Falathar’s Journal 04

  The town went about its business the next day.  Falathar cast a cure light on Agrent and Bron to finish healing their wounds.  Everyone else in the group has recovered from the battle.  We divided up the value of the goblin’s equipment.  Each received 54 GP.

We met later at the Rusty Dragon.  We listen to a story by a Noble, Aldern of Magnimar of how he got drunk and was sentenced to a month in prison by his friend Justice Nightbriar.  For a few moments he was devastated until the Judge broke out in laughter.  Aldern tried to talk with Rain, making a fool of himself.  He got Strabo to invite Rain to a Boar Hunt for him, which she found interesting.

A bard performed a chant about the Legend of Kazavon.  Orcs were overrunning the countryside.  He was a knight who answered the call and led the army and defeated all enemies.  However, he was a tyrant who took over and ruled with an iron fist.  His shield bore the mark of a blue flamed skull.  A real hero, Mandravius Wielding the sword Serithal challenged Kazavon.  It was a hard fought battle.  At one point Kazavon transformed into his true self, a blue dragon.  All thought it would be the end of Mandravius, but he prevailed and slew the dragon!  It is said that the shade of Mandravius is bound to protect the land for eternity.

We turned to the problem of the goblins.  Shalelu will be tracking accompanied by Rain and Agrent.  The rest of us agreed to go with them, as a larger party has a better chance of success in regions we will have to travel.  It seems that the goblins are trying to use overwhelming force in the Mosswood and Nettlewood.  There are dangerous creatures in the marsh including faceless stalkers.  These can assume the shape of anything or anyone.  There is also a frog like creature that prowls near the roads.  We turned in with the agreement to start out the next day.

Falathar and Erlig were roused from sleep early the next morning by a frantic Bethona, Ameiko’s partner.  She was beside herself and rambling about the kitchen being empty and no food prepared.  We finally were able to get out of her that Ameiko was missing.  When she checked her bedroom the bed had not been used and she found a note from Ameiko’s brother left behind. 

The note stated that her brother thought that their father may have been involved with the goblin attack.  He didn’t want Ameiko to talk with anyone, as it would not go over very well if it were to get out about their father.  He wanted her to come over to the Glassworks at midnight.  She was to knock a code at the service door.  Erlig and Falathar hurriedly dressed and were moving towards the Glassworks, when they came across Bron and Parlay.  They gave them the condensed version of events, and they joined in. 

Upon reaching the Glassworks we examined the area by the side door for footprints, etc.  We found a set of small footprints on top of the general set leading up to the door.  The door’s padlock was open and hanging by its hasp.  We went in to the building, but did not find anything unusual in the first room.  Bron called out, but there was no response from the interior rooms.  After Erlig checked a stairway leading down and did not hear anything, we opened the doors to the production room

It was full of goblins breaking things and an Half-Elf (the one we saw in town just before the attack).  There were bodies all about the floor (looks like employees), and one on a work table.  The body on the table is a man in nice clothing, which has had molten glass poured on it.  The Half-Elf called out to the goblins to “attack!”  The fight commenced.  Erlig could not get to the fight from behind the others, and Bron ordered him to go get help! 

Parlay and Bron attacked the nearest goblins.  Parlay hit his in the chest with a spear staggering the goblin.  Bron used his war axe to deal a vicious blow on the goblin nearest to his position dropping him to the ground.  Meanwhile, Falathar started to sing, which seemed to encourage the party.  The Half-Elf began to chant in Goblin.  The next round Bron stunned another goblin and Parlay missed.  Falathar launched an arrow at the Half-Elf at 125’ that was sure to hit, but the elf reached out and caught the arrow in his hand.  Erlig returned and cast color spray without any noticeable effect, while Bron and Parlay each dropped another goblin.  Falathar again shot an arrow, but missed badly (he was still shaken by the Elf’s catching the first arrow).  The fight continued with Parlay dropping another, while Bron dealt a heavy blow to one.  Even Erlig managed to hit a goblin with his crossbow. 

The Half-Elf ran to the far door and opened it.  There were no goblins left near Bron, but Parlay got one who tried to run.  Parlay ran up and cut down the last goblin.  Erlig joined Falathar in missing with arrows.  Bron tried to bind the wounds of the goblin, but failed to stem the bleeding.  Falathar stepped up and was able to bind the goblin, which was the last one breathing.  Parlay ran up to the door the Half-Elf has disappeared into.  Bron went back outside and set the gathering militia to around the outside to the front of the building.  Erlig was going to tie up the wounded goblin that had been stabilized by Falathar.  Falathar was going to follow Parlay.


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