Falathar’s Journal 07

  The next passage on the left had visible rumble a short distance in.  This led to a 20’ wide by 10’ deep room.  It was full of the ruble from broken urns and pottery.  It has a door on the right side.  Agrent checked the door for traps.  He then tried to shove it open, but slipped and collapsed.  Samson stepped up to the challenge and muscled the door open with a mighty shove.  It revealed a hallway leading in, which turned to the right.  Before we left the room, Falathar noted that all the stones in the room walls were marked with the symbol for Wrath.  He also noticed that the door was marked with a slightly different symbol.  The symbol had a figure between the two upper points consisting of a sideways 8 with a dot above and below it. Sampson found the door had a handle on the backside.  Agrent and Rain determined that the monsters’ tracks had come up to the door and then left.

We passed through the door and Agrent observed that there tracks from the monsters on that side too.  Bron, Rain and Erlig remained behind in the main hallway on alert.  Strabo and Cameo stayed behind the advancing members.  The hallway behind the door turned first to the right and later to the left.  This led to a hexagonal shaped room with life-sized statue of a woman holding a pole weapon.  Falathar recognized the statue was that of Alaznist, Runelord of Wrath and the ruler of Bakrakhan.  The weapon the statue was holding is real.  Oddly, neither the statue nor the weapon shows any signs of age.  Falathar noted a faint detection of preservative magic on them.

Meanwhile, Rain now heard sounds coming from further in on the main hallway.  She moved up and found that the sounds were coming from a hexagonally shaped room.  The same room the rest of the party had found.  Realizing it was the party making all the racket, Rain once more turned to guard the hallway muttering about clumsy party.

Agrent is determined to get the weapon and lassos it.  He is pulling the rope without effect and Parlay comes up and asks “what you doing?”  “We get weapon” was Agrent’s reply.  They are trying to topple the statue much to Falathar’s dismay.  “Don’t damage it as it’s priceless!”  Agrent’s puzzled reply “If it is not worth nothing, why me worry about damage?”  While an exasperated Falathar tries to explain to Agrent the value of this rare find in perfect condition, Parlay strikes the statue’s arm with a hammer.  Fortunately, the hammer did not damage, but loosened the calcium buildup holding the pole arm in the statue’s hand.  He and Agrent managed to free it.

Parlay and Agrent admired the pole arm, which turned out to be a ranseur.  Falathar was able to do a successful appraisal and determined that it is a masterwork weapon made from cold-forged iron.  Parlay began practicing with it.  During this time Bron was admiring the stone workmanship of the statue.  He and Falathar are relieved that the shoanti had not damaged it.  Falathar is convinced that it is an important discovery, which the Pathfinder Lodge will want to know about!  He begins sketching the statue and the room, while trying to get the party to realize the “true value” found here.

Back in the main hallway Rain continues to explore.  It continues on past the side hall leading to the statue room and then ends in about 30 feet.  There to the right side is a tunnel dug with just enough room to crawl through.  She follows it to a vertical opening surrounded by porcelain.  Rain has found the ancient lou.  Bron catches up to her and hears the sound of snarling coming from above.  The hole is in the shape of a seat.  He looks up through it into a low ceiling of a darkened room.  Bron motions to Rain that it is time to leave.

The party in the statue room was busy checking the exiting hallways.  One they came in on and the second leads back to the main hallway.  The third goes up a set of stairs and the fourth led to a door with the symbol again.  Sampson is checking it out the door and notices that it was opening!  Reacting, Sampson hit the monster with a mighty blow and moved back in the hallway, while Falathar winged it with an arrow.  The first round found Parlay scoring a hit followed by Samson hitting and dropping the first monster.  Falathar started singing and once more the party was heartened and seemed to be more adept at scoring damage.  Meanwhile Strabo held his position and Cameo just held.   Again Parlay scored a vicious hit on a monster, which was accompanied by an arrow hit by Falathar.  Agrent held his position hoping to get into the fight, but there was no room.

At the same time in the tunnel Bron turned to face the monsters following him and Rain back by the exit.  Rain had gotten out of the tunnel into the hallway, but not before suffering a claw attack.  Erlig stepped up and cast Color Spray past Bron at the two monsters he could see.  It did not seem to have any effect on the monsters, while Bron missed with his first swing.  The tunnel was so narrow there was barely room for one person to face one monster at a time, this helped plug-up the monsters.  Rain tried to carefully shoot an arrow past Bron, but missed the monster badly.  Bron’s second swing was a tremendous blow that staggered the first monster.

Back at the doorway Parlay again reached over Sampson and used the long reach of the ranseur to hit the monster.  Falathar launched an arrow and scored a solid hit.  Sampson followed up with a hit dropping the monster.  Back in the tunnel dropped the first monster in order to get to the next.  Agrent had noticed that early in the fight he heard monster behind the door run off, which was shortly followed by the attack on Bron.  Realizing that there must be a path leading to the tunnel, he raced in to attack the monsters in the rear.  Parlay ran over to the tunnel to help Bron, but missed on his first attempt.  Erlig bound Rain’s wounds.  Agrent made it to the ancient privy and dropped down into the tunnel.  He used all his skill in a back attack on the monster and still he missed.

Meanwhile, Strabo stood on alert watching the exits, while Cameo stayed in the middle away from the action.  Falathar decided to follow Agrent’s move and went through the door.  The hallway exited onto a raised platform, which the surrounding walls held cells.  A Stairway led down on the left, while another led down from the center and turned left towards some of the cells.  The third stairway led to the right and that is where Falathar heard the sounds of battle!  He hailed Sampson to come in and join him in the large room.

Bron and Parlay both hit and dropped the monster on their end.  Finally, Agrent struck home with a mighty blow dropping the last monster.  The party regrouped and Falathar cast his last cure light wounds on Rain telling her to stop whining.  The group decided to follow the tunnel the exited the statue room and turned left to a long tunnel.  We followed it some distance with it bending at a 45º angle to the left twice in succession.  This opened into a room about 30 by 40 feet. 

The room had a small shrine sitting in an alcove to the left.  It was surrounded by stagnant water.  Strabo tried twice to purify the water without success!  The shrine was sitting on black marble.  Sampson detected evil coming from the altar.  There is a set of double doors leading out of the far corner of the room.  It has the Wrath Symbol with the infinity mark split across the two doors.


2 Responses to Falathar’s Journal 07

  1. confused1066 says:

    Whine? Rain? puh-lease!

  2. darksasha says:

    More of a whimper, I thought. 🙂

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