, oh yes…Go (expletive deleted) Yourselves!”  Meanwhile, other highwaymen were noticed moving in the thicket.

The men from the lead wagon hit five of the highwaymen, including the leader with darts.  They dropped immediately clutching their throats.  The leader of the Varisians smiled and winked back at us.  His men move the tree out of the way and continued on the trip.  The Paladin, Sampson had been running up, but was too late for the fight.  He wanted to take the bodies into town, while the cleric tried to relieve them of any valuables.  This led to a heated argument between the two.  Falathar talked to the two in an effort to diffuse the situation.  The bodies were loaded into the wagon and Sampson paid the freight for them.  We took the arrows.

During this time at Sandpoint and in the “White Deer” an Inn, were Rain, Agrent and Parlay.  They were individually observing the crowd.  Rain is asked by the Innkeeper, Garret if she knows Shalelu?  “Yes, why do you ask?” quizzed Rain.  “You look like her,” Garret replied.  Rain, “She is family.  I am looking for her.”  “Well,” Garret stated, “She left some time ago.  She tends to come and go!”  Rain asked Garret to “tell her Rain is looking for her.”

Agrent left the Inn not being comfortable indoors and not understanding what was going on.  Rain and Parlay met and talked awhile. They then left to set up camp at the same place as Agrent.

Arriving in town we were met with a sign with a mirror attached:

        Welcome to Sandpoint.

       See yourself as we see you.

A dwarf of the town militia met the caravan just inside the town.  The Varisians quickly departed to the left or South to a building not too far away.  We explained what happened on the way into town.  We asked about where we could get rooms.  We were told of two, the Rusty Dragon and the White Deer.  The Rusty Dragon is owned by a female bard, so Falathar went to the White Dragon first.  Everyone accompanied him.  After a few songs, they found only one room available, which Sampson rented.

The Innkeeper, Garret, was quite a source of information.  Jubryal and his men are part of the local Szcarni or thieves.  “Stay away for your own health!”  There is a festival schedule for the next morning to dedicate the new cathedral. It also is the Festival of the Swallow’s Tail. The Cathedral is across from the Inn. Garret served succulent peppercorn venison along with plenty of ale. He is Shoanti, but is wife is not.  She is the cook and their daughters serve the customers. About this time we met Parlay.

Erlig inquired about the availability of work.  Garrett informed us that there is a Glassworks, Lumber Mill, several logging companies and farms in the area. Many would have work available. The docks are always looking for labor. Sampson asked if the guards need help and was directed to talk with the sheriff.  The sheriff is Belor Hemlock. Falathar learned that Hemlock and Garret are cousins (both Shoanti). Garret thinks that is cousin has turned from the Shoanti way.

We learn that today is the anniversary of the “Chopper”. His last victim was the previous sheriff who had been slated to marry the Mayor, Kendra. That is how Hemlock became sheriff. The mayor’s cousin Wade was also murdered. He had been partners with his brother, who now is the sole owner of the business.

The town was founded 40-years ago by four families from Magnimar, the Scarnnettis who run the logging, the Deverins who have the farms and brewer, the Kaijitsus who run the jewelers and glassworks, and lastly, the Valdimars who have the shipyards. They tried to drive the Varisians away, but failed. The town allows the Varisians to live and work there. They also pay for the Varisian temple and Seer.

Erlig and Falathar left for the Rusty Dragon and met the owner Amiko Kaijitsu.  Falathar enjoyed her singing and then performed himself.  This earned him a discounted room, which he shared with Erlig.  Erlig was able to secure employment at the Rusty Dragon starting the next morning.  The Rusty Dragon is the oldest Inn. The house specialty seems to be fish with a sauce.

Meanwhile, Strabo has gone to the local “house” across from the Rusty Dragon, the Pixie’s Kitten.  There he performed his clerical duties by instructing the girls in how to better serve their clients.  He teaches by example on an individual basis. After performing his “pious” duties he paid to have one girl seduce the Bard and one to seduce the Paladin.  He pointed out the Bard to the first girl and took the second back to White Deer and the Paladin.

At the White Dragon, Agrent and Rain return to the Inn where she introduces him to ALE.  Parlay and Rain show Agrent what metal weapons are. He keeps comparing the metal blades to his bone and stone blades. They meet and talk with Sampson and Strabo. After a short time they decide to check out what is going on at the Rusty Dragon, where the first girl has been trying to seduce Falathar. His perception leads him to wonder why a “painted” girl is trying to pick him up instead of finding a customer. Falathar talks with the girl for sometime in an effort to glean information. He also notices Amiko’s displeasure at seeing the girl. When the others arrive with the second girl accompanying the paladin, Amiko has had enough and tells her to leave. “You know better that to ply you business here!”

Strabo can’t figure out why Falathar hasn’t fallen for the girl he had arranged?  He is rather taken back by it.  When it is clear that Falathar will not be taking the girl to his room, he asked Erlig if he would like to go with the girl to her room.  Like any good 17-year old he readily accepts.  The rest of us retire to our rooms or tents for the night.

The next morning the town is buzzing with anticipation for the celebration.  Mid morning everyone is in the town square where they are greeted by Mayor Kendra. She tells a joke at the “Town Tanner’s” expense, which everyone chuckles over (well, maybe not him). She welcomes us “In time you will learn to love us…spend money and we will learn to love you!” 

Next, the leading merchant ((actually the owner of the town theater)) makes his remarks.  He dresses, acts, and talks in an exaggerated flamboyant manner.  His joke about equipping the new cathedral with a gold chamber pot does not go over so well!  He is crass, but too important to jeer.  He is followed by Sheriff Hemlock who warns that he has put on extra town guards for the next four days.  Hemlock has a clean shaven head with a tattoo of the Hawk (a Shoanti clan), but is wearing Chelaxian clothes and armor.  “Keep the peace or …!”

 The next speaker ((actually the same speaker as above, the bard Falathar was not being attentive)) has lace cuffs, velvet boots and bold clothes.  He announces that a new production, “The Harpies’ Curse” will take place tomorrow night at the town theater.  You won’t want to miss this!  Come one, come all!”

Last the priest, Father Zantos who seems very young.  His holy symbol is a Silver Butterfly.  “It is time for a new beginning – let’s get the feast underway.”

Falathar’s Song of his first impressions of Sandpoint:

Welcome to Sandpoint 

When you enter Sandpoint you come across a sign,

There mounted a mirror you will find.

It is to see yourself as they see you,

Oh, Welcome to Sandpoint,

What will you see?

Mayor Deverin does openly welcome you,

She enjoins you to lighten your burdens,

By spending all your coin,

Thus they are prepared to like you!

Oh, Welcome to Sandpoint,

What will you see?

Sir Korvaski for the Mercantile League,

Does boldly proclaim the glories,

Of the structure they have made,

It has chamber pot of gold!

Oh, Welcome to Sandpoint,

What will you see?

Sheriff Hemlock is really very hospitable,

He and his men are ready to provide,

Room and Board at the Jail,

If you will step inside!

Oh, Welcome to Sandpoint,

What will you see?

Cyrdak Drokkus has a new play for you,

He encourages all to come and see.

For he calls it the Harpies Curse.

At the theater for all to see!

Oh, Welcome to Sandpoint,

What will you see?

Father Abstalar Zanus is the priest of Desna ,

He happily leads the celebrations.

It is the time of the Swallow Tail Butterfly,

Festival to entertain the masses!

Oh, Welcome to Sandpoint,

What will you see?

Perhaps the real reflection would be for the town to see,

The mayor wants your money so the Mercantile League can spend it,

While perhaps the golden chamber pot is the only throne Korvaski is fit to sit!

The sheriff charges you to behave, while the Szcarni are still free!

The real performance is not in the theater, it is around for all to see!

So as the priest condones this frivolity,

It is time for the town of Sandpoint to reflect and truly see!

Oh, welcome to Sandpoint,

What will you see?


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