Caymin’s introduction to Sandpoint

Caymin is a good natured human who got accepted into Hermea. Alot of people see Caymin as very serious and boring. The actual truth is he likes to have fun and enjoy some brews with friends. Caymin just has so much to do in his training,
disciplines and he likes to try to help others out he never really has time for anything else.

Caymin enjoyed living on the island of Hermea, but the
calling of Apsu is greater than the council of Hermea. He actually went before the Great Gold Dragon to ask for his leave. If anyone asks Caymin about his home he usually replies with ” There is a great big huge red wall”, and thats about
all you will get.

Sandpoint – Well I am actually glad I went to this towns meeting. They actually were going to try to take away a nice lady’s glass factory away from her. As if her mourning is not causing her enough pain.

It was also another glorious day for I got to get acquainted with
Kilshalt, Varsuvius, Grun, and (?) the dwarven fighter. They are very courageous and seem to have their hearts in the right place. I am not so sure about the people we are helping at this point. I do know that I actually got to try to kill a demon! It was so fun! I thought I would never get the chance but wow that was great!


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