Samson grew up in Magnimar, the City of Monuments. His father is the hard-nosed leader of the city’s military and a Paladin of Abadar as well. Despite his father’s wishes to follow directly in his footsteps, Samson diverted from them, but only slightly.

Growing up with the tale of the Angel of the Arvensoar, a tale of an honorable lady of Magnimar, he naturally gravitated to the worship of Iomedae the Goddess of Justice and Honor. Though the leadership of the church of Iomedae devotes a great deal of its focus to the Mendevian Crusades against the horrors of the Worldwound, there is much work for followers of the Lady in lands far from the Worldwound.

As a true believer, Samson has a strong sense of justice, honor, and fairness and an even stronger dedication to swordcraft, statecraft, and of bringing civilization to savage lands. Iomedae is a righteous knight, spreading the good word and crushing evil with the force of her presence and mighty sword. Though skilled in war, she is not a war deity, but would rather convince evildoers to surrender honorably than to cut them down, but she is fearless and willing to fight for what she believes in and expects her followers to do the same. As Aroden’s followers turned to her for comfort upon his death, she informally enforces his teachings as well, but she is more forward looking in her goals. She loathes incorrigible evil, demon-spawn, traitors, and those who abuse good in the name of “greater” good.

Angels of the Arvensoar

More than a century ago, an unusual spire jutted from the sheer Seacleft cliffs. Varisian legends told the place was a blessed resting spot for celestial messengers, and wanderers would often visit in hopes of seeing an angel and gaining good fortune.

Soon after settlers began moving to Magnimar, the Varisians asked the foreigners to not dwell on the north side of the Yondabakari River upon their holy grounds. Freshly settled and indignant, the new leaders of Magnimar refused, all except for Mistress Ordellia Whilwren. Whilwren promised the Varisians that she and her followers would gladly relocate if they could show her an angel the stories claimed rested on the spire. In response the Varisians told her to look to the spire at dawn everyday for a week. Obeying, Whilwren did so, and on the final day she saw a radiant figure perched in the dawning sun. Awed and inspired, she kept her promise and moved her group south of the river to the area now knows as Ordellia.

As Magnimar grew, relations with the Varisians worsened. Two years after the city’s founding, a great storm wracked the land and threatened to destroy all that the city the settlers had built. Through the driving storm, Ordellia prayed to the angel of the spire. In a blinding flash, a bolt of white lightning struck the spire, blasting it to glass and rubble. Upon that event the storm clouds scattered to reveal starry skies.

Having heard Ordellia’s prayers and seen the lightning, the other townsfolk agreed to create a tower that would replace the destroyed spire. The Varisians joined with the Chelaxian settlers to build the tower now known as the Arvensoar. Although it took more than 18 years to construct, it is a true symbol of Magnimaran-Varisian unity and an open invitation to the goodly spirits.  Much later, after Ordellia Whilwren’s death, a statue dedicated in her honor was constructed in the town’s center. The statue is known as the Mistress of the Angels. Not far from the statue in the heart of Magnimar’s Shore district is the fortress-like temple of Iomedae wherein the Chaplain and Paladin of Iomedae, Tira Ronnova presides; sounding the daily call to glory and preaching of honor and sacrifice and the spiritual rewards of both.


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