Falathar’s Journal 42-44

42.)     The most extensive entries consisted of a list of names. Some names had check marks next to them such as the merchant Eliza Jericho. To Falathar’s surprise he saw
a name recently added to the book. It was Kizzy Mvashti’s name which didn’t have a check mark next to it. Cameo’s first thought was to get a message to his grandmother…just in case they come looking for him in Sandpoint.

Agrent pointed out to Falathar the points on the walls where Ironbriar and Tsuto had appeared. In short order the elf found both hidden doors and with Agrent’s help opened them. The door Ironbriar had appeared through led up the prison tower via a spiral staircase to his private office. We diligently searched the office and found a chest full of
items Ironbriar had taken from his victims. It included various weapons, jewels, and a scroll (Detect Good which is redundant when you have a Paladin). The most useful item was a Headband of Vast Intelligence, which Erlig took as part of his share. The Mithral shirt Ironbriar was wearing was sized for an elf. Rain already had one so Falathar took it as part of his share. Overall, the party’s treasure amounted to four-thousand in gold per

We turned over the journal detailing the conspiracy to Justice’s father as the appropriate authority. The entire party was ready for additional training, which will take four weeks. We decided to remain in Magnimar where the advanced training was available. Strabo found full plate armor, which was coal black. He arranged to have yellow accents
featuring a wasp added to the armor.

During the training the party heard several rumors. Falathar in particular spent time at the inns and docks to sort “the chafe from the wheat” so to speak. The king of Korvosa has died leaving his young widow who is Chelaxian. He died a few weeks back and the “Queen” has assumed the crown. She has placed armed men loyal to her about the city. She has shut down the docks much to the displeasure of the merchants. Her efforts seem to have enraged the general populace, but her men seem to be in control so far.

The meteor we saw flash through the sky back at the academy is said to have struck the island south of Riddleport known as the Devil’s Elbow. The damage was not limited to the island for it created a tidal wave that destroyed the docks at Riddleport. The captain who befriended us had his ships docked at his own port, which did not suffer any damage. It is rumored that Elias Tammerhawk sent ships to the island looking for star metal. Reports have come back of strange beings. Interestingly, the cloud known as the Blot is gone from
the sky over Riddleport. It disappeared at the same time the meteor struck.

43.)     Justice’s father rounded up Ironbriar’s associates. They detained most of the lot completing some type of drug deal at a remote dock. The town militia caught them, but the group buying the drugs got away a ship sailing to Korvosa. It is believed the buyers are part of the Aspis Merchant’s Consortium. They are Chelaxian and the new queen in Korvosa is too is food for thought. The drug was some kind of fungus – most likely that which Foxglove supplied.

Falathar kept visiting the docks in Magnimar in his free time performing and listening at the Inns there. He learned that the Crime Lord Cleg of Riddleport docks were unaffected by the tidal wave. His docks were up the river away from the main port. It is rumored Cleg found the ship sent to Devil’s Elbow by Slyeg abandoned by its crew in Roderick’s Cove.
The strange beings seem to be a very deep blue in color. “More of the strange Elves from Celynviwyn,” though Falathar. The bard returned to the party and relayed the news.

The party finally completed their training. They met that night at dinner to discuss their plans. Strabo argued strenuously that we return to Riddleport worried about the dangers “his” people were facing since the meteor and tidal wave. Falathar suggested that the conspiracy in centered on Magnimar had not been completely dismantled. “Xanesha is still
out there allied with at least the Faceless Stalkers and the Boggards at the very least,” pointed out the bard. Strabo argued “We completed our job in Magnimar. I demand that we go to help in Riddleport before taking on another job here.”

Falathar joined by Bron and Justice did not want to leave until we complete end the threat in Magnimar. The list of names targeted and to be targeted for death was brought up. “The list has Cameo’s name listed as one to be killed for their rituals,” an exasperated Falathar exclaimed. “Kizzy’s name on list – then we got to find Xanesha,” said a determined Agrent. At last the party agreed to travel to the lighthouse known as the “Lady’s Light” to find Xanesha and her supporters.

Once we had agreed on plans Cameo shared he had gotten his wands identified at last. One wand holds the illusion Color Spray and has fifteen charges. The second has the divination Detect Secret Doors with nineteen charges. The third has the divination Comprehend
with forty charges.

It was either travel through swamps and marsh with no trails but plenty of denizens or travel by sea. The sea won out. The next morning we tried to hire a local fishing boat skipper. None were willing to sail to the lighthouse, “Bad things happen to those who get to close.” Finally, we convinced one to rent us his boat for a week, “I’ll nay go with thee.” Erlig has some experience in sailing and we agreed he should captain the vessel.

We had fair winds during the sail south. Later that day the lighthouse hove into view. Falathar pulled out a spyglass to everyone’s surprise. “I picked it up in the market at Magnimar. I thought it would be useful in our travels.” He passed it around and the group was able to see the lighthouse was eight stories in height. It seemed to be sitting in the middle of a surrounding structure. The lighthouse itself shows the clears signs of the advanced Thassilonian design. The surrounding structure, possible a fortification is cruder in construction of a more recent vintage with rough set stone.

At some point Parlay’s unaided sharp eyes spotted lines of bubbles coming towards the boat on the port side facing the shore. He called out the alarm as five Boggards broke the surface. Their croak seemed to be some type of sonic attack to which the party saved. Parlay, Bron, and Agrent each sent arrows or bolts into the first creature. It dived down after being hit by Agrent, “Hey, come back here with my arrow.” Strabo cast a Bit of Luck on Rain. Rain learned how to fire twice as fast during her training and sent out two arrows. The first missed, but the second did hit the next Boggard. Erlig sent a Magic Missile from the wand into it, while Falathar missed with an arrow. Cameo sent a Scorching Ray that exploded leaving that Boggard floating belly up. The remaining three dove under water.

Unseen by the party four Boggards had surfaced on the starboard side of the boat. One attacked the Bard with its tongue and tried to pull him off the boat. Somehow Falathar was able to brace himself against the gunnels and stay on board. One missed with its tongue on
Justice, while two more missed Erlig and Bron. Parlay picked up an oar and struck the Boggard on Bron. Bron struck the one on Erlig with his war axe killing it. Just used a cleave attack scoring just one hit on his monster. Agrent pulled his klar and dagger to hit Falathar’s twice. Strabo used his whip to reach out to one, while Rain put two arrows into it. They saw it slowly sink out of sight. Erlig sent a Magic Missile into one and Falathar sent an arrow into the same. The original Boggards now surface having swum under the

Two of the remaining Boggards tried diving to pull Falathar and Justice off into the water. They missed the Paladin who then sliced in two the tongue attached to the Bard. Parlay used the oar to land another hit, while Bron reloaded his crossbow. Agrent picked up his bow and scored a critical hit and was pleased to see it sink away. Strabo tried to land a cleave attack, but missed. Rain sent in two more arrows to see the monster glug its death rattle. Erlig sent a Magic Missile into one followed by Cameo doing the same. The last two Boggards abandoned the attack and dove out of sight.

We maintained a vigilant lookout and reached a promontory close to the lighthouse without further incident. We formed up and began moving towards the adjacent cliff. Falathar used the spyglass to check the face of the cliff and saw a giant frog about halfway up. He pointed it out to Agrent whose keen eyes didn’t need the glass. The giant frog seemed to be closely watching us down on the beach. Agrent sent an arrow into it. Rain seeing the arrow hit sent two of her own into the frog. Falathar’s feeble shot missed. Parlay asked what we were shooting at, “I see a rock, no frog.” Trusting his Shoanti brother Parlay shot and hit a rock only to see the arrow shatter it. Erlig tried and missed with his crossbow.

Suddenly, four Faceless Stalkers dressed like fishermen rose up from the surrounding sand and attacked. One hit Parlay, but the others missed Justice, Agrent and Strabo. Parlay retuned the hit landed both long sword and shield on the second monster. Bron missed the fourth with his axe, but Erlig sent a Magic Missile into it. Agrent missed with the klar but hit with his dagger on the third stalker. Rain put two arrows into number four. Justice used his improved cleave to land three critical hits on the first. Falathar knowing how tough the Faceless Stalkers are launched into his song to hearten the party. His skill had advanced with the party feeling even more heartened that before.

The fourth monster tried to hit Erlig, but tripped over its own feet. The other three also missed hitting Parlay, Agrent, and Justice. Falathar had alertly seen trickles of rocks coming down the face of the cliff. He shouted out, “Something is coming down the cliff.” Parlay hit with his long sword, while Bron landed one critical hit using a cleave attack on the second. Erlig sent another Magic Missile into the fourth and then stepped back five feet as they had closed too close for comfort. Agrent landed both klar and dagger on the third. Strabo swung and missed the same. Rain sent two more arrows into the fourth Stalker. Justice hit with his sword dropping the first in the sand. Falathar now saw giant frogs coming down the cliff and called out, while sent an arrow into the lead frog.

Two of the Stalkers missed with their attacks on Strabo and Parlay. The third managed to hit Agrent with its fists. Parlay missed with his sword, but bashed number two with his shield. Bron missed again with the war axe, “Stand still so I kin’ hit ya.” Erlig sent a Magic Missile into number four. Agrent missed again with the klar, but managed a critical hit with his dagger on the third Stalker. Strabo used his whip to trip the same. The first giant frog failed as it tried to pin and crush Justice. Justice then scored critical hits with a cleave attack on the first Faceless Stalker cleaving it in twain. Falathar sent an arrow into the next
giant frog in line.

The two remaining Stalkers missed hitting Agrent and Strabo. Parlay landed his long sword on one. Bron landed a cleave attack and dropped the same. Agrent turned his attention to one of the giant frogs with two solid hits. Strabo moved up and cast Negative Energy into the frogs and the remaining Stalkers. Erlig followed with a Magic Missile into a Stalker. Rain sent two arrows into the fourth Stalker dropping it unconscious.

The giant frogs moved up using their tongues to reach out about ten feet. Justice used a cleave attack turning a giant frog into fish food. One frog missed in its try to grab Erlig. Falathar slit the throat of the downed Stalker. Parlay landed both sword and shield on
the fourth frog. Bron used a cleave attack to drop the last Faceless Stalker. Erlig sent a Magic Missile into the fourth frog dropping it in its tracks. Agrent moved up twenty feet and hit the third frog. Strabo used his whip in an attempt to trip it. Rain sent two arrows into the same and it dropped unconscious. One giant frog tried in vain to attack Justice. Justiceused his improved cleave to land a critical and two normal hits on the fifth frog. It just sort of blew up with bits and pieces of guts and flesh going in every direction.

The fight was over with Agrent and Parlay slitting the throats of the unconscious creatures. Falathar went over to the injured Agrent and cast a Cure Light on him. Justice and Strabo picked up the four long swords used by the Stalkers.

44.)        The fight was over with Agrent and Parlay slitting the throats of the unconscious creatures. Falathar went over to the injured Agrent and cast a Cure Light on him. Justice and Strabo picked up the four long swords used by the Stalkers. The party decided to push on without doing any cures as our injuries were light. We didn’t want to give our unknown enemies any more time to prepare.

We found a trail leading up the cliff towards the lighthouse. Upon reaching the top of the cliff we could see the wall surrounding the lighthouse. Close up it was definitely very crudely done in comparison to the lighthouse within its perimeter. Agrent and Rain led
the party checking for traps to the gate. Agrent, Rain and Parlay climbed the wall and looked down into the courtyard, which they found empty. They moved off to the left led by Parlay moving around the wall.

Two-thirds of the way across the wall Parlay was suddenly attacked from below. A flesh golem had stepped out from under a tree and landed a vicious blow with a scythe, which sent Parlay reeling. Discretion being the better part of valor Parlay quickly ran past and around the corner to onto the next wall. Meanwhile, Agrent and Rain where peppering
the golem with arrows. Parlay used his bow from the wall behind the golem. They found the golem easy to hit, but it shrugged off the damage as if flea bites.

Agrent realizing that the arrows were not going to down the monster used his boots to climb down the outside of the wall out of the golem’s sight. There he cast Strength and Shillelagh on himself. Rain prudently was backing up along the wall while continuing to
send arrows into the golem and desperately hoping it wouldn’t reach her.

Hearing the sounds of battle Justice led the rest of the party through the gate. Justice bull-rushed the golem with a cleave attack and missed in the rush. Strabo used his whip and managed to disarm the golem. It managed to pick up its weapon and attack the paladin,
before being disarmed again by Strabo. Bron rushed up and landed a solid hit with his war axe. Agrent climbed back up the wall and attacked the monster from above. Parlay switched to his ranseur attack it from the rear. Sampson, who had been fighting defensively, decided to go with a full-out attack. He landed three hits using cleave and seemed to stun the golem. It started to waver on its feet and then slowly toppled over falling to the ground. Bron moved up and used his axe to sever its head to make sure it was really dead.

The golem was constructed from various bits of flesh sewn together. The party cast heals on Parlay and Sampson. Parlay in particular had been severely injured by just one hit from the golem. Falathar cast a Cure Light and two Cure Moderate on Parlay. He still had
two first level and one second level spells available for the day.

A search of the courtyard failed to turn up anything of interest and so we turned our attention to the lighthouse itself. We moved the entrance and opened the door. It seemed to be quiet inside and we moved through to the main chamber. Inside we found a set of stone stairs leading up and began climbing. We reached the level below the dome containing the light. There was a rusted metal spiral staircase leading up to the top
level. It was then that we were attacked from above by two faceless stalkers. They were throwing down large stones at us.

Parlay followed Justice up the spiral stairs. Justice was fighting defensively again and seemed to be stalled at the top of the stairs. He decided to bull-rush one of the stalkers and
managed to push him back about five feet. This allowed Parlay to leap up the last steps trying to reach the top. The stairway collapsed at this point with the Shoanti just managing to grab hold of the edge of the stone floor and pull himself up. Parlay then dropped one of the stalkers with two massive hits. Seeing his friend in trouble Agrent poked his head out the door thinking about racing up the outside using his boots. He found an unnatural wind whippingaround the outside of the tower, which forced him back inside.

Erlig cast See Invisible on himself and saw Xanesha on the upper level casting into the courtyard. Strabo cast Bless on the party from down below. Up on top Xanesha became
visible to everyone as she attacked Justice with a spear, which we later identified as the Impaler of Thorns. Her upper body was that of a beautiful woman, but the lower body was a giant snake. Xanesha was floating about five feet above the ground. She missed Justice with her first attack, but landed a massive hit on the second. Xanesha then turned to Parlay and commanded, “You must protect me from this Paladin…he is trying to kill me.” Parlay shook his head, “I need my knitting needles for this witch.” The creature attacked
Justice again landing a minor hit (compared to her first). Agrent had raced up the wall and tied off a rope to the projecting metal left behind from the stairs. This he dropped down for his comrades on the lower level. Bron boosted Strabo up to start climbing the rope. Justice switched to partial defense and did performed Lay On Hands on himself. This just restored the injury from the last hit. Falathar used his slippers to race up the wall to join the fight.

Xanesha kept her attacks aimed at Justice and scored two more hits dropping him unconscious. Fortunately, he stabilized while he lay there unconscious. Parlay had switched to his adamantine long sword and managed to hit the snake’s tail. She returned the favor by hitting him with her spear. Agrent raced around to attack the creature from behind, but missed in his haste. Rain started climbing the rope just as Strabo reached the top. Bron followed Rain climbing the rope below her. Falathar started singing to hearten the party. Erlig still had Spider Climb running and raced up the wall.

The monster landed two more hits on Parlay before he had a chance to move. She then floated up to about eleven feet above the floor. Parlay used the opportunity to land two hits, one of which was critical. The creature then sent two Magic Missiles at the bard, and was enrage to see them fizzle into Falathar’s amulet. She began cursing in a strange language. Parlay switched to his ranseur hitting Xanesha’s tail. Agrent leaned down to cast a Cure Light into Justice. Justice revived, but stayed lying down on the floor. He cast Protection from Chaos from the floor. Strabo cast True Strike on himself and moved up five feet.Falathar moved over to protect Justice, while Erlig started casting a spell. Rain had reached the top. Bron continued to climb the rope, but Cameo slipped trying to grab the rope.

Xanesha started to cast a spell followed by Parlay landing another hit on her. Agrent missed with an arrow. Strabo used his whip to pull the spear free from one of her hands. Rain launched two arrows with one managing to hit the monster. Justice cast Protection
from Evil
from the floor. Falathar reached down and cast Cure Light into the Paladin. Erlig continued to cast as Xanesha’s spell went off. For a moment Erlig felt a silence descending on him, but shook it off as he continued to cast. Bron was still climbing and Cameo failed to pull himself up the rope.

The creature dove down towards Parlay missing him and then rose up ten feet again. Parlay failed to hit her as she rose. She turned with her mask starting to glow. The entire party felt like something was making their thoughts fuzzy, but we all saved and suffered no
effects. Parlay landed another hit on Xanesha’s tail. Agrent missed with his arrow. Bron reached the top just as Strabo missed with his whip. Rain landed one of her two arrows, while Falathar cast another Cure Light Justice. Justice stood up using Smite Evil on a cleave attack, but must have been off-balance as he missed her completely. Erlig finished casting and sent Dispel Magic at the snake woman. She immediately seemed to slow to normal movements as she had been hasted.

Parlay hit the monster, which let out a disparaging shriek. Justice scored a hit using Smite Evil. Strabo directed his whip at the spear, and managed to wrest it away. Agrent’s arrow
missed as well as Bron yelled up challenging her to come down and fight. Strabo pulled his long sword as Rain landed another arrow. Xanesha began floating through an archway to the outside. About forty-feet away she began casting. It was a weird arcane conjuration of a symbol she was weaving, which Falathar recognized as the ancient Thassilonian rune of Sloth. Xanesha suddenly turned and vanished.

Once we were sure no threat remained we turned to healing. Falathar cast a Cure Moderate on Parlay and a Cure Light on Justice, but that still left them with serious wounds. Sampson performed Lay On Hands on Parlay. Finally, we could hear Cameo shouting from below to be pulled up. It seems as if he had managed to tie himself to the
rope. Agrent and Bron pulled him up. We searched the room and recovered a long scroll. It had numerous names listed with most bearing check marks. Those that were not checked included the Mayor of Magnimar, Haldmeer Grobaras.

We discussed Xanesha. In the exchange of information we determined she had been wearing a necklace identical to Strabo’s. Falathar thought she seemed very much like a Naga, but with arms. Falathar was then horrified to see Parlay trying to pry out the magic crystal set on the pedestal that is the light for the lighthouse. “You can’t deface a Thassilonian artifact, not to mention the damage to navigation if you remove it.” Nothing
the bard said seemed to sway the Shoanti from his efforts to pry the crystal loose. Fortunately, the crystal was magically sealed into its pedestal despite the best efforts of Parlay to unseat.


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