Kwava’s Journal 1 (48)

Agrent still was not satisfied that they should not burn Falathar’s body to release his spirit. He questioned Strabo on this as they walked toward the tower. Strabo assured Agrent that he would ask his head of his temple in Riddleport to raise Falathar. “Only most powerful Orabi can restore dead to life,” replied a clearly impressed Agrent. “My spirit advisor can raise dead, but if we can’t get him raised then we will burn the body,” assured Strabo.

A voice called out in a strange language from above startling the party. “Ross – suil elleth!” Everyone but Rain pulled weapons. Only she recognized it as elven for “Rain – greetings elf maid.” Tanned face with white hair poked out of the tree branches, “Garo le I teitho toltha- an têw am?” It was elven again, Have you the written summons to sign up?” Parlay let fly an arrow, but missed in his haste. The head quickly withdrew into the foliage.

It was then that Rain put a name to the face. It was Kwava the elf they had met in Riddleport. Kwava called down in common, “Hold your fire. I come as a friend.” Carefully, he peeked out and saw Parlay hold his next arrow. Kwava then climbed down to the ground. “What are you doing here,” demanded Justice. “I was sent by the Shin’Rakortath to investigate what is happening on this island. My hawk, Ganmead reported back how your elf was killed helping him,” as Kwava pointed to Agrent.

Justice did not care for the disapproving tone of the elf’s voice nor the implications it held. Kwava seemed to blame everyone in the party with the exception of Rain for Falathar’s
untimely death. They moved off towards the tower still arguing. Strabo cast silence on a pebble to try and hide the party’s sounds. Rain and Agrent moved ahead of the spell to hear as they scouted. Kwava quickly and quietly moved up into the trees using his leet skills to move silently. He also sent Ganmead to fly ahead and report back.

Ganmead relayed back the sight of movement on top of the tower as well as dead bodies lying in the area around it. Kwava quickly wrote a note and gave it to Ganmead. He used animal messenger to send it by the hawk to give Rain and Agrent the warning. They
could see the path leading to the dock and structures surrounding the tower. The buildings were run-down and decaying. The community had been abandoned for a generation.

The party moved off towards the tower entering the open area. The calm was disrupted by ten bodies rising up off the ground, which moved to attack the party. The undead seemed to be wearing the clothing of Cypher mages. Parlay was the first to react hitting one with his sword and thrusting his shield spike into the “tongue” on one monster dropping it to the ground unmoving. Rain let go with two arrow with the second hitting another creature. Agrent moved up with club and klar landing two hits on yet another. Bron launched a cleave attack with his war axe hitting with the first swing, but missing with his second.

Strabo stepped up to the creature moving at Rain and used the long sword to score a hit. Kwava from his perch in the trees sent an arrow into the creature attacking Rain. He then directed Ganmead to attack the same creature. It used its bite and claws to finish off
that creature in an effort to protect Rain. Erlig cast protective ward to enhance the party’s armor. Justice cleaved the creatures dropping one and wounding another. Cameo moved behind Erlig and cast shocking grasp on the creature Bron had wounded. It dropped unmoving. The remaining six creatures tried to attack the party, but only Agrent suffered a hit. He suddenly felt a bit weaker as some of his strength seemed to ebb away.

Parlay attacked one creature landing two solid hits. Rain put two arrows into another. Agrent attacked the creature that wounded him. He missed with the klar, but hit with his club not doing as much damage as usual. Bron’s cleave attack landed two hits on yet another creature. Strabo managed another hit with his long sword. Kwava sent at the
creature now facing Rain, but missed as his perch swayed in the wind. His hawk
managed to nick it with only one claw. Erlig wisely cast shield on himself as Justice moved up and missed with a cleave attack. Cameo followed Erlig’s example and cast mage armor on himself. The creatures all tried to attack, but missed everyone this time.

Two quick hits by Parlay dropped the monster he was facing. Being off balance, Rain only hit with one arrow this time. Agrent redoubled his effort and used two hits to drop a creature. Bron used cleave to land to viscous hits dropping a third. Strabo moved up scoring a hit with the long sword. Kwava used all of his skills to put an arrow into the
same dropping it too. Rain not being in any immediate danger sent his hawk to attack the creature attacking Agrent. Erlig used the wand to send a magic missile into it. Justice used a greater cleave to land three hits dropping it. The sole remaining creature tried to tongue lash Agrent dealing a small wound.

Parlay moved up thirty feet and threw a dagger at the last creature and scored a hit. Rain put two arrows into the same. Agrent scored two hits, the one with the klar being a critical,
finally dropping it.

The party did a quick search of the area, but found no more monsters. Kwava climbed down from his perch in the trees to join the party. His hawk, Ganmead, searched the battle site and recovered Kwava’s arrows the way he had been trained. These he returned to his
master who gave him a gentle stroke of thanks. Agrent observed the hawk returning the flint arrows and thought it would be useful to have such an animal friend. Kwava then sent Ganmead up to scry from above, enjoining him to be wary of any unusual flying creatures.

We reached the buildings at the base of the tower. A voice called out from above, “Put down your weapons.” Erlig called out, “Is Samaritha there?” A blond head poked out from the ramparts, “Erlig?” He replied, “We are stuck here for the night.” “You’re in trouble
then.” “We like to come in.”

The door opened at the base of the tower and a badly injured cypher mage let them in. Shortly, Samaritha joined them on the second level of the tower. “We tried to attract the attention of a ship this morning, but it sailed away,” lamented the half-elf. “We were on that ship and it will return tomorrow,” replied Erlig. She asked if we had any clerics or someone who could heal? “We had one, but…” Erlig pointed to the wrapped body of Falathar.

“Well, you will need to sleep. Last night they almost knocked down the tower,” sighed Samaritha. Agrent and Parlay suggested that they should stack wood around tower. “We make big fire when they come tonight,” offered Agrent. It was agreed and they set about pulling wood from the decaying buildings. After the pile was several feet high and circled
the building oil was poured onto it.

Parlay suggested they build a roof on top of the tower as cover from the flying demon. Solid wood was gathered and hauled up the tower. There Bron used his skills as a builder to engineer a strong roof. Erlig pointed out they could easily go down a floor rather than
build a roof. “Not able shoot up through ceiling like we can through the openings in new roof,” replied Parlay. Inside after the preparations were finished Justice called for all of the wounded to be brought to him. He stood in the middle of the wounded and used his ability to cure a good part of their wounds. The party grabbed as much sleep as possible before evening fell. After only two hours thanks to their rings of sustenance Erlig and Cameo were awake and preparing spells. Meanwhile, Strabo gave Agrent a potion of lesser
to return his strength.

About three hours later from his position on top of the tower Parlay started to see movement around the ruins of the town. Ganmead gave a screech from above and linked images of the impending attack to Kwava. The creatures were numerous beyond Ganmead’s ability to count. The warning was quickly passed through the tower. We could see creatures surging forward in an unnatural silence and grace. Some stopped to paw at the bodies left in the open. We could then see they were the cat like creatures.

Agrent used his wand to cast flaming sphere into the wood circle setting on fire. Parlay threw a torch into another section. Erlig cast light from atop the tower and then cast shield
on himself. Samaritha turned to him, “I feared their numbers were growing and I am right.” Down below just outside the tower on top of a low structure Agrent called out, “They got to die here. Don’t let them get underground.”

The cat creature with the blue tongues now took notice of Agrent. They swiftly moved towards him. Parlay from the top of the tower sent an arrow into the first beast to approach his Shoanti friend. Rain sent two arrows into another. Bron was on the ground guarding the door to the tower used his cross bow to hit one on top of the low roof by
Agrent. Four of the creatures rushed at the circle of wood smashing into it. They seem to be trying to smash through. Agrent turned and used the wand to send a flaming sphere into one. It quickly caught fire, but the fire burned out just as fast. Justice cast bless to encourage the party. Strabo cast magic stone as a Cypher mage used a wand to shoot five of the creatures.

Parlay put an arrow into his first target killing it. Rain sent one of two arrows into her creature. Down below Bron reloaded his cross bow. One of the cats managed a giant leap onto the roof of the low building next to Agrent. Another did the same actually landed on
Agrent and knocking him prone. Agrent’s fall sent him threw the rotting roof to the ground below. He climbed to his feet and landed two hits on the cat above. Justice used a cleave attack on the same landing two hits. It bled citrine colored blood as it dropped in death. Agrent, “Thank you my friend.”

Up inside Strabo cast eagle’s splendor on himself as Erlig used the wand to send a magic missile into a cat down below. Kwava skillfully took aim and sent an arrow into a beast. The arrow went right through the tongue dropping the creature. The five Cypher mage used their wands to shoot five more creatures as Cameo finished casting his spell.

Parlay scored with one arrow, while Rain did the same with two more. Bron shot his cross bow, but missed in the melee going on down below. The cat on the roof dove down through the hole to the ground. One of the wounded creatures ran away outside just as several more ran towards the low roof. Agrent knocked to the ground again scored two hits from the prone position. Justice followed with a greater cleave attack landing three solid hits dropping it. Strabo using his long sword moved up and struck one of the newly arrived cats.

Erlig sent down another magic missile into a creature. The five Cypher mages used their wands to shoot five more. Cameo moved to a window in the tower and cast magic missile into one of the cats below. Parlay and Rain scored with their arrows hitting two more creatures from atop the tower.

Down below Bron reloaded his cross bow just as one of the cats leaped down next to Justice. Several of the remaining creatures turned and ran away. Ganmead circling overhead could see them amassing in the undergrowth some distance from the tower. They seemed to be waiting for something. This the hawk linked down to Kwava. Agrent stood up and missed the cat next to Justice. Justice swung with no better success.
Strabo tried and missed the same creature.

Erlig sent down another magic missile from atop the tower. Kwava called out the warning from his hawk. “They seem to be gathering just out of sight…their waiting for something.” He then sent an arrow at one of the remaining cats, but missed. Samaritha used a wand to magic missile one of the cats.


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