Rain’s commentary

Rain’s pitter pats…
Really startin not to like birds.  Damn those things hurt. 
Well, crap. So much for sneaking in, somethin about bustin up glass all over the place is sure to bring attention.  I wasnt thinkin we were wantin attention just yet, but nobody asked me, so guess I’ll just follo…  hey!  what the hell he he doin?  I HAVE a key.  and will wonders never cease, it works.  *shrugs a bit to herself as she steps back to get a clear view of the room, bow drawn, she steps in following, her eyes following any movement, just listening and watching for now*
Ravens, crows, scarecrows, now rats?  yep, … wonder when we’re gonna see some crazy cows?  
The way they have been breakin all the stuff in here its a wonder the nasties ain’t shown up yet.  Oh, except the rats, and more of them.  Who the hell ever heard of a house that wont burn down?  This don’t make no sense at all.  I really need a bath, got rat stink on me now smoke.  There’s no chance, even if downwind, of not bein smelled by somethin.  What is with this house?  And where’s ol’ nut job himself? Everyone’s gettin real edgy, Cameo shagged out, even Agrent is losin it.     There ain’t nothin natural about this place, just want to get it done and over. 

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