Cameo (Kizzy Mvashti)

Cameo is a carefree wanderer of the trade roads of Varisia, as his father and mother did before him and their parents before them by remembered family histories repeated generation to generation from the far distant past when recollections fade and history passes into myth. It is said that the fiercely nomadic Shoanti tribes are distantly related but that is hard to believe when they behave so very differently, granted the languages are similar enough to be understood when the trade takes Varisians to their encampments. Once upon a time, Cameo’s people and the Shoanti were ruled by tyrants, their names are never spoken and only referred to in hushed tones. All know that the magic that seems to flow freely in the veins of Cameo’s family come from those far ancient days. Cameo is the one in of his generation who has received this dubious gift of magic. Varisians are a proud people and love their freedoms dearly, holding precious the right to travel where the wind blows and the trade sends them.

Fairly recent newcomers to Varisia have established towns and cities.  Cameo’s family has a talent with horse breeding surpassed by none. Sad that Cameo did not inherit this ability but he gained power of the arcane, Desna gives with one hand and takes away with the other. Desna is the Song of the Spheres, goddess of the stars and travel and dreams. She is the reason Cameo’s family has traveled to the small Chelish village of Sandpoint. A festival is to be held in her honor to celebrate the opening of a new multi-denominational temple that has been built in the holy place of Desna. Sandpoint is also the location of the dwelling of the family matriarch, Niska Mvashti, Cameo’s great grandmother. She is old beyond counting and a powerful arcane sorceress as well as a druidess of Desna, one of the few ever to exist. She is also the reason for the peace between the Varisians and the Chelish newcomers. The Sandpoint Mercantile League has given her a lavish townhouse in the village. Cameo was encouraged to visit her and listen to her wisdom. Cameo went as directed after leaving your camp where the others are beginning to play a game of dice. After a long look back and sighing, wishing to stay to win a few coins, he steeled himself to enter the town. Cameo’s true given name is Kizzy Mvashti. But he liked the cameos worn by some Magnimaran traders he had met and decided to change his name. His great grandmother, Niska, disapproves. Cameo is not looking forward to the chiding he will receive from her when he finally meets her.


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