Erlig’s commentary

We got to house and someone shot a crow.

Crows attacked.

We killed a bunch of them and the rest of the crows left.

Couldn’t see through the windows so we busted most of them out.

Busted doors down.

Parley set a stuffed animal on fire – still couldn’t see much.

We investigated inside, some of group got scared.

Stained glass windows facing river cliff (couldn’t see through them either)

            Tree with angry face

            Hook beak bird with blue and gold feathers

            Winged Lion woman (sphinks?)

            Squid with red eyes

Busted those windows too

Tried to set a fire in the house, all of the furniture, stuffed animals, books and curtains burned

House still standing

Left to sleep up down the road

Sleep interrupted by Ghouls

Greased a few which slowed them down so that the party could pick them off without much damage.

Tried to go back to sleep.


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