Rain is a half elf ranger from Nybor on the Ember River. Her father is Jakandros, a human ranger who is a member of the Black Arrows and stationed at Fort Rannick, the farthest extent of Magnimar’s reach. The fort protects those towns and smaller communties along the Skull River and in the Ashwood and Sanos Forest between the fort and the town of Wartle on the Yondabakari. Rain’s mother was an elf who died when she was born. Rain has a half sister named Shalelu who just recently joined some secretive elven group known as the Shin’Rakorath.

Rain’s opinions of her companions:

Agrent:  He sure makes a lot of noise arguing for somebody as good as he is in the woods, he likes to argue way too much, but at least he can back it up. I dunno if he’s right or no bout my being Shoanti, guess it’s possible.  Considering what I’ve heard from him and Parlay, it does sound something like home.  Not exactly, but it’s pretty similar.  I trust him, even if he does hide his face behind all that crap and wear weird stuff in his hair.

Parlay:  He’s crazy.  Gotta respect his skill, but damn, sometimes that man don’t know caution from cabbage.  Same could be said of Agrent though sometimes, Parlay’s just louder about it.  Funny thing is,  I trust him too.  He ain’t gonna do nothing against Agrent or me.  I guess it’s a Shoanti thing.  Same like back home, gotta have somebody at your back and he’s pretty good at just bout every weapon he’s picked up.

Erlig:  Don’t know much about magics but with all the reading he does I expect he does.  He seems to know what he’s doin though.  He’s not like any of the other magic type folks I’ve seen, he can at least hold his own and won’t get blown away in a stiff wind.  He seems an all right kinda guy. 

Bron:   Don’t know much bout dwarves but if the rest of em are anything like Bron, they ain’t bad.  I trust him.  He’s a good man to have at your back.  Can I even call him a man?  What do they call male dwarves?

Sampson:  I give, there just ain’t no way we’re gonna be able to get that man quiet.  He even makes too much noise breathing.  All I hear is clank, clank, clank, all the time.  He’s getting really good with that sword of his though and he seems like a pious sort, the gods must have blessed him then, right?  I just wish like all hell he would stay the hell back when I’m trying to track, all that clanking is distracting.

Strabo:  He can’t really be bedding all those gals all the time can he?  Some of that’s gotta be just talk.  Ain’t he worried bout all the kids he might be leaving behind?  I sure would be.  I know he’s one of the gods’ folks but that dont seem exactly right, even after staying at his temple.  He was real good about making sure I was comfortable though, so that was pretty decent of him and I did learn some things from him.  There’s more than one way to camouflage.   He takes good care of everybody though and for that he’s got my protection.

Cameo:  For a man what can’t take a punch, he sure likes to argue.  He needs to not do that. He kinda makes me nervous, all that magic stuff again but I never see him pick up a book like Erlig and he don’t spend time praying like Strabo.  It gives me the heebie jeebies.  Where does it come from?  He’s never actually done nothin to hurt anybody but he’s always arguing about something, maybe it’s like squirrels. Even if you don’t get near their nuts they just gotta chew you out just because you might.

Falathar:  He just talks way too damned much.  Sometimes I can’t hear myself think cuz he’s on about some old rock or book or carved up thingy or another.  Look, it’s a rock.  Somebody scratched some stuff on it.  Folks back home do that all the time, it don’t mean a damned thing just because its old.  After spending time with him I really understand why Mother decided to live with humans. 

I miss Da.  I’d really like to go home to see him but it just wouldn’t be the same.  I miss… no.. don’t even think bout it Rainy girl.  Keep your eyes on the night.


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