Falathar’s Journal 02

The festival was held oddly enough along Festival Street, this stretches from the new temple down to the waterfront.  Along the way all the inns have set up food booths with free food.  The theater has set up a stage outside on the street.  There are various games and entertainments offered.  The archery contest down at the waterfront and toss the Goblin were very popular. 

The archery contest was to shoot “The Sandpoint Devil.”  Rain, a local ranger demonstrated her prowess with the bow with two outstanding shots.  Even the Shoanti, known for their skills with a bow, could not best her score!  Fortunately for those with lesser skills, the event was held shooting at targets out in the water.  Those near and not so near misses did no harm other than splashing into the water!

A local farmer was heard to say that it was three-years to the day, that the Sandpoint Devil had picked up and carried away one of his cows.  Falathar also gleaned that it is bad luck to see the Devil.  The Sandpoint Devil is said to fly over Sandpoint in warning before tragedies, murders, and shipwrecks.  He further heard it said that the Devil is the son of the widow Agatha Leeds.  She used to live north of town and was rumored to practice the dark magics and consort with evil beings.  When she wandered into town while with child, she avoided all questions about her pregnancy.  Weeks later, Leeds’s home was found reduced to cinders with its owner missing.  Soon after, the first sightings of the Sandpoint Devil began.

The Shoanti were eager to compete in the Goblin Toss into the Fire. Their ardor was diminished once they learned that they would not be tossing real goblins about!  The “goblins” turned out to be large bean bags, which were tossed at holes in the wooden target painted like a fire.  Still, they did compete demonstrating their strength, albeit muttering how much better it would be with real Goblins. Time would show, be careful just what you wish for!

They came across a scholar leading local children carrying paper boxes towards the temple. Falathar hailed the man and learned that he was their teacher, Master Ilsoari Gandethus of the Tundarok Academy .  It is a school and orphanage.  They have recently been studying zoology.  They had caught swallowtail butterflies to be released at the close of the festival.  During this time a man with ink stained clothing rushed up to Master Gandethus rambling on about how he was right and everyone else wrong about the ancient Thassilonians. “Fire from Heaven” – “I knew it, I knew it” and so on rambled the man.  His speech was so disjointed that it was impossible to follow his thought(s)!  The man then rushed off into the crowd still exclaiming. Master Gandethus apologized for the man, one Brodert Quink, a scholar who no one can really understand. Falathar realizing that this was the very man he traveled to Sandpoint was at first taken back. By the time he recovered from the man’s unusual manner, he was unable to catch up with Quink.

Next the group came upon the “Dragon Races”. The dragons were local lizards which the competitors tried to make run down the course. The Shoanti did not have much luck in this, but one warrior was seen picking up the lizard. “It will make good dinner” in his opinion.

Ameiko was seen talking with a ½ orc.  We overheard her say “Of course I didn’t believe he would go through with it…”  Her voice trailed off. Later, we spotted a tall dark figure, possibly an Elf talking with Titus Scarnetti (head of the Scarnetti family). The Elf quickly seemed to disappear into crowd.  We also overhead the local farmers complaining that several grain mills had burned down recently. This left only one mill in town, which just happened to be owned by the Scarnetti family. A man was seen driving a cart into an alley. He emerged on foot and disappeared between two buildings. We then heard about the Goblins raiding the junk yard and stealing some items. These items were from the construction of the temple and had been “mistakenly” thrown away!

We left for the closing ceremonies lead by Father Zantos. He had just started when a shrill squeal rent the air.  There as a flurry of movement and a stray dog was slashed repeatedly.  Goblins!  It looks like the Shoanti will get their wish after all. We attacked the goblin killing it.  A scream issued from the alley.  We raced toward the alley and found a female goblin taunting mocking us.  She had three male goblin fighters with her.  She cast a grease spell, which slowed some of the group, but we persisted in attacking the Goblins. The goblins were quickly defeated with light injuries being taken by the party.

Next, a girl’s scream and that of a horse in terror came from the direction of the White Deer Inn. Fearing for their new friends the party rushed down towards it.  There they found a Goblin riding a large dog as he directed his small host of goblins.  He cut down a horse with a wicked looking weapon.  The Shoanti, the paladin, the dwarf, and the young Erlig engaged the Goblins in melee combat.  The bard, Falathar began a song, which heartened the party.  Their prowess with their weapons seemed to improve and do greater damage.  The ranger Rain once more demonstrated her prowess with the bow, by a magnificent shot that took out the goblin on the dog instantly.

One of the goblins charged down Falathar, before he could react.  He was quickly dropped to the ground bleeding profusely.  Strabo again cast some type of spelling dealing damage to several of the goblins, in particular killing those already dropped by the other fighters.  Even BronkPack held his own as a fighter, his axe laying waste to the nearest goblin (so I was informed as I was unconscious at the time).  Erlig having dispatched his goblin rushed over and bound Falathar’s wounds.


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