The Rise of the Runelords

Thassilon was once a glorious civilization, in a land of vast stone cities built up to the skies by giants and enchanted to last forever. It was founded by one who was able to enthrall the very dragons of old to teach him their secrets, Xin, the first of the Runelords. Xin had left doomed Azlant to create a new kingdom in Varisia led by himself and his apprentices. The dragon magic did everything Xin told his people it would. He died content to leave the rule of Thassilon in the hands of his former apprentices, fabulous wizards in their own right. Seven Runelords, each only capable of learning a seventh of Xin’s knowledge, ruled together, each having his or her own province. Sadly humans are ever corruptible and it was not long till the seven virtues of rule became the seven sins of decadence and power. When the apocalyptic fall of the Starstone destroyed ancient Azlant, the end was already written for Thassilon. Although it had existed long after its founder’s death, it was enmeshed in internal conflict amongst the heirs of the original seven Runelords. It was said that though the Starstone’s fall destroyed what was left of Thassilon completely, the Runelords themselves kept contingencies of their own in light of their internal strife; and that one day, far in the future, they would rise again to subjugate the peoples of Varisia.

The story is written in the stones for those who can read it…


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