Falathar’s Journal 06

Erlig arranges for a masterwork dagger to be made, which will be ready for him the next day.  The rest of the party replenishes supplies and covert their extra gold into gems, weapons, etc. 

We are called to a meeting the Mayor’s Office.  Kendra starts the meeting by addressing Bron “What do you think we need to do to protect the town?”  Bron replied that there is a plot against the town lead by a Succubus along with goblins and a bugbear.  The half-elf Tsuto is one of the conspirators and is in love with the succubus.  They lead the raid on the town.  They and their henchmen seem to have a great hatred for the town and free will.

At this time Cameo seeing how Parlay was dressed in Shoanti style blurted out “You wear those in public?!”  This started up an exchange between the two, which was quickly halted by a cold stare from Bron.  Bron then continued “There is a much larger attack coming, and there are Varisians involved.  It was a young Varisian boy that brought Ameiko the message, and Wyrick the town guard who let the goblins in is Varisian.”  He goes on to tell how the girl that has become the succubus was shunned by the town.  Further, there is a bugbear and all four tribes of goblins have joined forces against us.  Right now the succubus and her minions are down below the glassworks in the caves.

Bron laid out a course of action.  He will lead a raid down into the caverns.  He noted it was suggested that a “Remove Curse” be cast on Tsuto, but it is not worth the effort.  He announced that “Tsuto will be put on trial and killed!”  To which, Sampson objected “How can you have a fair trial with the verdict already decided?!”  Mayor Kendra and the council have decided that the miscreant be sent to Magnimar for trial, they have no judge in Sandpoint.  Bron is in favor of the trial, but “we can’t weaken the town defenses to escort him!” 

The discussion ranged freely with Sampson taking the high road of justice, and Strabo suggesting that we kill Tsuto and send his corpse to Magnimar for trial.  “Surly, there is someone in Magnimar that could do a raise dead on him for the trial.”  The mayor wants to wait until the sheriff comes back with reinforcements.  Agrent “give Tsuto to me, I take care of him” with a wicked grin.  Sampson is against both suggestions and again demands a fair trial for Tsuto.  Falathar suggests using Tsuto for a shield as we clear out the caves, but no one else wants to!  Finally, Bron decides that Tsuto will stay locked in the jail with two guards.

We turned to discussing strategy to clear the caverns below.  Bron wants to seal the exits prior during the attack.  Sampson ventures that the militia should be enough to hold the entrances, but Bron is sure that they are not up to it.  Agrent suggest sealing entrance at Junker’s Beach with “red stones you call bricks.”  Bron replies that there is not enough time to allow the mortar to set.  “What mortar is?” asked a bewildered Agrent.  Falathar suggests building a fire in the cave at the exit.  Bron wants to double the town watch, the mayor would agree if “you can magic up the men,” we don’t have enough!  Bron decides that all watches will be two men, with only one being a Varisian (Looks like the watch will be watching the watch!).  The mayor asked Bron “Do you think there is a Szcarni link?  Bron noted that Wyrick is Varisian and he let in the goblins.

It was finally decided to place the town on high alert.  We arranged for some citizens to dump stones down into the entrance at Junkers Beach in an effort to block that exit.  We will be the block on the other.  Falathar urged the group to act now “Nualia is trying to raise Malfeshnekor, why give her time to do so!  Rain noted that the bricked up entrance was opened up when she and Shalelu passed by.

Rain reads from a journal, which belonged to Nualia.  It is titled “Nualia’s diary.”  The first entry is Erastus 18, 4698 – her father was making her birthday cake, but when she went outside boys from the academy threw rocks at her, calling her a freak.  She was hit, bruised and bleed some.  Her father consoled her saying “no one else is as gifted as I am and that my silver hair and violet eyes are a blessing from the goddess Desna .  He says I am an angel.”

On Ruthona 1, 4700 – she hid from taunting girls in a bathroom at the school, but the girls piled up furniture blocking her inside.  She was not found until late that night by Mr. Jervas, who had been making pretty wooden birds for the stairs.  The boys and girls continued tormenting her.

Pharast 24, 4700 – the traders at the market always stare at her.  One day an old woman snipped off one of her braids with scissors. “Your silver hair will bring me luck.”

Gozran 5, 4700 – walking down Cliff Street a dozen farmers surrounded her.  They wanted her to cure them of rashes and boils, etc.  They wanted to know when to plant their potatoes “like how should I know.”  One claimed that she was blessed and could drive away the voices in his head.  Once again, someone pulled out some of her hair.

Gozran 15, 4700 – her father is sending her to Windsong Abbey on her 17th birthday, much to her dismay.

Calistil 3, 4701 – she met a boy from Magnimar.  His name is Delek Viskanta, and he was nice to her treating her just like any other girl.

Calistil 29, 4701 – Delek threw rocks at her window to rouse her.  They walked on the beach under the glassworks.  They made love in a cave there.  Delek told her he loved her and that he will take her to Magnimar.

Erastus21, 4701 – her father is set on sending her to Windsong Abbey.  He doesn’t like her hanging around with Derek.  He tells her that she must remain pure.  Too late, she thinks she is pregnant.   She told Derek when they met later that night.  Derek told her he is leaving her and called her a whore.  He never loved her and called her a fool and stupid girl.

Erastus 22, 4701 – Her father yelled at her calling her a harlot.  She was sent to pray to Desna , but gave up without a response after 3 hours.  She is convinced that Densa thinks she is worthless.  Nualia still loves and hate Delek.

Ruthona 2, 4702 – Nualia doesn’t know what has come over her, she is so angry.  She has been having weird dreams, which are terrifying.  Her father would not let her go out because of the Chopper, but she believes it is because he is ashamed of her.

Ruthona 23, 4702 – She snuck out of the church that night.  It was dark and she came across Mr. Stoot who had dropped some of his carved birds, which shattered.  Nualia helped him pick them up.  He told her that she was still beautiful to him and not to go out in the dark.  Nualia then went to the cave she and Derek has used.  She stayed for a few hours.

Adbdious 26, 4702 – She writes that they killed Mr. Stoot.  Calling him the Chopper and accusing him of killing Mrs. Deverin’s fiancé and cutting off her arm.  She could she Mr. Stoot’s house burning, but does not think he did the crimes.  She keeps having the dreams and doesn’t feel well.  “I think the baby knows I’m upset.”

The last entry is on Abadius 27, 4702 – “something is wrong.  I’m so sick, something is wrong with the baby.  There’s blood, it’s too soon, I’m only 7 months.  I saw dad talking to that butcher Hannah, I don’t want to lose my baby.  Dad won’t even look at me, what is he doing talking to her!  Desna please make the pain go away, save my baby, please.  I’ll never do anything bad again.”

((Thanks to the person who wrote this journal and posted on Paizo’s website it for others to use.))

The party departed for the glassworks leaving behind their extra gear.  We entered with Bron going first in the dark with his Dark Vision.  We followed using torches and Falathar casting light from his Wayfinder.  Agrent is second in line looking for traps using the light generated by Falathar.  We passed the torn down brick entrance.  The passage curved away, first left and then right.  We came across a stone door on the right side of the passage.  No traps were detected.  The door was marked with the symbol for Wrath or Evocation.  Various members of the party tried to force it to open (opens in) without success.  Finally, Parlay succeeded in opening the door.

This passage leads to a split.  We heard approaching noises from the right side passage.  Two monsters approached, we have never seen anything like them before.  Parlay and Sampson had enough composure to quickly attack them, but both missed badly.  Agrent felt “rage” briefly.  The first round had Erlig cast Mage Armor.  Parlay sent a wick arrow shot into the second monster.  Agrent scored a hit on the second monster.  Bron manage a Critical Hit on the first monster.  Cameo hit the first with a magic missile, while Strabo cast Luck on Parlay.  Sampson held his initiative not being able to reach the monsters.  Falathar started chanting which all found to be heartening.  The monster scored hits against Bron and Agrent.

The second round had Erlig winging the first monster with an arrow and Parlay hitting the second monster.  Agrent followed with a hit on number two, dropping it.  Bron dealt a hit to number one dropping it too.  Strabo delivered “Killing Blow” on the downed monsters.  Falathar had stopped singing after the first round, but all felt heartened for a time after.  He then tried to listen for other enemies, but the group’s commotion prevented success.

Bron gave Agrent four goodberries and ate four himself.  Falathar cast a Cure Light on Agrent fully completing his recovery.

Yet another song by Falathar the Bard:

 House of Sandpoint Town

(To the music of “House of the Rising Sun” and my apologies to Eric Burden and the Animals)

There is a house in Sandpoint town

They call the Kaijitzu Glassworks

And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy

And God Tsuto is now one!

His mother was a philanderer

She loved an Elf that’s true

His father a two-faced man

Down in Sandpoint town.

Now the only thing a Glassman needs

Is some sand and red hot fire

And the only time Tsuto’s satisfied

Is pouring molten glass on dad.

Oh mother tell your children

Not to do what Tsuto has done

Spend your lives in sin and misery

In the house of Kaijitzu Glassworks!

Well, I have one foot on the scaffolding

With a rope around my neck

I’m going down to Hades now

To suffer in pain and torment!

There is a house in Sandpoint town

They call the Kaijitzu Glassworks

And it’s been the ruin of many a poor boy

And God Tsuto is now one!


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