Pathfinder Chronicler

“Application to the Pathfinder Society

Applicant: Varsuvius Manborn

Age: 28

Sex: Male


University trained in the Arcane Arts (Orison Level). Valedictorian
Further study under Archmage Breedlove professor of Thessalonian Histories
Fluent in Thessalonian, Verissian, Elven (ancient and modern), and Draconic
Conversational in Goblin
Master Brewer title awarded by Alchemist J. Cuervo


Two time winner of the Blue Tier Wizarding Duels. Specialties Magic Missile, Burning
Hands and Mage Armor.


As a junior member of the Mage Guild I seek to establish a clear line of ascension to the
Rune Lord level of Arcane skill. I will uncover any secrets of their hidden lore by
finding and unraveling their previously unknown mastery of the hidden arts. Aided by
by magical dueling skill and unparalleled intellect I will assembly a party capable
of breaching the hostile territories the Rune Lords have left for us mere
mortals and by so doing usher in a new age of intellect.

Contact info:

Sendings can be sent to the University of Arcane Understanding Community College
Attn: First Merlin of the Lesser Coastal Territories”

“To: Aspirant Manborn

From: Canayven and Sheila Heidmarch, Pathfinder Society Venture Captains, Magnimar

We accept your application and will forward it onto the Pathfinder Headquarters. For now we are happy to accept you as our agent.

To be accepted into the Society fully you will need to submit a piece of writing, a chronicle of your experiences. These must be noteworthy and uncover knowledge that is either lost or completely unknown. From your note it seems that you have discovered a thread that may yield valuable information regarding these RuneLords.

We here in Magnimar are aware of the ancient skill of these Runelords in coopting an ancient race of giants and possibly dragons in the construction of these now crumbled and overgrown monuments. The remains of the Irespan, a monstrously huge bridge that once connected the island in the Varisian Gulf begins in Magnimar.

If you are able to uncover more details on how the Runelords accomplished their deeds, or even traces of their magical techniques, this would go a long way to the Decimvirate in Absalom accepting your application for inclusion into the Society. Keep a careful record and draft a chronicle and we will foward this along with your application.

Should the Society deem you worthy to become a full member, they will send an invitation to attend testing at The Grand Lodge, the Society’s Headquarters in Absalom, on the Island of Kortos, in the Inner Sea.

Please note that for full membership into the society you must meet these minimum qualifications:

[Note: It is not necessary to take a Prestige Class to be included as a Member of the Pathfinder Society. It is, however, necessary to be accepted as a Member of the Society in order to take levels in the following Prestige Classes, whether or not the PC meets the minium requirements. See me if interested in those other Prestige Classes that are not in the Core Rulebook.]

Prestige Class: Pathfinder Chronicler (Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook)

Requirements – Skills: Linguistics 3 ranks, Perform (oratory) 5 ranks, Profession (scribe) 5 ranks; Special: Must have authored or scribed something (other than a magical scroll or other device) for which another person [not a PC] paid at least 50 gp. [My rule – must be worthy of being purchased by a Pathfinder Society Agent or Venture Captain.]

Prestige Class: Pathfinder Delver (Pathfinder Chronicles Seeker of Secrets: a Guide to the Pathfinder Society)

Requirements – Skills: Acrobatics 5 ranks, Disable Device 4 ranks, Knowledge (history) 4 ranks, Perception 5 ranks; Special – Must have recovered an object of historical significance from an ancient ruin or similar historic location.

Prestige Class: Pathfinder Savant (Seeker of Secrets)

Requirements – Feats: Magical Aptitude, any one item crafting feat; Skills: Knowledge (arcana) 5 ranks, Spellcraft (5 ranks), Use Magic Device (5 ranks); Special: Ability to cast 2nd level spells

Prestige Class: Student of War (Seeker of Secrets)

Requirements – BAB +5; Feats: Combat Expertise, Dodge, Skill Focus (any one Knowledge skill); Skills: Knowledge (any two) 4 ranks in each; Proficiency: with two martial weapons; Special: Must have made successful Knowledge checks agains five distinctive creatures prior to defeating them.

Should you fail or refuse to be accepted as a full member of the Society, my wife Sheila and I would still be happy to accept your reports and will pay for information you glean which we can include in our own report to the Decimvirate.

Sincerely Canayvan Heidmarch”



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