Falathar’s Journal 17

We took stock of our condition and consolidated our position.  Samson performed lay on hands twice on Erlig who is now conscious.  Falathar cast a cure light wounds on Erlig and Agrent, while Strabo did the same on himself.  Strabo then used his healing kit to bandage Parlay’s wounds.  About this time Rain came to her senses deep in the thistles, she immediately returned to hoping the party was still alive.  It was much to her relief.  One look at her unkempt state, Falathar cast a cantrip to mend and clean her clothing.  He also cast the same on Erlig whose clothing had been rent and bloodied in the battle (not to mention his person).  Parlay and Strabo went to check on our prisoner up at ground level. 

Parlay and Strabo reached the prisoner.  The prisoner was either asleep or unconscious when they reached him.  Parlay was determined that this skilled swordsman would never be able to inflict damage again.  He therefore stomped down on his thumb and finger crushing them!  The prisoner woke up screaming and pain complaining about his treatment.  Strabo “set” the prisoner’s fingers, but did so in a way that they would not heal correctly.  Parlay and Strabo then escorted the bound prisoner down to the party.  On their way back they found the Goblin women had escaped by diving off into the sea, and they had abandoned the five Goblin children still in their cages. 

Falathar surveyed the chamber where the fight took place.  It appeared to be a crypt.  It contained a statue of a stern man holding a glaive and a book.  This he recognized as Karzoug, the Runelord of Greed and the King of Shalast.  The “grasping hand” symbol found caved throughout the site is his symbol.  It also stood for the school of magic, that of Transmutation.  The six pointed star symbol recovered is the ancient Thassilonian “Sihedron” and symbolizes all seven of the ancient schools of magic. 

We questioned Lyrie, the mage we captured.  She claims to have tried to join the Pathfinders, but had been turned away.  Falathar sensed that she truly resented the Pathfinders as she exclaimed, “you are just going to steal my work and publish as your own!”  Falathar assured her that while he was interested in her discoveries, he would be sure that she received the credit.  This seemed to placate her to some extent and the conversation became far more civil.  She had been studying the nature of the giant head, which is the island known as Thistletop.  She has determined that it is the head of Karzoug.  Falathar wanted to know what happened to the Thassilonian artifacts from the list of objects she had found.  Lyrie replied that they were sold to fund her continued search of the site.  Lyrie sought the objects to learn the power of ancient Thassilon and didn’t believe that Falathar only wanted the knowledge and not the power.  Falathar sensed that Lyrie is amoral and would do anything in her quest for power.

The questioning then turned to the subject of the Whispering Beast.  Lyrie said that Nualia was obsessed with finding it.  They believed it is locked beyond the sealed door that looks like a boulder carved with giant coins.  Lyrie seems to be truly terrified at the thought of opening the doorway.  The party’s general consensus was to leave sleeping beasts lie undisturbed.  Parlay and Agrent want to dump the statue of Karzoug into the sea much to the horror of Lyrie and Falathar.  They explain how it is a priceless relic, which scholars will want to study.  This led to a lengthy discussion between the mage and the bard as to whether the power of the ancient Thassilonians had been the source of their downfall.  Unnoticed by them the two Shoanti hauled out and dumped the statue into the sea. 

The party then took up the question of Strabo’s prisoner.  He is planning on taking the prisoner to Riddleport, which is the home of pirates.  The prisoner in an attempt to find leniency claimed that “For the record, I did not kill anyone from Sandpoint.”  Agrent is for letting him go without weapons in the forest.  Parlay said that Strabo can “get round things for him in Riddleport.”  Sampson questioned as to whether it is a proper official in Riddleport that Strabo is taking him?  Or is it just a crime lord?  As the prisoner tried to defend his actions, it came out that he had killed an Alchemist for giving him a potion that failed to turn a woman to love him.  Cleg Zincher (the “official” that wants him) also sought the same woman’s affections.  Lil, the lass in question, is either a follower in Calistra’s temple at Riddleport or a prisoner there.  It depends on view – Strabo believes or wants us to believe the girl is there of her own free will and accord.  The prisoner disputes this and several of the party seemed to believe him.  He states that Strabo just wants to “get in good with the high priestess there!”  That is one point that Strabo did not deny nor even give a solid response to.


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