Strabomenos was abandoned by his mother as a babe upon the doorsteps of the House of the Silken Veil, the temple of Calistria in the pirate run city of Riddleport. He was raised by the priests and priestesses of the temple along with many other children with circumstances similar to his own. Many half breed children are abandoned each year at the temple, products of lust and unwanted by those whose temptations produced a child.

Shorafa Pamodae was Strabo’s first initiation into the worship of Calistria. Even now, her beauty intoxicates him. It is not love, never love. He knows that love is ephemeral that it lasts only as long as the passion does. Having done his required task of bringing the “pigeons” in the Wharf District of Riddleport into the House, Strabo was freed to make his own way. He was encouraged by Shorafa to seek to expand the influence of Calistria’s hospitality in the nearest city of Magnimar to the south. Strabomenos learned that Shorafa has power in Riddleport over more than the passions of her flock. She is one of the crimelords of Riddleport as well. It is not clear to him why she would seek to extend her influence outside of Riddleport, but that isn’t his concern.

Just before Strabo left Riddleport for Magnimar, he met a new follower, a bard named Lavender Lil who was granted asylum by Shorafa. It seems another crimelord of Riddleport wants her dead under circumstances that are not strictly her fault. Lil is a lovely tiefling with violet eyes and the scent of lavender flowers. A strange triangle so common with unfulfilled lust, Lil was sought after by a man named Orik, the son of a now former crime boss named Saul Vankaskerkin. He became infatuated with Lil and tried to use a potion he purchased from an alchemist to force her willingly into his arms. Unfortunately for Orik the alchemist was both a friend of Lil’s and the brother of another crime boss, a ruthless one named Clegg Zincher who owns the gladiatorial arena in Riddleport. The alchemist faked the potion and added the scent of lavenders, Lil’s signature scent to warn her of man’s attempt to drug her. The end result was not pretty, she hid and Orik went after the alchemist and murdered him. Now both the man Orik and Lil are wanted by Clegg. It does not take a mage to figure out what Clegg will do to them when he catches them. Once in Magnimar you discovered that Orik has been seen there and took some job near the small town of Sandpoint.


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