List of players

Dan – Varsuvius, Human wizard and scholar of ancient Thassilon

Roy – Kilshalt, Aasimar, Priest of Desna

Adam – Human, Monk

Trevor – Mordek, dwarven dual hammer wielder Fighter

Brandon – Grun Stonefear, Oread Summoner

Ned – Caymin, Human Paladin of Apsu

Sarah – Dee, Dwarf Rogue

Ben – Gaston, Varisian (human) druid


2 Responses to List of players

  1. Hey dawn, Is the Oread Summoner that I made still cool? I saw the “other available races” on the meetup page and the Oread wasn’t on there, just wanted to make sure, Otherwise I’ll roll up a new character.

    Also I’m bringing Sarah (new wife) on saturday, Is there any specific character type we’re looking for? or just play w/e?

  2. darksasha says:

    The Oread should be fine. I’ve got an idea for linking it to the campaign. As for another player, that’s fine also. The list gives suggestions, but I won’t hold you to those. It’s useful if she needs an idea on what to play. We now have 6 players and the classes are fairly well balanced. No one is playing a ranger or scout type of character, so if that is up her alley, then there’s an idea.

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