Kwava’s Journal #3

Justice called out to his companions to join the elf and rescue the people in the fallen tower. Rain raced to shore as Bron dipped his helm and filled it with water. He then followed after as fast as a dwarf could move to the shore. Agrent joined by Parlay also moved onto the beach. Justice and Strabo were not far behind and were joined by

Kwava reached the top of the cliff and peered in one of the arrow slits. Inside he saw one of the cats mauling a cypher-mage’s body inside the tower. Kwava quickly sent an arrow through the slot at point blank range into the beast. Down below, Samaritha remained in the water near the beach. Cameo kept close to her deciding discretion was the better part of valor.

Down below Rain moved up as Bron fell behind her pace climbing the sloping cliff face. Agrent and Parlay moved up to the top of the cliff and peered in the arrow slit to see the two cats. They each put an arrow into a beast. Parlay’s arrow hit the beast with Kwava’s
arrow in it and it dropped dead. Justice reached the top and ran around to what had been the roof. Strabo went the other way to the foundation of the tower. Erlig cast spider climb on himself.

The remaining creature inside the tower mauling killed one of the unconscious Cypher mages. Three of the creatures moved along the outside to attack Justice. They all missed, but he took the opportunity to slash one as it approached. The final creature moved to
the base of the tower to find Strabo waiting. It missed, but Strabo didn’t hitting it with his long sword.

Kwava missed the creature inside the tower as it thrashed about. Cameo could see one of the cats attacking Justice and sent a magic missile, which dropped it in its tracks. Meanwhile, Samaritha moved up thirty feet on the cliff. Parlay raced around the tower and
leaped up to the stairwell going “down” the tower. The nearest beast was so startled it missed with its swipe as he leaped past it.

Rain reached the arrow slit and managed to nick the creature inside with an arrow. Bron moved up alongside of Strabo, but failed to hit it with his war axe. Strabo swung and missed and then leaped into the fallen tower. Agrent sent an arrow into the beast inside the tower. Outside Justice used cleave and greater cleave to score three hits on one the two cats dropping it dead in a spray of blood and guts.

The creature inside mauled to death another of the unconscious Cypher mages. Erlig finished casting his spell as the creatures outside the tower launched their attacks. The one on Justice managed to make contact using its tentacle. The one facing Bron turned its full
attention to the stout dwarf, but missed him completely. Kwava took careful aim and sent another arrow into the creature mauling the bodies. Cameo feeling very lonely down in the water decided to run on shore and up the cliff.

Parlay leaped down out of the stairwell attacking the creature with sword and shield. It dropped with blood spraying from its mortal wounds. Seeing that Parlay had finished off the creature, Rain moved to the “top” of the tower. There she put two arrows into the beast fighting Justice. At the other end Bron used cleave to land two massive swings of his war axe, which chopped off the head of the beast. Agrent using his boots raced up the fallen tower and inside along the stairwell to join Parlay.

Justice dropped the last creature with three solid hits adding to the gore on the ground. Strabo moved into the tower about ten feet searching as he went. Erlig raced up and inside the top of the tower with spider climb working. Kwava moved the opposite way to join Bron at the base. He then went inside to recover his arrow that missed the cat.

Agrent cast stabilize on the two unconscious Cypher mages. Erlig and Parlay assisted him in carrying them out. They returned to carry out the bodies of the dead. They then searched the room, but found nothing except the mages’ wands. Each was inscribed “Property of the Riddleport Cypher mage chapter.” Down at the other end Strabo and Kwava searched the lower room. They found Falathar’s wrapped body, but nothing else
of interest.

Agrent and Parlay burned the mauled bodies of the Cypher mages. They threw the bodies of the creatures into the sea and were pleased to see them steaming as they sank. Parlay then moved up to the base of the tower and recovered his discarded equipment.

Justice called everyone together in a group around the unconscious mages. There he cast positive energy on the group. Everyone’s wounds looked much better if not fully healed. Even the two Cypher mages were now conscious, though still showing wounds.

We quickly decided to march back to the dock and await the return of the ship. Agrent and Rain moved off ahead on either flank to scout, while Kwava took to the treetops to do the same. Along the way the party found seventeen pieces of the star metal dropped by the
Cypher mages.

We had barely started the march Agrent spotted movement along the ridgeline moving towards the party. The leader was a very large man carrying a war hammer. He was followed by ten men with short swords and cross bows. Agrent signaled the party to take cover.

Agrent watched them stop at the edge of the clearing facing the tower. The leader stepped up and in a booming voice “Hello the Witch’s Light…are any of you wimpy mages alive?” Rain stepped out of the forest with an arrow notched. The leader turned to her, “Is that the chick who likes to magic missile everything?” “Hardly,” was her scornful reply.

Strabo recognized the leader as Akron Erix. Strabo then called out, “Arkon is that you?” He turned and explained to the party that Akron was Cleg’s right hand man and a champion warrior. Akron called back, “Who is that?” “I’m a priest of Calistria.” “What are you doing
here Abbot…picking up pigeons?” was Akron’s chuckling reply.

The talk turned serious and Akron informed the party they had lost two men last night. Strabo shared that we had lost two also. “We just finished burning the bodies,” Strabo said as he pointed to the smoldering fire. “Why did you burn them?” Strabo explained that the dead injured by the creatures would arise incubating the tentacles. “We had better get back and burn our dead,” exclaimed an astonished Akron.

Akron mentioned that he had seen a ship dock yesterday, but it had left before they could reach it. Justice said that we had come in on the ship and that it would return today for us. Akron motioned Strabo and Justice to the side away from his men, “I think I can trust you.” He went on to tell us that Cleg was acting “I don’t know what he is up too, but he left this morning by himself. He said he was going to collect more star metal. It is not the first time he has gone off by himself.”

The man went on to suggest that it was time he and his men got off the island. It was agreed that they could come with us and pay one-half a bag of star metal for passage. Agrent said sea water burns the creatures. Akron sighed, “If only we had something to carry the water.” Strabo smiled as he reached into his handy haversack and pulled out
five empty flasks. “Have your men fills these.” Akron thanked him and promised to repay Strabo. Strabo laughed, “I have made a profit by betting on you in the arena on several occasions.”

We decided to accompany the men back to their camp. Along the way Akron and Strabo shared what they knew about the creatures. Akron was sure they came out of the crater each night. Upon hearing about our fight yesterday, “You were the ones that killed my pet axebeak.” “Don’t worry about it. We have more caged at camp.”

We inquired if they had seen any other groups on the island. Akron informed they had noticed dead dwarfs, but had not actually come across any others. Kwava asked if they had seen any purple skinned elves. Akron hand not and seemed incredulous that they might
exist. Kwava then returned to the tree tops and sent his hawk on head to scout the camp.

Down below Justice, Strabo, Parlay and Akron continued to talk. It seems that originally their camp had been close to the crater. Cleg had them moved it farther down the island. Strabo suggested that Cleg’s strange behavior might mean he is leading his men to  slaughter. Akron had to agree he no longer trusted Cleg. So far they had ten men killed and
three wounded.

Ganmead had reached the camp and soared high above. He could see axebeaks out of their cages devouring meat and a very big man walking about. The meat seemed to be from large animals. This he relayed back to Kwava via their link. Kwava dropped back down to the ground and asked Akron where Cleg would have gotten the meat (worried it might be man flesh). Akron said that they had brought salted mutton and pork meat with them.

Akron seemed to be very worried about facing Cleg and wanted us to continue to their camp. Remembering Strabo’s description about Akron’s prowess as a warrior, we decided it might not be prudent on our part. We told Akron we were going to go down to the dock and wait there for two hours. Akron told us he would “personally give us one thousand in gold” if we got him back to Riddleport.

Strabo was worried that Cleg might not be agreeable. “If you come back with Cleg how will we know if has ill intentions towards us?” Akron, who was smoking a cigar, said he would switch a cigar from one hand to another as he smoked to warn us. Akron tried again to get us to help him capture and interrogate Cleg, but the party was not up for it. “We will wait for you and get you out of here,” Erlig assured him.


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