Falathar’s Journal 05

Parlay, followed by Falathar and Erlig raced after Tsuto, the Half-Elf.  He made an incredibly rapid run to the seaside cliff and without slowing did a somersaulting dive down to the beach.  There he landed on his feet still in a flat out run.  At the same time Rain, Shalelu and Agrent companied by the seer Niska Mvashti came around the bend of the beach.  Rain and Agrent watched with amazement the acrobatics of Tsuto until they heard Parlay shout to stop him.  Erlig tried to shoot Tsuto with an arrow, but missed.  His shot was followed in succession by shots from Parlay and Falathar, who met with no better luck.  Rain and Agrent recovered their senses and each launched an arrow at Tsuto with both scoring hits.  Tsuto then sprinted into a cave hidden in the clefts of the adjacent cliffs.

Bron came chugging around the bend of the beach at this time.  He had run around the point in an effort to cut-off Tsuto.  Rain and Shalelu chased after Tsuto into the cave.  It was too dark for Agrent, and he remained outside with Niska.  Bron finally caught up and ran into the cave after the others.  His superior darkvision allowed him to move faster in the smuggler’s caves, and he overtook Shalelu and Rain quickly.  He managed to spot where Tsuto had gone through a door.  Rain tried to open it without success.  Bron then tried and realized that it was barred on the other side.  He began chopping it down with his battle axe.

Meanwhile, Erlig questioned the militia about were the cave went.  He was told it ended under the Glassworks, but there was another branch that led to Junkers Beach.  Even though the militia thought the way to the beach impassable, Parlay yelled down to Agrent to go and guard that way.  Erlig had already started back at a full run to the Glassworks.  Parlay and Falathar would follow as soon as they were sure that Agrent had understood their hails.

Erlig arrived at the Glassworks with two militia members. He followed them to the stairway leading down into the basement.  They heard the approach of rapid footsteps coming up the stairs.  The militia took up positions at the top of the stairwell, with Erlig just behind.  They then saw Tsuto leading two Goblins up the stairs.  The goblins were carrying a parcel wrapped up in a cloak about the size of large child or small adult.  Erlig cast Color spray into them.  They all dropped to the ground with Tsuto stunned and the Goblins unconscious.  Not being able to tie up the goblins, Erlig opened their throats with a quick slice each.  Parlay and Falathar arrived at this point and unwrapped the cloak to find an unconscious Ameiko inside.   They untied her and Falathar cast a cure light on her, bring her back to consciousness.  She was mumbling repeatedly “Oh Tsuto, what have you done?”  Parlay successfully bound and gagged Tsuto using the very rope used to bind Ameiko.

The search of the workroom found several parchments written by Tsuto.  It seems he is infatuated with a “girl”, who everyone thought dead.  She was the adopted daughter of the priest whose ashes were stolen at the graveyard.  Tsuto’s rambling notes seem indicate that she is a succubus and used her father’s ashes to perform a ritual to complete her conversion.  The notes also indicate that another, more deadly attack is planned against the town with the objective of destroying it and all in it!  Further the noted show that the Bugbear Bruthazmus is part of the plan.  This is where Bron and the others reached us.  Seeing the fight was over, he went back and led Niska through the caves into the Glassworks.  Niska believes from the description the girl is a demon.  Rain found a girl’s journal by the cave entrance.  Parlay took out the gag to question Tsuto, who promptly spit in his face.  Parlay responded by punching Tsuto and leaving him barely conscious.  Falathar tried to question Tsuto, but could only get out that Nuwalla, his girlfriend would save him.  To repay Tsuto, Falathar quietly cast ghost sound and presdigitation.  Tsuto heard and felt insects swarming all over him for sometime after!

Erlig helped Ameiko up and walked her back to the Rusty Dragon.  They were accompanied by the party and were met by a overjoyed Bethona – “You found her!”  Bethana took over and walked Ameiko up to her room.  Erlig took it upon himself to go into the kitchen and whipped up a sumptuous breakfast for all.  Taking his lead from Erlig, Falathar took it upon himself to tend bar and see everyone supplied with ale.

Once the late breakfast was consumed, talk turned to the morning’s events.  We had found that the dead men at the Glassworks were the night-shift workers.  The man tortured on the table had been Ameiko’s father.  We discussed Tsuto’s parchment notes.  The first showed how the raid on the town was planned; it also noted with satisfaction that few Thistletop Goblins had perished in the raid.  He also records that the town “deserves a real burning.”  The second parchment seems to be various ideas for a planned attack on the town.  While the favored option is an overwhelming land attack, Tsuto was pushing for his “girlfriend” to bring up her “freaks” (quasits) from below in focused strikes.  He was able to convince everyone, but Bruthazmus the bugbear.  His “girlfriend” seems to be removed from the discussions with something going on down below in the lower chambers.  It looks like she is trying to release someone or something called Malfeshnekor, which she believes will be under her command.  She assured Tsuto that “we won’t need to worry about being subtle, and he hopes she is right!  It looks like the final plan is to attack the Rich first and disrupt the soldiers by attacking the walls.  The third sheet is full concerned with his “lover.”  “My love seems bent on going through with it – nothing I say convinces her of her beauty.  She remains obsessed with removing what she call her ‘celestial Taint’ and replacing it with her mother’s grace.  Burning her father’s remains at Thistletop Shrine seems to have started the transformation, but I can’t say her new hand is pleasing to me.  Hopefully when she offers Sandpoint to Lamashtu’s Fire’s her new body won’t be as hideous.  Maybe I’ll luck out.  Succubi are demons too, aren’t they?”

We recovered from the Goblins:

  • 2 masterwork short swords.
  • 2 short bows.
  • 40 arrows.
  • 10 sets of leather armor.
  • 10 small wooden shields.
  • 8 dog slicers.

From on Tsuto and in a backpack:

  • Silver Hoops Earrings.
  • Silver Ring +1 protection.
  • Potion of healing.
  • Masterwork Thieves Tools.
  • Masterwork Flute.
  • 2 Gold Bars with the Glassworks Symbol.
  • 16 Pouches of Silver Dust.
  • 10 Pouches of Gold Dust.
  • Camping Gear.

Tent – Deerskin and smelling slightly of urine.

Each of us received 426 GP in value.  Agrent bought the thieves tools, as his own had been stolen by the goblins.  Falathar purchased the Flute.  The party agreed that Strabo would keep the potion of healing with the other one for party use.  Agrent with a grin turned to Parlay, “Hey does this tent look familiar!”  Yes, it was Parlay’s tent that had been taken during the goblin raid.

The mayor and sheriff came into the Rusty Dragon and once again they thanked us on behalf of the town.  They have decided that Sheriff Belor is going to travel to Magnimar to ask for help in defending the town.  The mayor cannot leave without risking a takeover by one member of the council (she did not want to go into it, but I expect that there is more to it!).  The Sheriff has appointed Bron to be the “under” Sheriff in his absence.  Falathar suggested that a guard be placed in the caves below the Glassworks to guard the tunnel leading towards Junker’s Beach.  It was quickly agreed to be a good idea by the mayor and sheriff.

Agrent went to “talk” with Tsuto at the jail.  He threatened him with various tortures, but Tsuto remained defiant.  “Go on; kill me, my Nualla will save me!”  Agrent assures Tsuto that he is not going to allow him release by killing him, but will prolong the torture on and on.  Agrent details some of the things he plans, such as cutting off fingers.  At this point Agrent forces a wood splinter under one of Tsuto’s fingernails, but the screams alert the guards.  They tell Agrent that he cannot be allowed to cause great bodily damage, and he assures them that he will not.  Still, Agrent cannot get Tsuto to reveal anything.  He tosses cold water on Tsuto to revive him and takes out a hammer to use on a finger.  Tsuto finally broke and blurted out that he had warned Ameiko not to be in town when Nualla attacks.  He tried to get her to join with them.  Tsuto’s group is at Thistletop.  Tsuto seemed to regain some composure and stopped answering questions.

Strabo arrives and offers to help.  He places his hand directly on Tsuto’s chest and says that if he does not answer the question, he will burn down through the chest to his heart!  Tsuto still refuses to answer, but he is clearly frightened.  Strabo cast a “Command” – “Where are the chambers of his friends in the caves?  Is Nualla still there?”  Tsuto “At the bricked up passage at the midpoint to Junker’s Edge.  She it still there!”  Strabo then “feel my hand burning through to your heart!”  Tsuto begins screaming in pain!  Agrent and Strabo walk out assuring the guards that it is only in Tsuto’s mind and no lasting damage is being done.

Meanwhile back at the Rusty Dragon Falathar and Erlig go up to check on Ameiko.  Falathar cast a second Cure Light on her.  She looks much better with only some bruises showing.  Satisfied that she will be alright, Falathar goes back down to talk with the party in the common room.  Erlig stays behind to talk with Ameiko about the Glassworks.  “It looks like it belongs to you now.”  He details the bags of silver and gold dust along with the two bars of gold, which he believes belongs to Ameiko.  Ameiko asks Bethona if she would like to run the Rusty Dragon, which sends Bethona back into tears along with her consent!  After Bethona left the room Ameiko turns to Erlig and tells him what she is going to say can’t be written into a song, with a nod of her head to the door by which Falathar had departed.  Erlig assures her it won’t!  “The gold and silver were payments to Tsuto by my father to keep quiet.  It seems that my father was involved in some way with the attack on the town.”  She goes on about how hard it was for Tsuto growing up with everyone knowing that her father was not really his father.  Tsuto has always believed that his “father” had something to do with their mother’s death!  “The gold and silver belong to your party; I don’t want or need it!”  She also wrote a note and handed it to Erlig for the merchant to give the party whatever they needed being they were going out to help the town.  Erlig told her it wasn’t necessary, but she would not take no for an answer.  He assured her that we would not be excessive and take advantage of her generosity.


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