Falathar’s Journal 08

  A short stairway leads up to the double doors.  The impatient paladin threw his weight into opening the doors under the assumption that they were barred.  Much to his surprise the door flew open revealing a large room.  It was about 80 x 120 feet.  The far end is curved holding a raised dais.  It has curved stairways on either side rising 20 feet.  There is a triangular pool in the rear middle of the dais, which is bubbling.  A round pool is in the forefront of the room.  It has spikes holding up what may have been a statue.  The walls are covered in rune carvings in ancient Thassilonian.  The room is unusually cold.  Samson senses four demons inside.

The four demons rush up to attack Sampson, who is at the forefront.  One manages to bite his arm, which suddenly causes him to feel a deep anger.  The monsters in the rear turn an eye on Agrent and Rain.  At the rear of the room a small flying demon, a Quasit, is hovering over the altar.  She shouts “how dare you invade…”  She begins casting a spell speaking in a language not heard for thousands years, which Falathar recognizes as Thassilonian.  It sounds totally different from the various theories propounded by scholars.  Bron and Parlay moved up to support Samson with each scoring hits.  Agrent manage to hit one with an arrow, while Erlig cast mage armor] on Bron.  Rain missed with an arrow.  Falathar began to sing heartening all.  Cameo cast a magic missile into the Quasit, but it did not seem to affect the Quasit or interrupt her casting.  Strabo managed to give a bit of  luck to Rain.

The monster managed to bite and claw Samson, which dropped the Paladin bleeding from his wounds.  Erlig cast daze on a monster stunning temporarily.  Parlay dealt a mighty blow to his monster dropping it.  Agrent moved up to protect the unconscious Sampson and dealt a blow to the monster there.  Rain feeling particularly lucky launched another arrow, but fared no better this time.  Bron managed to hit the monster, which tried to return the favor without success.  Falathar following her lead also missed the Quasit with an arrow.  Strabo cast a cure light wounds on Samson.  Who is now stabilized, but he is still unconscious.   A giant spider appears and the Quasit disappears.

The monsters lying on the ground stops bleed and the wounds seem to be closing.  The two monsters still up attack Sampson and Bron, but miss badly.  Parlay and Bron repaid the monster each with a solid hit.  Erlig tries casting a ray of frost on the monster, but it does not seem to affect them.  Rain aims and launches an arrow, but still can’t hit anything.  Falathar again follows her lead and misses with another arrow.  Strabo cast a second cure light wounds on Samson, which brings him back up although still suffering from his wounds.

The two downed monsters get back up and into the fight.  In the background we can hear the Quasit casting again.  The spider missed in its attack on Bron.  Parlay switches to sword and klar “It’s time for some bloodletting!”  He scores against the spider.  Agrent cracks open the spider’s skull, but it keeps on going.  Rain finally scored a hit with an arrow into the Quasit, which goes on casting.  Amazingly, the arrow slowing works its way out of the demon leaving no trace of damage.  The Quasit is still casting.  Sampson hits one of the monsters, while Bron hit another staggering it.  Falathar encourage by Rain’s luck, launches an arrow into the spider scoring a hit and dropping it.  Strabo moved up.  Cameo now out of magic missed with his crossbow.  The Quasit’s spell goes off and a giant rat appears.

The rat tries to bite Bron, but Dwarves are hard to hit!  Meanwhile, the Quasit again disappears and we can hear it casting.  One of the monsters also tried to attack Bron, but missed again.  Parlay launches an attack with sword and shield and misses with both.  Agrent hit his monster dropping it.  Rain on a streak hits the rat in the eye with an arrow dropping it.  Bron killed the monster in front of him.  Sampson cleaved the downed monster killing it.  Strabo ran up to the dais near the altar.  The Quasit appears and attempts to spit on Strabo, but just misses.  Parlay, Agrent and Bron move up towards the altar.  Strabo channels negative energy into the invisible Quasit and hears it scream in pain and anger!  Overcome by events Cameo rushed into the middle of battle.

The Quasit briefly appears dropping blood into the pool below and then disappears again.  Parlay notices that the blood does not extend beyond the pool and calls it out.  “She is still there!”  Erlig crits the Quasit with a blind crossbow shot, which does not work its way out.  Agrent caught the Quasit with his grappling hook and tries to hold it.  Back on the floor Rain hits a monster with an arrow, which was followed by a shot from Bron.  Even Falathar scored an arrow hit on the last monster.  Strabo manages to cast his net over the Quasit.  Even Cameo gets in on the action hitting the monster with an arrow.

The Quasit tried to spit onto Parlay and missed.  She screeched in terror as he attacked with the ranseur hitting her.  Erlig hits the monster with a bolt.  Agrent tried to pull the Quasit down, but the hook comes loose.  Both Rain and Bron missed with arrows.  The monster manages to bite Agrent, which sends him into a blind rage.  Back on the altar Samson managed to grab the net to help Strabo hold the Quasit.  Falathar launched an arrow into the last monster, which was a critical hit, dropping it.  Cameo cut the monsters throat to kill it.

The Quasit tried and failed to break out of the net and spit on Samson.  Fortunately, he was unaffected. Parlay hit the Quasit twice finally killing it.  Meanwhile, Agrent ran around in a rage clubbing the bodies of all the dead monsters for several minutes.  He finally recovered his senses and joined the party examining the demon.  Erlig detected magic from the little dagger carried by the Quasit.  She is wearing a holy symbol around her neck, which detects as evil.  It looks like black glass.  Falathar recognizes the symbol is that of Lamashtu the demon goddess of monsters.


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