Falathar’s Journal 13

 Throwing caution to the side Parlay, Samson and Strabo raced across the rope (goblin hair) and wood bridge.  Much to their dismay the bridge was trapped and parted nearly dumping them down into the sea.  By some miracle they managed to save themselves and grab hold of the dangling remnants of the bridge.  This they climbed up only to be met with two goblin dogs and ten archers set on open towers on either side of the entrance to the stockade.   A close scrutiny of the structure shows it was loosely constructed from parts of ill-fated ships that had broken on the beach.  It has the appearance of having been put together over many years.

The archers began peppering the party with arrows.  The members of the party, each in their turn, returned fire with arrows of their own.  All that is except Falathar, who sang to encourage the party on.  Agrent dove in and swam across the water to tie a rope to the ends of the bridge.  He then swam back across.  Meanwhile, the three who were trapped across with the goblins continued to be peppered with arrows and attacked by the two dogs.  Somehow, they managed to survive with Parlay and Samson moving out of arrow range.  Strabo was overcome with an urge and moved up close enough to hit the nearest tower with a negative energy burst as gifted to him by his goddess.  Samson broke open the front gate only to be met by six goblins who look a little worse for the wear.  It seemed that Strabo’s energy burst had seriously injured the defenders.  The goblins guarding the gate were soon vanquished with the party’s archers taking out the remaining archers on the other tower.  Only two of the goblins managed to retreat down the stairs into the stockade.  The party is ready to attack, once they figure out how to get the rest of the party across the broken bridge.


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