Falathar's Journal 29

The next morning we met and discussed what we would do next.  Bron has stated flatly that he is going to return to Sandpoint and would like us to accompany him.  “I only agreed to come to Riddleport ‘ta help Strabo.  Now, it is time to rid Sandpoint of the ghoul scourge!”  Most were in agreement with him, but Agrent had other ideas.  He wanted to sail to Devil’s Elbow and confront the evil designs of the Purple Elf’s allies.  Falathar tried to convince him that any ship we might charter out of Riddleport might well be in league with the enemy.  “No problem we buy ship and Erlig will sail us there.”  The discussion lasted for some time and only ended when Erlig convinced Agrent he could not navigate a ship.  It was then we noticed that Bron was gone.

We quickly gathered our gear and walked down to the docks.  There we found that Bron had already booked his passage home.  We quickly paid for our own passage and boarded the ship.  Strabo asked for a cabin, but was told all were booked.  He then offered to arrange a discount for the entire crew at the Pixie’s Kitten in Sandpoint.  “Git the abbot a cabin,” the captain ordered.  A short time later, as Strabo was conducted to his cabin, he passed a merchant with a foul look on his face. The merchant had been evicted from the cabin to make room for Strabo.

The two-day voyage back to Sandpoint was uneventful.  We disembarked with Strabo calling out to the crew to enjoy themselves ashore.  He then traveled to the Pixie’s Kitten to make the arrangements and further “instruct” the ladies.  Falathar made his way to the Rusty Dragon and arranged for a bath and a proper meal.  Sampson visited Father Zantus to see if any material help could be sent to the chapter house in Riddleport.  Bron and Rain reported to the Sheriff and learned another murder victim was found on the other side of the marsh south of town.  It was one of Jubrayl’s men.

Bron got word out the party to meet at the Rusty Dragon.  He and Rain recounted the information passed on by the sheriff.  They were all for leaving immediately for Foxglove Manor.  Several decided to rest in town for the night.  Falathar, Agrent, Parlay and Sampson agreed to accompany Bron and Rain that night.  We picked up our horses at the stable and started the trek south.  That first night was clear with a full moon, but very cold being in the beginning of the month of Neth.  We passed farmlands, the Brinestump Marsh and down past the plateau.  The farms seemed deserted like the last time.  Late that night we made camp and set a watch.

The rest of the party got an early start and caught up to us mid morning.  Agrent asked Cameo why he didn’t come last night, “You could have slept outside.”  He couldn’t understand why “Kizzy” would rather sleep in town.  We reached the Foxglove River and road late that afternoon.  Agrent and Rain found signs of normal traffic on the road since we were here last.  The sun was setting quickly beyond the sea cliffs.  Sampson cautioned to “watch your back.”  Agrent, “Let’s go kill monsters and go back to town and drink Ale.”

We forded the river and took the smaller trail leading to Foxglove Manor.  Agrent and Rain took the point.  Darkness fell with the night and we moved cautiously towards the manor.  Falathar concentrated on approaching the manor, but could sense no movement.  The path had lead in a circuitous route past field of nettles and thorns.  The trees in the area were bent by seasons of wind off the sea.  The shrill wind shrieked and bent around carrying the scent of decay.  As the path rose and turned a corner Foxglove Manor hove into view.  The roof sagged in several places.  The wall seemed covered by vines climbing towards the roof.  The vines seemed to be diseased and discolored.  Some of the vines grew down and over the adjacent cliff edge.  Walls looked to have been breached and hastily repaired at some point.  The lower roof line has several faces of gargoyles staring out.  The chimneys seem to be teetering and about to fall down.

There was a low stone wall about three-hundred feet from the manor.  Agrent checked the area for tracks.  He found numerous barefoot tracks along with some type of clawed prints.  These were very recent.  The tracks seem to go between the cliff and a well on the other side of the low wall.  The cliff by the tracks looked to be lower than where the manor sits.

Rain looked inside the well and saw scrapings made by claws going up and down from the depths.  Agrent wanted someone to lower him down the well.  Sampson tied a rope and was about to do so.  Erlig suggested that we use a light spell to see further down the well first.  He cast a spell and the shaft was illuminated.  It seems to go on down to about sea level and water was seen reflecting at the bottom.  An opening could be seen to one side about a third of the way down.  A shrill scream issued from this opening as soon as the light reached it!  Something large leaped out of the passage and stared climbing up.

A giant bat smelling of decay climb out of the well and went after Agrent.  It tried to bite him and failed, but viscously clawed him.  He started to feel his body freeze, but was able to shrug the feeling off.  Parlay missed with his sword, but hit with the Klar.  Sampson tried to launch a cleave attack, but missed to his surprise.  Erlig cast a magic missile into the creature.  Agrent missed with both of his weapons.  The Paladin moved up to shield the injured Agrent.  Bron rushed in and missed.  Falathar began singing his song of encouragement.  Cameo sent a magic missile into the bat.  Strabo pulled a cure moderate wounds potion and handed it to Agrent.

The monster turned its attention to Parlay biting and clawing him.  Parlay returned the favor with his sword.   Sampson in his haste missed a second time.  Erlig cast another magic missile and moved back a few paces.  Agrent gratefully drank the potion and immediately felt better.  Rain missed with an arrow, but Bron connected with his war axe.  Falathar managed to put an arrow into the beast and Cameo cast another magic missile.  Strabo hit it with a tanglefoot bag.

The creature ripped free of the sticky tanglefoot leaving behind rotting flesh in the process.  It tried to bite Parlay again, but missed.  Parlay hit with both sword and klar.  Sampson used smite evil to assist his attack, but still could not land a hit.  Erlig cast yet another magic missile, which caused the creature to fall apart and down the well.

Sampson performed a lay on hands to heal Parlay.  Falathar cast a cure light wounds on him.  Strabo stretched a net across the well and Erlig tied a torch to a rope and lowered it down the well to the opening.  Nothing else could be seen or heard out of the opening.  Agrent, “OK, tie rope and lower me now.”  Falathar thought he was nuts, “Didn’t you learn anything.”  “Agrent make joke.”

The party turned its attention to the manor and started to move towards it.  There were a couple of trees next to the entrance along with several in the courtyard.  Falathar being alert noticed that up in the trees and along the gables of the roof were eerie looking crows.  These looked like the dead crow that had attacked on the first journey to Sandpoint.  The crows rose up and attacked in five swarms.  Parlay was able to reach the manor house, but the rest of the party fought next to two trees in the courtyard.  Strabo tried to cast into the swarm without effect.  Rain was able to shoot several with one arrow and then scampered up with the rest of the party.  Two swarms of decaying crows dove on Bron and Agrent dealing light damage to both.  Sampson used a cleave attack and killed several causing the flock to fly off.  The remaining flocks managed to hit Parlay, Bron, Falathar and Rain.  Bron used a mighty swing of his war axe to drop more birds.  Agrent followed dropping even more birds.  Strabo cast a Bit of Luck on Bron and ran thirty feet.  Falathar used his rapier, but missed badly.

Parlay, seeing his friends in danger, launched an attack and killed a good number of birds.  Rain put another arrow into the flock.  The crows attacked Parlay, Rain and Bron and caused light injuries.  Sampson swung and killed several birds followed by Bron doing the same.  Two swarms came after Agrent and Rain.  Strabo cast another bit of luck on Bron.  Falathar was able to impale several birds.  Cameo swung his staff at the swarm.  Parlay ran back to the party, while Erlig used his staff to smash into the swarm.  Bron’s attack downed the remaining birds in that swarm.  Rain used an arrow to down the remaining swarm.  Agrent, Parlay, and Bron began stomping the downed crows until none were left.

We moved carefully over to the house a peered in through a window.  Parlay tried to wipe the window clear, but decide that smashing it was easier.  A damp unpleasant moldy smell issued from inside.  In the middle of the room on a pedestal was the stuffy body of a monster.  It had a deformed humanoid look to it with sawdust leaking from its seams and a pair of ‘bat’ like wings on its back.  Parlay lighted a fire arrow and shot it into the stuffed creature.  It caught fire and began to blaze away.

Sampson kicked open the front door.  The next window over looked in on a music room.  It had a dilapidated piano across from a fireplace.  The walls were covered in dark wood paneling, which seemed to be peeling apart.  A crystal chandelier lay smashed on the floor.  There was a tattered painting of dancing people.  Erlig looked through another window and saw animal trophies mounted on the walls.  Meanwhile, Agrent tried without luck to find any tracks around the house before his companions trampled them underfoot.  Sampson tried to detect evil from inside the house, but was not able to sense any.  Erlig moved down to the next window and smashed it open.  Inside he could see a tea service laid out on a table.  It looked like a drawing room.    Falathar moved down to the next window and briefly saw a woman’s face.  She seemed to be Varisian and had a melancholy look.  The image just faded away.  Parlay moved to window and saw a couch covered by a white fungus by a fireplace.  The fireplace had the image of an imp and a bird carved into the mantle.

Cameo recounted how the Manor had got the nickname “Misgivings.”  Aldern Foxglove’s mother Cyralie was found dead on the rocks below the cliff and Traver, his father, was found dead by his own hand in the bedroom.  Aldren was and his sisters were found hiding under the beds terrified and were given to relatives in Korvosa to be brought up. Upon Aldern’s return to Magnimar, he tried to get the house repaired by hiring Varisian laborers. One of the laborers had a beautiful sister named Iesha whom Aldern fell in love with and marred. Iesha died not long after this. No Varisian goes to the manor house these days. They call it the Misgivings and gesture a sign against evil when they hear folk talk about it.


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