Falathar’s Journal 18

((Much of this session was involved with identification of loot gathered and distributed to the party.))

We moved up to the second level to rest against the recommendation of Parlay and Falathar who pointed out that the bottom level was easiest to defend with only one door to guard.  However, the possibility of sleeping in a bed on silk sheets was too enticing for Agrent.  One wonders if he is being corrupted by “civilization’s” comforts.  We set a watch and rested up.  Much to the relief of Parlay and Falathar the night passed without incident.

After morning devotions the party continued with the healing process.  Falathar cast a cure light wounds on Bron and Parlay.  After which we identified the items recovered from the fight. We also took Lyrie’s spell book, which she has agreed to teach Erlig.  In fact, so eager was she to teach and he to learn, they spent the night together in hard “instruction!”  We also discovered to Rain and Falathar’s outrage, that four of the arrows taken from the Bugbear were elf bane! 

The theme of the discussion then turned to the disposition of the goblin children, who are feral at this time.  There was a suggestion that they be taken to town to be trained as servants.  Others would release them into the wild, while the Shoanti would like to play “Goblin Toss” with real goblins.


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