Falathar’s Journal

My name is Falathar.  I, along with other Elves, have been sent on a mission by the Elven Queen Telandia Edasseril.  We have trained with and joined the Pathfinders in an effort to learn more about ancient Thassilon.  Our findings will be written up for the Pathfinders in addition to reporting to the Queen.

I learned of a manuscript by Brodert Quink from Sandpoint, which purports that the “Old Light” (lighthouse ruin) was possibly used as a weapon in ancient times.  The society evidently discredited these claims and I cannot find a copy of the report in Magnimar’s Pathfinder Hall.  Further, the leader of the Hall, Pathfinder Captain Eando Kline had left before I arrived.  His departure was somewhat mysterious.  He was “recalled” to report to the Decimvirate in Absalom.

I find it odd that he left after discrediting Quink.  There is another structure on the point south of Magnimar known as the “Lady’s Light”.  Recently, it has been abandoned due to an influx of Boggards in the area.  The society has no other information on that structure, except that it is old.  I wonder if the two structures share a history and purpose.

Other unique events in the area:

  • 9 years ago the executioner in Magnimar killed his family.  He was tried and executed that same night.  The presiding judge later committed suicide.
    • I wonder who replaced him and who they might be associating with?
  • 5 years ago at Sandpoint an artist killed 25 men, women, and children.
    • While in Sandpoint I would be interested in the circumstances and if there is any connection to the investigation by Quink?
  • 3 years ago
    • White Astrid kills a Linnorm and becomes the first woman Linnorm King.  There were rumors in how she did this.
    • Also, about the same time Ileosa Arvanki married the much older King Eodred II of Korvosa.
    • Is there any connection between these two events?
  • What role is the association of merchants in Sandpoint in all of this?

My overriding interest is in the “Old Light”.  Thus, I will be traveling to Sandpoint with the next wagon train.

Erlig’s response:

“Well, I suppose I could use a drink.” Erlig will ask for the cheapest beer.

“I don’t know much about any Thassalon or other old stuff, but I have met White Astrid. She didn’t really kill a Linnorm. She was acclaimed king after she tamed one. It sits at her side in the great hall when she wants to impress someone, although I wouldn’t want to be alone with it.  I think that it is tame like a wolf that you would never turn your back on.

About the wagon train to Sandpoint, I kind of need to find some work; do you think that is why captain Skelig sent me to the pathfinder hall?”


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