Falathar’s Journal 37

We left the headquarters of the City guard in Magnimar. Strabo and Samson wanted to go to the market on the way to the docks. Strabo was able to find a handy haversack for sale. He bought it and considered it well spent in spite of the twenty percent surcharge on magic items. Strabo quickly loaded all of his alchemical supplies into. He picked it up and marveled that the weight was only five pounds. Strabo realizing the haversack could hold more he went in search of an alchemist’s lab. A short time later he was packing the newly purchased lab into the haversack.

Sampson was able to find a skilled armorer. He described the symbol he wanted engraved on his new armor. They came to agreement and Sampson traveled to the Temple of Iomedae. He greeted the monks and returned his armor along with five hundred in gold. The monk thanked him profusely, “This will help with the orphans…there are so many these days.”

The errands finished, we moved up to the Grand Arch District near Star Silver Plaza near Foxglove’s townhouse. We shifted unnoticed into an alley where Cameo put on his Hat of Disguise to appear as the human form of Aldern Foxglove. At this point the party separated with “Foxglove” accompanied by Rain undisguised. Additionally, accompanying them covered with cloaks were Erlig, Bron, Parlay, and Strabo. Agrent moved off down the alley and climbed up the wall of the townhouse adjoining Foxglove’s. As he did so he thought, “Good that I got these boots of spider climb.” Agrent then moved carefully from rooftop to rooftop keeping the party in sight.

Our Paladin, who now calls himself “Justice”, moved off following the alleys. He managed to reach the alley that ran behind the townhouse. Justice then casually walked down the alley, while keeping alert for any trouble. He timed it to reach the rear of the townhouse
about the time “Foxglove” arrived at the front entrance. After a quick glance about, Justice stopped as if to adjust his cloak keeping his eyes and ears turned toward the townhouse.

Meanwhile, Falathar had moved about the plaza leading to the street on which the townhouse stood. He played his flute to entertain and while doing so overheard the local gossip. There was quite a buzz going around about those stranger murders. “They have
seven-pointed stars carved in them.” “Even worse, their faces have been removed … torn right off.” Falathar also kept a close eye on the party as they moved to the alley and then towards the townhouse. He did not see anyone take notice of the party much to his relief.

“Foxglove” and his party reached the courtyard gate, which they found unlocked. They moved into a well kept courtyard…they must have a gardener come in. The town house is three stories and they saw that all of the windows were boarded up. They moved up to a fine wooden door, which was locked. Rain dug out the keys we had recovered from the
real Foxglove. Looking at them see noticed one large iron key seemed to be the right size. Much to her relief it unlocked the door. Slowly, they opened the door and found themselves in the foyer with several windows and a door leading into the house. On one side there was a coat and hat rack. The floor was very dusty.

The inside door was also locked. After listening and not hearing anything inside, they used the same key to unlock that door. The next room from the dust pattern must have held furniture, maybe a table and chairs. Now, it was empty and the walls bare as if someone had stripped the contents. The light that filter in through the boarded over windows allowed Rain to see footprints. They were bipedal – possibly human. Cameo as “Foxglove” stepped on a flyer, which he bent over and picked up. It was a broadsheet advertising the auction of the Foxglove Townhouse in a few days. Interestingly, the sale was authorized by Judge Ironbriar, “Could he be involved?”

It was then that Rain’s sharp ears heard a noise coming from above, maybe a door. Strabo then called out in a very loud voice, “The master of the house had returned. Come down and present yourself.” Footsteps could be heard behind the side door to the left. A well
dressed man opened the door and demanded, “Who are you? It’s Foxglove? …Oh crap.” The man appeared to be Foxglove and seeing Foxglove, our Cameo was not something he was expecting. He turned and quickly fled through the side room and could be heard running up stairs.

Rain and Parlay had been alert and quickly followed after the fleeing “other” Foxglove. They quickly found the stairs just beyond the side room and ran up them with weapons drawn. Cameo and Strabo were right behind them, while Erlig and Bron had been too surprised to react as fast. They decided to check the first floor out.

Up on the second floor Rain and Parlay saw three doors. Two doors were on either side of the wall facing them and one door was on their right. Behind the last door they could hear movement. Rain threw the door open only to see “Foxglove” and his wife standing there.
Foxglove whimpered, “please, take what you like, just don’t hurt my wife.” Seeing that their ruse was futile the two shimmered and changed into two beings. They were still wearing the fine clothing, but their skin waxy white and purple.

Rain hearing footsteps behind the door to the far left opened it only to see four more of these creatures armed with long swords. She let out a startled squeak and jumped back closing and bracing the door shut. Parlay stepped up to the door with the first two creatures and attacked with long swords and shield. Their strange appearance was so unsettling, he missed with both. The creature that had been Foxglove attacked Parlay with massive fists, but he too missed. Meanwhile Cameo had moved up beside Rain and Strabo was behind him.

One of the creatures in the second room opened the far door. It moved through and behind Cameo hitting with the long sword. Another creature moved alongside and also hit Cameo. A third bashed open the door Rain was bracing, while a fourth swung at Rain missing. Strabo quickly channeled negative energy directed at the creatures, which now totaled six in all. One seemed to be more affected than the others.

Downstairs Erlig heard something behind the door to the right of the main room. Then he saw the handle start to move. The door opened to reveal two creatures wielding long swords. Only one could reach Erlig and it did so with a solid hit. Bron reached over and shoved Erlig back and stood in front to block the door. He landed a solid hit on the
creature. Erlig reached above Bron and cast color spray at the two creatures facing them, but it did not seem to have any effect.

Back upstairs Parlay landed solid hits with both the long sword and using his shield to bash the first creature. Rain let fly with an arrow into the monster that had tried to hit her. The first creature roared angrily and stuck Parlay with his fist. Two of the creatures attacked Rain with one managing to hit her. Another attacked Parlay from the side door, but found the Shoanti hard to hit. The sixth creature couldn’t reach through to Parlay, so it moved around and out the other door behind his two comrades attacking Cameo. Strabo cast negative energy again with the same effect – one being hit more than the other five. He then moved up in front of one of those facing Cameo. Cameo moved back up the stair
case and sent a magic missile into other one.

Outside from their various positions Agrent, Justice, and Falathar could hear the sounds of fighting emanating from inside the townhouse. Agrent climbed down the wall to a window on the third floor. There, he began trying to pry off the boards covering the window. Justice seeing a very stout wooden door braced with iron fittings threw all his
strength against it, but slipped slightly failing to open it. Falathar had the easier path and ran in through the gate, across the courtyard and into the foyer. There he saw Erlig and Bron engaged in the fight.

On the second floor Parlay landed both sword and shield on the first creature. Rain scored a critical hit with an arrow on same one she had hit last time. The two creatures in either door attack Parlay missed to his relief. The creature now facing Strabo hit him with the long sword. The one facing Rain missed her. It was then that Justice bashed opened the door and ran upstairs to the fight. He took Strabo’s place sensing massive evil. Strabo sent negative energy for a third time into the monsters.

Downstairs the creature facing Bron in the doorway stepped back into the room out of range next to his companion. Bron stood his ground, “Come back where I can take ya’ head off.” Erlig used the wand to send a magic missile into that creature. Falathar moved up
where he could see into the room with the two creatures and started casting.

Upstairs Parlay missed with both sword and shield being slightly off-balance at being attacked from two sides. Rain sent a third arrow into her creature. On the third floor Agrent had pried away the boards and burst through the glass window and moved to the stairs going down to the second floor. The one monster facing Parlay missed, but the
other scored a critical hit. One creature missed Rain, but the second hit her dropping her unconscious and badly bleeding. Strabo was able to drag Rain back behind Justice and pour a potion of cure light down her throat. She looked much better and the bleeding stopped, but she still remained unconscious. Justice launched a cleave attack, but scored just one hit. Cameo sent second magic missile into the same creature.

Downstairs the creature that had drawn back now bull rushed ten feet into Bron hoping to knock down the little man. To his great disappointment he found that a dwarf is like a mountain boulder and he bounced off Bron. Bron took the opportunity to land a critical
hit to teach it a lesson in manners. He then took his normal attack and scored a second hit. It was then that Erlig sent a magic missile into it. Falathar finished casting and sent sound burst centered on the far wall. He had correctly calculated that it effect would reach the two creatures, but not Bron. Both creatures took damage and the one fighting was stunned.

Parlay hit the creature in front of him. That seemed to be too much for it and it stepped back. This allowed its companion to step up and hit Parlay. Agrent pulled out his knife and klar and walked along the wall and onto the ceiling of the stairwell. He moved out above the fight and behind the creatures facing Justice. The remaining monsters missed Justice and Parlay. Justice took the opportunity to cleave into one. Strabo cast a bit of luck on Parlay for his next attack. Cameo began casting from the stairwell.

The second creature in the downstairs room shoved his stunned companion to the side and attacked Bron landing a vicious hit. Erlig sent a magic missile into it. Falathar used his shortbow to put an arrow into the creature. The creature swung at Bron and missed. Bron then landed a massive blow with his war axe. Erlig followed with another magic
, but Falathar scored a critical hit with an arrow.

Upstairs Parlay missed the creature in front of him with both sword and shield. Agrent was now in position behind the creature facing Justice and he scored with both knife and klar. This caused the creature to turn its back on Justice and face the new threat from Agrent.
All of the creatures missed in their attacks this time much to the party’s relief. Justice swung at the creature with its back to him and missed with both swings of a cleave attack. Perhaps it was hard for a Paladin to put a full effort into hitting an opponent from behind. Strabo cast bull’s strength on Parlay. Cameo was still casting.

Feeling the power rush into him from Strabo’s spell, Parlay easily scored hits with both sword and shield. Agrent missed with his knife on another creature, but did land the klar. The creature tried in again in vain to hit the party members. Justice overcame his reluctance and scored critical hits on the creature between him and Agrent. The creature’s head sailed off as its body slumped to the floor dead. Strabo channeled negative energy into the creatures on the second floor and all reacted the same by wincing in pain. Cameo now finished casting sent a scorching ray into one of the creatures dropping it dead.

Downstairs the creature missed Bron yet again. Bron returned the favor landing two hits with a cleave attack, which dropped the creature in the doorway. Erlig sent a magic missile into its companion, whom they had damaged earlier. Unfortunately, Falathar missed with
an arrow this time. The remaining creature moved up and hit Bron solidly. An enraged Bron launched a cleave attack hitting and dropping it. Erlig turned his attention to the commotion upstairs and ran up and found Rain unconscious in the stairway. Falathar followed closely thereafter.

Parlay landed a swing of the long sword on the creature in front of him. Agrent seeing Parlay flanked from the side room moved into it from the second door. He silently moved up and attacked that creature from behind. As he landed the blow Agrent called out, “I’ve come my brother” in Shoanti. That creature then turned to face Agrent, but missed
him in the process. The creature left fighting Parlay missed him too. Justice moved up beside Agrent, but in his haste he missed in his attack on the creature. Strabo channeled negative energy once more with greater effect. Cameo shouted out “die you miserable abominations” to intimidate the creatures. To everyone’s surprise it worked. It must have surprised Cameo too because he missed with a cross bow shot.

Parlay landed a solid blow with his shield, but missed with the sword. Agrent hit with his knife and scored a critical hit with the klar on the creature he was double teaming with Justice. Justice then landed to mighty swings of his long sword dropping it dead. The
creature in front of Parlay landed a blow with its fist. Strabo pulled out his whip and tried to trip the creature facing Parlay. He failed rather badly and actually nicked himself on the back lash. About this time Bron came waddling to the top of the stairs short on breath, “Make…a…hole.” Erlig sent a magic missile into Parlay’s creature. Cameo tried to intimidate the two remaining creatures a second time without success. Falathar seeing the battered and bloody Parlay rushed up and cast cure moderate on him. It had a very positive effect on Parlay well worth the last second level spell for the day.

Parlay, feeling much better, decided to bull rush the creature shoving it ten feet across the room and into the far wall. He then landed a hit with the long sword dropping it. Agrent ran in across the ceiling and landed a hit on the first creature cowering in the corner. Than creature with “Oh, crap” swung its fists at Parlay and missed with bad swings. If we thought this creature looked bad to start with they were really looking terrible now. Bron ran up behind the front line of fighter, but had no way to reach the remaining creature. Justice followed him into the room and reached past to attack the creature, but being off balanced missed. Strabo, Erlig, and Cameo held position seeing the fighters did not need their help. Falathar turned and bent down to cast cure light on Rain. She woke up and moved slowly, but still looked very beat up. Parlay finished off the remaining creature with a massive hit killing it.

The party regrouped with Agrent going about and applying the coup de grace on the downed creature to ensure they were dead. Justice asked just “what in God’s name are these things?” Cameo recognized them as “faceless stalkers” from the Mushfen Swamp south of Magnimar. He seemed to recall a rumor that there is a green dragon there.
Justice then bent down and performed lay on hands several time on Rain. Rain looks almost fully healed now and muttered her thanks along with, “What in the hell happened? The last thing I remember was shooting an arrow at one.”

Falathar relieved that Rain was once more herself turned to the rest of the party. He cast cure light on Erlig, while Justice performed lay on hands on Cameo. Agrent walked up to his Shoanti brother and cast a cure light on Parlay. Falathar then used his last first level
spell to cast cure light on our battered dwarf Bron.


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