Falathar’s Journal 10

Mayor Kendra Deverin shared a letter she has received from Sheriff Belor Hemlock.  It seems that he has not had great success in convincing the Officials of Magnimar to aid Sandpoint.  If it wasn’t for one official who’s fancy glass decoration order (destroyed by the goblins at the glassworks), we would not have received any help at all.  They are sending eight to ten unskilled warriors from the training barracks.  Sheriff Belor is arranging their outfitting and then will bring them to Sandpoint.  They will need further training here prior to being assigned to guard watch duty.

The sheriff also informs us that Justice Ironbriar has agreed to take the case of Tsuto for the murder of his father.  The justice wants the guard (Bron) and all those who helped capture Tsuto brought to Magnimar to have their statements taken.  Magnimar will pay for the return transportation.  The sheriff will arrive tomorrow with the green recruits.  After much discussion we have decided that we will leave immediately for Thistletop.  Once we have assessed and/or eliminated the Goblin threat we will then make ourselves available for Tsuto’s trial.

The group sold the weapons we recovered in the tunnel fight.  Each member earned 958 in gold.  Cameo purchased the iron wand of shocking grasp.  We then contacted the priest, Father Zantos about putting the Zombies down.  He agreed to accompany us down to the tunnels.  Upon reaching the Zombies’ room Father Zantos took out his butterfly shaped Holy Symbol and implored “Desna, destroy these foul things!”  The zombies became agitated and started screeching!  Parlay brought fifteen bottles of oil with him.  Rain poured one down a pit and set a zombie on fire.  She was followed by Parlay, Bron, Sampson and Cameo doing the same each on a different pit and zombie.  Agrent looked on hurling insults at the zombies.  Meanwhile, Strabo lassoed a zombie, which promptly jerked down momentarily.  Falathar who had been holding position, moved up to protect Strabo.

The next round had Rain and Rain moving up to drop oil and burn two more zombies.  Samson came to Strabo’s aid and helped him hoist and smash the lassoed zombie into the bottom of the wooden grate and hit it with his sword.  Falathar played his flute in a comedic accompaniment to match their actions.  Cameo lightly winged his zombie with a crossbow bolt.  Father Zantos again called upon Desna, which dropped the five zombies that had been damaged by the party.  The party continued with Parlay and Bron using oil to drop the last of the zombies.

Rain talks Agrent into searching the zombies’ pits, but he draws back up at the horrendous smell.  Shaking her head and muttering Rain goes down to search the pits.  Falathar switches over to playing a funeral dirge while she sorts through the rags.  Bron joins her in sorting through the eleven pits.  Rain did find a dagger, but neither she nor Bron found anything else.  Once they finished their search, Falathar cast prestidigitation on both Bron and Rain to clean them up.  This was more for the relief of the party’s noses as for the benefit of the two scroungers.

Agrent talked the party into going into the circular stairway to try and remove the rubble blocking the way down.  Falathar looked on not doubting that it would take weeks or months to accomplish the task, but did not think the party would believe him until they experienced the futility of the dig.  After about an hour Bron convinced them that we were wasting their efforts.  His experience in tunneling indicated that extensive timber shoring and months of effort would be required to clear the stairway.  After a brief discussion we returned to the surface, and received Father Zantus’s blessing and thanks.

The party arranged to buy horses and supplies in order to go after the goblins at Thistletop.  The owner of the stable has always held a deep hatred for the goblins and their raid has infuriated him.  He gave us a twenty percent discount to assist us in our efforts to end the goblin’s planned attack.  Falathar’s inquiry about buying a carriage was met with resounding laughter “Where do think ya are – Magnimar!”  He then spent some time with the horses to sense their nature.  He selected a light warhorse, which he has named Dúlin (Nightingale).  Bron selected a pony in accordance with his stature, while a couple of the larger and heavily armored chose heavy warhorses.  Bron and Cameo then visited the latter’s grandmother for advice.  She advised them to hold true!  Bron then left a letter for the sheriff informing him where we are going.  As we are getting ready to leave Agrent is still worried about the lower levels under the town, but we convince him that the greater threat is from the goblins.

The party left town and reached the Thistle River in about two hours.  Agrent and Rain searched for the path to take us to Thistletop.  After several hours Agrent was successful in finding the trail, while Rain met with greater success in finding patches of nettles.  We moved as far as we could for the evening and setup camp.  The group took turns on watch.  The third and last watch held by Rain and Falathar was interrupted abruptly.  Falathar had heard the muffled sound of approaching footfalls.  He awoke and alerted the party to the approaching danger, just in time to face an attack by a party of goblins.  They launched an arrow attack missing everyone, but the bard Falathar who had spotted them.

Parlay and Agrent ran and leaped up onto their horses.  Rain was able to hit one with an arrow dropping it.  Falathar repaid the Goblins kindness with an arrow that did five times the damage to the goblin.  Cameo shot a magic missile into another goblin with minimum damage.  Strabo channeled negative energy stunning one of the attackers.  Sampson charged up to within ten feet of the nearest goblin.  It looks like there are five goblins in this raiding party. 

The mounted Parlay and Agrent charged down two of the goblins.  Parlay dropped his with a viscous blow, but Agrent missed badly.  It must be harder to do than it would seem to be?  Strabo used his whip to trip one of the remaining goblins.  Agrent finally hit his goblin dropping it.  Falathar hit his goblin with a second arrow; while Cameo used Magic Missile with minimal effect (he is consistent).  Sampson managed to cleave the stunned and prone goblins.  The last goblin was getting away with arrows missing until Falathar scored a lucky shot at 100 feet, which critically injured the goblin.  It dropped in death to end the fight.

We check the area, but did not find any additional signs of goblins.  We must have gotten them all.  The party recovered sixty short bow arrows, which we divided up.  We also found they had six short bows, six Dog Slicers, and six sets of leather armor.  The party then returned to rest.

That morning we continued on in our quest to find the goblins at Thistletop.  We reached a place where briars and thistle grow so thick as to block any view ahead.  Waves can be heard breaking on the beach in the near distance.


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