Kwava’s Journal 2 (49)

Parlay sent an arrow into one of the cats. Rain sent two arrows into the same cat dropping it in its tracks. Down below Bron reloaded his crossbow. One of the cats attacked and missed him with its tentacle but managed to bite him. Agrent scored with both club and klar, while Justice missed in the wild melee. Strabo held position at the base of the

On top of the tower Erlig passed over the wand of shielding to Samaritha, “Use this and pass it on to your friends.” Kwava moved up to the top of the tower as Cameo held position. Agrent struck and killed the last cat at the base of the tower. Parlay ran down the
stairs of the tower to join Agrent. Together they rebuilt the fire line around the tower.

Looking out towards the surrounding forest we could see the flashes of yellow glinting eyes watching us. Rain went down and searched for arrows as did Kwava’s hawk Ganmead. Occasionally they would see the broken bit of a flint arrow head, but never did they see a shaft. Rain returned to the tower as Kwava recalled Ganmead to search overhead.

After a short time Rain and Kwava saw incoming attackers and sounded the alarm from atop the tower. Parlay staked the tower door shut from the inside and then threw off all his heavy gear in case he had to swim in escape. Agrent seeing the incoming cats ran halfway up the outside of the tower using his boots of spider climb. Agrent drew an arrow and shot one of the beasts racing towards the tower. Kwava sent an arrow into another.

Inside the tower Strabo passed out nine magic stones to the Cypher-mages. Erlig used the wand to cast shield on himself. He then passed the wand to the Cypher-mages to do the same. Cameo was the last to use the wand as Samaritha started casting a spell.

Parlay sent an arrow out dropping another cat, while Rain sent two arrows into another. Agrent followed with an arrow hit of his own. Erlig used his cross bow to hit the same cat dropping it in place. Strabo had held until enough cats were in-range and now cast negative energy into them. This seemed to damage them, but did not slow their charge. The cats leaped through the fire and rammed the base of the tower shaking it.

Kwava sent an arrow down into one of the cats at the base downing it as Cameo did the same with his crossbow. Samaritha’s spell went off and pyrotechnics flared up on the advancing line of cats. It burned briefly and then seemed to die out. The cats raced on
without even a pause in stride.

Parlay shot an arrow missing wildly, but Rain managed to land two arrows on a cat dropping it. Agrent managed a solid arrow hit dropping another creature. Strabo cast negative energy again. Erlig sent a magic missile from memory into yet another cat at
the base dropping it. The creatures slammed into the base of the tower shaking it so hard that Cameo, Rain and Kwava were knocked off their feet. Cameo and Kwava leaped back up immediately.

A moment later Rain got up and managed to get one arrow off. Agrent missed with his as the tower swayed. Strabo cast negative energy yet again as Erlig used the want to send
down a magic missile dropping another cat. The cats seemed to draw back. Kwava took the opportunity to use deadly aim and hit one. Cameo used his cross bow to hit another.

Bron inspected the fractures at the base of the tower and his engineering experience indicated one more hit would topple the tower. He quickly called out the warning to his companions. Erlig tied off a rope and slide down the side of the tower. Cameo quickly followed him down the rope. Down below Parlay shouldered a stone out of the rear walls
base to escape. Bron ran out behind him.

Up on top Rain dashed for the rope, while down below Justice ripped open the door and ran around the side of the tower. Strabo was right behind him going out the door. Agrent raced down the outside of the tower to the ground. It was then that the creatures rushed in
and rammed the tower a last time. It shook and swayed and then slowly toppled back. The second story up ended on the ground going away along the cliff face.

Kwava rode the tower down and did an acrobatic flip off and away landing on his feet just before the tower struck the ground. Erlig was too close to the tower and was struck in the head by raining debris. Samaritha managed to get clear of the tower without serious
injury, but her five fellow Cypher-mages were knocked unconscious and left behind in the tower’s rubble.

Cameo roared a war cry and then turned and slid down the slopping cliff face. Erlig cast color spray hitting ten cats and leaving five of them stunned. He was on the side of the tower facing the forest and decided to jump back over the reaming wall of the first story. Samaritha jumped clear of the tower to the cliff side. Bron safely ran down the cliff to the beach.

Parlay threw his shield on the slope leaped on it and rode it to the base. Agrent had made it down to the beach and now moved out into the water chest deep heading toward a sand bar. Justice tried to run down the cliff, but slipped half way down. He ended up rolling
down the last half of the cliff to land unceremoniously on the sand. By sheer luck he managed to land on his feet. Strabo sat down on his shield and followed Parlay’s example to slid down the base. Erlig continued up and over the second wall to the edge of the cliff behind the fallen tower.

Kwava reached the base of the cliff just as three of the cats raced down to Justice. Cameo sent a magic missile into one. Parlay moved out into the water nearby to Agrent. Agrent stopped, turned and sent an arrow into one of the cats dropping it. Justice and Strabo
moved out into the water. Erlig cast grease on the cliff in front to the racing cats. One slipped through the grease and ended up in the water. It hissed and thrashed in pain in the water as steam rose up around it. One managed to claw Justice as he went into the water. A second lightly raked Erlig with its claw. A third missed with its claws, but managed to bite Kwava. Kwava used his long sword to return the favor and then moved out fifteen feet into the water. Cameo sent a magic missile into the cat next to Erlig. He then moved out into the water. Samaritha used her wand to magic missile the same cat and then moved out into the safety of the water.

Up on top we could hear the sound of stone breaking. Evidently the cats were intent on the total destruction of the tower. Rain splashed water onto a cat near the edge causing it to howl in pain. Bron noticed, “Dam, that’s a good idea.” He did the same to another. Agrent
moved parallel to the beach to back up his friends. Justice splashed the nearest cats with satisfying results. Strabo used his whip to grab and drag a cat into the water. It writhed and screamed in pain and then slowly sank into the water leaving a trail of steam.

Erlig followed the lead of his companions and splashed the cat nearest to him. It screamed in pain and having seen his companion dragged beneath the foul waters it turned and ran. Most of the remaining casts on the beach and cliff did the same. One had the misfortune
to try and run up through Erlig’s grease. It slipped and rolled backwards into the water where it died in agony. Kwava and Justice splashed two of the remaining cats on shore. Cameo tried to do the same, but slipped and missed.

Parlay moved up to shallower water. Rain tried to splash a cat, but it warily moved out of range. Justice managed a great splash of water on his cat. Bron took off his helmet and used it like a bucket to throw water on one. Justice moved up to the prone cat and used cleave and greater cleave to land three hits dicing it up with fur and citrine blood
flying everywhere.

Erlig splashed one critter, while Strabo tried to repeat his success with his whip. He managed to hit and damage one, but the whip failed to grab it. The few remaining cats turned and ran up the cliff and out of sight. Kwava called out to the party, “Let’s go back up and rescue or recover the rest of the party.” With that he raced up the cliff behind the fallen tower.


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