Falathar’s Journal 45

We decided to sail back to Magnimar rather than stay at the lighthouse. Our best fighters being severely wounded and our spell casters out of spells it seemed the prudent course of action. The sail back took a full day, which allowed the spell casters to rest and recover.
Falathar used his renewed spells to cast Cure Moderate and Cure Light spells to heal up the wounded. The voyage itself was uneventful, a nice change of pace in our luck.

We returned the fishing boat to its owner and checked in at the inn we had used on our previous visits. After a pleasant meal we all turned in for a good night’s sleep. Our slumbers were interrupted early the next morning by loud knocking on our room’s door. Falathar quickly dressed, including his sword and opened the door. There he found himself facing the innkeeper with a somewhat apprehensive look about him.

“Why are you banging on doors at this early hour?” Falathar demanded. “The city watch is downstairs and wants to talk with your party,” stammered the poor man. “Tell them we will be down shortly.” Falathar and Erlig went about waking the rest of the party and
alerting them. We put on our full armor and weapons prior to going down. The entire party descended in mass to find four members of the city watch will full arms and armor waiting. Seeing the nine members of our party in full battle dress only served to unnerve the guard. It would seem that our reputation preceded us.

“You are to accompany us to city hall,” blurted out the corporal.

“Just why should we do that?” demanded Falathar doing his best to intimidate. His sentiments were echoed equally forcefully by his companions.

“We have been asked to escort you to city hall,” said the corporal as he quickly did the math, four to nine and not in their favor.

“You are telling us what, but not why we should go with you,” challenged Justice.

“I…we have a summons signed by the Chief Justice Bale Argentine to answer questions about your activities in Magnimar,” the poor man almost squeaked.

“Agrent not come…I am tired and wish to sleep.”

It was then that Erlig suggested, “Why don’t we send representatives? No need for all of us to lose sleep.” It was decided that Justice, Falathar, Erlig, and Bron would answer the summons. The corporal thought for a moment and agreed, much to the relief of his three
companions. They stepped as if to take us in, but to their horror the four members of the party stepped up to surround the guards. Justice took the lead with Erlig and Falathar flanking and Bron bringing up the rear. “Falathar smiled and leaned in towards the corporal, “You don’t mind if we escort you…do you?” Thus the early risers in Magnimar were treated to the sight of a detachment of the city guard being closely escorted by a party of adventurers.

As soon as the group left the inn Agrent and Rain moved outside to follow staying out of sight. Rain moved along the streets, while Agrent moved from roof top to roof top. Meanwhile, Parlay went back to bed. Strabo and Cameo stayed downstairs in the common room. Falathar played his Pipes of Sounding to cast Intimidate on the four guards. The party traveled not to the Hells, but to the City Hall. Justice led the little parade right past the guards at the door without recognizing their authority or even existence. The corporal muttered, “Courtroom two.” Erlig signaled “two” behind his back to Rain and Agrent. Outside Rain motioned for Agrent to come down and join her.

We entered courtroom number two and found the Chief Justice Bale Argentine and his court clerk waiting for us. Our paladin “thanked” the four guards for escorting us and bade them to wait outside the court room. He then shut the door in their faces. Justice turned to
Agrentine, “Why have we been summoned?”

The Chief Justice replied in an even voice, “The mayor isn’t sure how one of our justices came to be killed by your party.”

“You might want to call for Ismer Odenburg, Captain of the City Guard as he has information directly bearing on the matter,” pointed out Justice.

The Chief Justice asked Erlig where we had come from. Erlig responded, “Recently, we came from Sandpoint.” Bron, Justice and Falathar all asked why the investigation now? Agrentine responded, “Perhaps you should start at the beginning.” Justice recounted how we had discovered Foxglove was behind the murders in Sandpoint. He explained that
after defeating Foxglove and his minions we found a letter incriminating someone named Xanesha and the “Brothers of Seven” in a plot based here in Magnimar.

The chief justice asked where the letter was and what it contained. Falathar noted that the original was given to Captain Odenburg, but that he had copied it. He then read the letter for the record. It was then that Rain walked into the city hall and approached the door
to the court room. As she pushed by the four guards outside the door she smiled, “Did you enjoy your escort?” Inside Falathar was saying, “The captain of the guard has arrested Ironbriar’s co-conspirators, but was not able to recover the ‘mold’ mentioned in the letter. It seems to have been purchased by the Aspis Consortium and taken by ship to Korvosa.

“What led you to believe that Ironbriar was somehow involved in the conspiracy?” asked Agrentine.

“On our return to Magnimar after defeating Foxglove we contacted Captain Odenburg and arranged to enter the Foxglove Manor disguised as Aldern Foxglove. There we would await the contact Xanesha’s letter promised. We were attacked by Faceless Stalkers on our arrival at the manor. Two of the stalkers had taken the form of Foxglove and his wife. In going through the papers we found a reference to a monthly payment to an address for his wife’s passage. Knowing her to have been killed some time ago two of our party investigated the address. There they detained the “clerk” for Justice Ironbriar. He was reading a letter addressed to Thorlass sent by Xanesha implicating Ironbriar.”

At this point Agrentine interrupted and asked for the letter to be read into testimony, which Falathar did so.

Justice related how we had contacted his father, the Captain who sent us to the Chief Justice. We were given a summons calling for Ironbriar to accompany us to Chief Justice Agrentine. Our paladin then described how one of Ironbriar’s dinner companions transformed into a demon and the other two into Faceless Stalkers who attacked us.
Ironbriar made his escape down a chute into a tunnel. We followed the tunnel to the sub basement of the Hells where we were again attacked by Faceless Stalkers and undead. Ironbriar and Tsuto (a prisoner Ironbriar had sentenced to the Hells) also appeared from hidden doors and attacked us. Justice detailed the evidence found in Ironbriar’s office after his defeat.

The Chief Justice then turned his attention to Bron, “You are the under-sheriff at Sandpoint are you not?” Bron replied in the affirmative and asked who had brought our part in bringing Ironbriar to justice?

Agrentine informed us that the mayor among others had brought forth the accusations. Falathar recounted our investigation at the Lady’s Light and our encounters there. “We found a list of names similar to the one found in Magnimar. Most of the names were from the first list with check marks by almost all, but with one exception. Haldmeer Grobaras, Lord-Mayor of Magnimar’s name on this new list is circled. We know the names with check marks have been killed, but wonder if a circled name indicates someone who has been replaced by a Faceless Stalker? Something you might want to look into and would put the Lord-Mayor’s accusations against us in a different light,” offered Falathar.

The Chief Justice took this under consideration and asked us to be ready to return to court. Erlig pointed out that we had promised a member of our party from Riddleport, that we would accompany him there. News of the meteor impact on a nearby island has caused
serious damage there and we are bound by honor to render assistance. Agentine expressed his understanding and took our assurance that we would return to Magnimar after seeing to things in Riddleport. We then took our leave and on the way past the guards outside the door Falathar turned to the corporal, “We will not be in further need of your escort.”

On arriving back at the Inn, Falathar stopped quickly for a bite to eat along with Erlig, Agrent, and Bron. Parlay and Rain left immediately with Justice for his father’s headquarters. On their arrival the guard was hesitant about interrupting the Captain, but
Justice was insistent, “You know me…now let me see my father.” A clerk knocked on the door and announced Justice, Rain and Parlay. The Captain beckoned that his son and friends be shown in.

Justice greeted his father and recounted out morning at the courthouse. He then made his report detailing our encounter at the Lady’s Light. To which, his father commented, “Obviously you survived.”

“My comrades and I sustained grievous injuries before we prevailed. Unfortunately, Xanesha escaped,” related Justice.

His father asked, “Tell me more about this Xanesha.”

About this time Erlig and Falathar had caught up after a quick bite at the inn. They left Bron behind who was putting away food like only a dwarf can. Justice described the part human – part snake that floated in the air. Falathar remarked, “She was in many
respects similar to Naga but with a full torso and arms.”

The captain offered, “Like the Naga in that cesspit of Kaer Maga. This does not bode well seeing she got away.”

Falathar brought up the Lord-Mayor’s name being circled and not checked on the list we recovered at the Lady’s Light. The Captain promised he would look into and confer with the Chief Justice. He asked if we were interested in helping with the investigation. Justice informed his father that we had promised Strabo to sail to his home town of Riddleport. It having been damaged by the tidal wave created by the meteor that struck the nearby island known as the Devil’s Elbow. “We would return to Magnimar after assisting our friend.”

The captain was disappointed that his son was leaving again, but understood the bond between companions and the responsibility therein.

We returned to the Inn and gathered the rest of our party a gear. A short time later we inquired at the harbor master’s office as to any ships sailing to Riddleport. We were given the name the only ship scheduled to sail there and that it would leave on the tide. A
short walk brought us to a stout ship named Mithral Wave. The captain was amenable to taking us on as passenger. He informed us he was stopping first at Devil’s Elbow to pick up a party of dwarves from the Gas Forges. He had dropped them off on his way down so they could search for Star Metal. The rate was a bit high for passage, that being fifty gold pieces; but with fewer ships sailing to Riddleport demand was high. Strabo didn’t even try and barter, but paid the asking price.

Erlig spoke up, “At that price it should be for deluxe accommodation.”

“Yep, deluxe alright…deluxe hammocks in the Sailor’s quarters,” said the captain with a chuckle.

Erlig then bartered, “If we have to fight to defend your ship you will refund our passage.” To this the captain quickly agreed.

We set sail within the hour on the outgoing tide. Outside the protection of the harbor the sea was rolling with cresting waves due to the stiff wind. The ungainly movement of the ship as it beat to wind had an unsettling effect on several members of the party. Bron,
Falathar, and Parlay were sea sick and Rain looked a bit green in the face. The next morning we approached Devil’s Elbow. In the lee of the island the sea smoothed out to everyone’s relief. Falathar still queasy used his spyglass to observe the island on the approach. It was a crescent shape with a wooded ridge running its length. There was a thin plume of smoke rising midway along the spine of the ridge. On the north east slope a new crater was visible. Its mouth spanned hundreds of feet in width surrounded by a berm of debris and fallen trees. This must be the impact site of the meteor. There was some evidence of burning in the immediate vicinity of the crater.

Our attention was caught by a flash of light coming from a tower that rose above the ridgeline. Erlig identified it as pyrotechnics, an arcane spell. We anchored near a rundown dock. There was a small village clustered near the dock. The buildings looked to be in
disrepair. The captain informed us it had been abandoned for many years and now no one lives on the island.

We heard voices hailing us from shore. There were three figures running towards us shouting, “We’re saved…we’re saved.”

One was a dwarf and the other two human. The captain said that they were three of the party he had dropped off. He then ordered a longboat lowered to meet them at the dock. Parlay, Bron, and Falathar anxious to stand on solid ground volunteered to escort the sailors to shore. As we approached we could see the three seemed bruised and battered.
They were carrying axes and makeshift weapons. Up close their clothing was torn, rent, and blood stained from battle.

The dwarf introduced himself as Gravin Goldhammer. “You saved us…there’s things…I never seen nothin’ like ‘em before… They kill people…blue with tentacles on their heads.” We got him to calm down on the skiff and asked about the light seen in the tower. “That’ed be the wizards that went up to the Witch’s Light. They be led by a golden haired Elvin
female mage. His description matched that of the novice Cypher-Mage we had met in Riddleport.

Once safely on the ship Gravin was more settled and answered our questions. The creatures seemed to be centered at the crater. “The closer you get the more there are.” He described the creatures as being low to the ground and very fast moving. He seemed to believe they were increasing in numbers. He had heard about Slyeg sending a party to the island as well as Cleg Zincher’s group. That would be Cleg’s near the smoke up on the

The dwarf went on how they had found a green crystal-like metal from the meteor. They had collected quite a bit of it prior to being attacked by the creatures. “We tried to fight them and finally had to run abandoning the metal and our dead comrades. Strabo wanted to investigate what evil was taking place on the Island. Falathar and Erlig quickly sided with him. We discussed with the skipper about staying at anchor while we went ashore. He would not as his contract called for the dwarf and his comrades to be transported back to Riddleport. After a short negotiation the captain agreed to return the following day for one sack of the new metal.

Our party put to shore followed by the Mithral Wave pulling anchor and sailing off. We checked out the few buildings of the village and found nothing out of the ordinary. We set up camp in a sturdy stone house as a base camp.


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