Falathar’s Journal 15

Unfortunately, several Goblins managed to bull-rush past Agrent at the side door.  They were then able to flank the right rear of the party outside the main door.  Parlay tagged the Gecko from atop the roof.  Cameo then dropped the Gecko with a crossbow bolt.  Its rider took damage from the fall off the ceiling.  The rider tried to get to Parlay, while Agrent bashed and dropped the Bard.  One of the Goblins that flanked the party managed to hit Rain with a short-sword.  A startled Rain then back stepped to shoot her attacker, but she missed.  Back at the front of the party our Dwarf Bron took another hit and was left dazed.  Agrent missed in an attempt to hit the King.  Parlay dropped off the roof into the adjoining courtyard.  Erlig scored another hit with his crossbow, and dropped another Goblin.  Our Paladin, Samson, reached out to pull Bron back from the fight.  After which, he scored a tremendous hit right through the Goblin’s black heart.  Falathar took up his rapier in an effort to defend the rear of the party, but could not manage to hit anything.  Strabo cast negative energy through the roof down into the room again.  Cameo still with adrenalin surging from dropping the Gecko, missed with an over-excited crossbow shot. 

The King in bloodlust grunted to Agrent, “I rip your throat out with my teeth!”  Then he managed a hit on Agrent dropping him.  This allowed the Goblin King to escape out the side door and run towards the tower stairs.  The Goblins at the rear of the party missed in their attacks on Falathar and Sampson.  The Goblin began to cheer and start running and miss in an attack on Rain.  Rain manages a skillful shot with her longbow, which dropped the Goblin archer.  Parlay rushes up and pushes Falathar aside and kills the goblin outright, much to Falathar’s relief.  Erlig hit another Goblin with a bolt.  Seeing Agrent down in the room, Samson called out to Strabo, “Stop, one of us is down in the room!”  He then launched a successful attack on the nearest Goblin.  Falathar tried a shot with his elven short bow, but missed badly.  Strabo dropped down from the roof, while Cameo missed with another bolt.

The king ran up the tower steps.  He took one look at the rooftop expecting to see Strabo, but the roof was clear.  One of the goblins dropped his bow to run away, but Parlay stopped him, “Whoa little fella!”  Two of the goblins tried to gang up on Samson, but it is hard to hit an armored Paladin.  Rain shot the remaining war dog and killed it.  Agrent stabilized by some miracle, while lying unconscious on the ground.  Parlay killed the “little fella” and moved up in the fight.  Erlig scored still another hit with his crossbow.  Bron quickly ate some goodberries, and restored his condition enough to function.  Falathar used all of his skill and missed again with his bow.  Strabo ran into the room.  Falathar got off another shot and somehow not only hit, but dropped the goblin archer.  Cameo took heart and scored a solid hit with a bolt dropping another goblin.

The Goblin King seeing his men fall like leaves from trees in an autumn storm, did what all “good” goblin do in a situation like this.  He jumped down over the wall from atop the tower and ran away!  Parlay dropped the last goblin standing.  Bron tried to heal Agrent’s wounds, but fumbled it in his demised capacity.  Strabo strode over and successfully bound Agrent’s wounds.  Falathar climbed up the tower, but could not see the fleeing king.  He then took up station to keep watch below.  Samson went over to the door leading to the stairwell to the lover levels.  After check to make sure no one was there, he closed and jammed the door shut.  Sampson then ventured out into the back courtyard, where he found one remaining war dog.  He dispatched it with two hits, and then rejoined the party.

We gathered up the weapons and equipment of our fallen enemies and searched the complex.  The main fight had taken place in the “throne room.”  The king’s throne was covered in pelts of dogs, horses, and Firepelts.  It had dog and horse skulls on it.  The wall had dozens of iron spikes protruding each with an impaled hand on it.  We found a door hidden by pelts behind the throne.  This led to the king’s bedroom.  It held a rickety desk, chair and a bed with stained silk sheets on it.  Falathar found a silver holy symbol hidden under the pillow.  It has a 3-eyed jackal’s head (the symbol is for Lamashtu the goddess of monsters).

We found another door hidden behind the pelts on the walls of the bedroom.  It opened to a small foul smelling room.  This has a hole in the floor used as a toilet.  A padlocked door stood on the opposite side.  Parlay pounded on the lock with his war hammer.  Eventually, the lock shattered.  He opened the door to a small closet containing a sea chest.  The chest was also locked and weighed about 200 lbs.  This was brought back into the throne room.

A search of the room beyond the left tower held a large cage.  Inside was severely wounded horse, which had been tortured by the Goblins for some time.  Samson released the horse, fed and watered it.  The horse followed Samson like a puppy after that.  Rain tended to the horse’s wounds as best she could.  It is looking much better.  A further search located the armory.  The last room searched was the mess hall.  It held foul horse meat and other meat, including human!

The party decided to keep watch and heal up as an enrage mouse could have dropped several of the party without much effort.  The first watch was set with Falathar and Erlig.  It was uneventful at first, but late in the watch they heard scratching noises coming from behind the jammed door.  They silently awoke Parlay just in time to see the door thrown open by a warrior backed up by a Bugbear.  The warrior attacked with a heavy flail missed Parlay.  Parlay leaped into the fight shouting the alarm, but missed with both klar and sword.  Erlig and Falathar hastily fired arrow, but both missed in their excitement.  The party except for Agrent awoke.  Strabo cast bit of luck on himself.  Bron quickly drank a cure light wounds potion.

The Bugbear attacked Parlay shouting, “Where’s the elf?”  He was wearing a necklace of ear both human and otherwise.   In his zeal to locate the elf, he missed in his attack on Parlay.  Parlay did not miss with his attack.  Rain moved over and scored a critical hit with an arrow on the creature.  The human warrior moved up past the Bugbear to attack.  Bron charged and missed.  Erlig missed with the crossbow, and Strabo missed with dazing touch.   Cameo, Sampson, and Falathar also missed in their attempts to hit.

The Bugbear seeing the way things were going, bugged out running down the stairs.  The warrior did not see this as he was engaged with Parlay.  Parlay missed with his attacks, but Rain put an arrow into him!  The warrior wounded Parlay and then called out, “You attack the one next to me…Bru?”  Bron missed him, but Erlig caught him with an acid splash.  Strabo managed a touch, but the warrior saved versus dazing touch.  Cameo missed with a bolt, but Sampson hit him with a moderate strike.  Falathar and Rain both managed hits with their respective bows.  Parlay dealt a solid hit.  The human warrior dropped his weapon, “I surrender, don’t kill me!  They aren’t paying me enough to get killed!”

Falathar placed the point of his rapier under the warriors chin and began to question him about what was below.  Although, Sampson was not happy with Falathar’s methods, the rest of the party took no exception.  In fact, most were quite willing to assist if necessary to loosen the enemy’s tongue.  We learned that the chambers below held the Succubus, the Bugbear, the Goblin Harem, goblin children with their matrons, demon dogs an Lyrie a female wizard.  There is at least one other exit from the chambers leading down to the beach.

 ((The party members have now achieved 2nd level))


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