Falathar's Journal 19

 We returned to Sandpoint to turn over the prisoner and make our report.  The party spent two weeks in training with Erlig continuing his intensive study regimen with Lyrie.  Rain had a letter waiting for her from the noble Aldern Foxglove.  He had to return early to Magnimar and could not wait for her to join the hunt.  He conducted the hunt with his own men, but found them poorly suited as hunting companions.  Foxglove hopes that he and Rain may meet in the future for a hunt! 

We journeyed by sea to Magnimar to deliver the prisoner Tsuto and sell the items collected on our adventure.  Sampson and Falathar pointed out to Agrent the massive monuments as we approached the port in Magnimar.  It is a city with about 16,000 in population with trade between Cheliax, Riddleport, and Absalom being the primary economic engine.  Agrent can’t understand how we could live in a city of this size and “this smell!” 

We traveled to the market place to sell our items.  Some of the party inquired about buying items.  Strabo wanted to meet with the Princess of the Market, a Varisian.  Her major domo, Jarst refused to allow the party to see her.  Strabo being highly incensed put out the word, Jarst will now pay double at the brothels.  We returned to the ship and conducted Tsuto to the town guard. 

Erlig found a letter waiting for him from Captain Skeleg that brought him to Magnimar from his homeland.  He wants Erlig to pick up some items to cure him.  It seems the captain has been cursed!  Erlig went to see the captain, but was turned away by a guard.  The guards are Ulfen warriors.  They say Skeleg is ill “no visitors!”  Erlig went down to the docks to Skeleg’s ship, but was turned away by more Ulfen guards.  He then went to the nearest tavern, the Rosie Fingers catering to sailors and found some of the crew.  Hans said the guards kicked them off the ship.  He tells Erlig that Skeleg “got into something he shouldn’t have!”  It was some sort of Pathfinder business.  Someone has cursed the captain.  The locals won’t help and the crew couldn’t get past the guards.  The captain is being held at Greydog Manor.  Erlig asked if any of the crew were up to freeing the captain.  They’re not fighting men, but a couple may help.  Erlig bought Hans some drinks and left a little gold for their tab.


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