Falathar’s Journal 20

  Upon our return to the Inn, we recounted the night’s adventure to our companions.  It being too late to return to bed, we decided to break our fast a little early.  The cook was none too happy to interrupt her morning baking to fix our breakfast.  We gave her a few silver coins to recompense her for the disruption.  Her attitude improved at once and we enjoyed a hearty meal.  It was then that we learned of the Mayor’s new 20% tax on the sale of all magic items.  He claims it is to hire more town guards owing to the clamor about the increasing murder rate these last few years.  The party decided not to sell our magic items at this time.  Several of the party took various magic items for their own share of the treasure. 

Strabo accompanied by Falathar left to sell off some of the party’s potions.  Once they reached the Alchemist’s Shop, Strabo strode up to bargain with the owner.  Falathar stood back and seemed to idly play his flute.  The owner inquired how much Strabo wanted for the potions.  To Strabo’s answer of 400 in gold, the owner only laughed and offered 100 gold.  It was then that Falathar began playing a tune that seemed to fascinate the Alchemist.  “Did I say 100, I really meant 300 Gold,” the bemused ((befuddled I think he means here)) man exclaimed.  Strabo readily accepted the offer.  Once out of the shop Strabo turned to Falathar with a knowing look. “Did you just influence the shop owner with your song?”  Falathar just replied, “sometimes a little ‘soothing’ music make things go your way.”

Meanwhile, Bron decided to see if he could find someone to enchant his war axe.  He found that there were two in town capable, one human and one a gnome.  Bron preferred dealing with a human and sought him out.  The wizard was overloaded with jobs already and suggested that Bron seek out the gnome.  Much to his chagrin, Bron asked for directions and sought out the gnome.

Bron entered the gnome wizard’s shop and found a flighty little gnome.  The gnome seemed preoccupied, but his interest perked up when Bron asked about getting his war axe enchanted.  The gnome said it would take about two weeks and cost 1500 gold.  “Of course I would be willing to drop the price 500 gold if you were to do a little job for me,” the gnome slyly suggested.  It seems that the wizard has a contract to produce a large number of golems for a new queen in the south.  The wizard is short on one of the items needed to enchant the golems.  The essence needed in contained in the bodies of Chymicks.  These are little constructs that lived beneath the foundations of the ancient bridge.  “I only need a dozen.”  The wizard tried in vain to convince Bron.  “They are only about this big,” gestures the gnome, using his hands to indicate a small creature.  “You just put them in a bag.  Oh, you don’t have any glass items on you?  They tend to chew through glass like it is water!”  Bron did not believe the gnome’s claims that it would be easy.  Bron agreed to pay full price and left his war axe with the wizard.

Bron returned to the Inn to find a summons from the Judge to attend Tsuto’s trial.  The party immediately followed the bailiff to the courthouse.  We were ushered into a courtroom.  Judge Ironbriar entered the court.  He is a very tall distinguished elf with jet-black hair.  That the town wisely chose to invest justice to an elf greatly impressed Falathar!  “Maybe these humans have some merit after all!” 

The bailiff called Under-Sheriff Bron of Sandpoint to the stand.  Bron swore before Abadar and the Court of Magnimar to give true witness.  The judge placed a pyramid shaped crystal on his bench.  Judge Ironbriar tapped it once and it began to glow casting a soft luminescence about the bench and witness stand.  “In the zone of truth, state what you saw,” he commanded. 

Bron began, “It has been awhile…  Our village was attacked by a band of goblins.  During the course of events we entered the glassworks owned by the accused’s family.  We saw the deceased face down in a pool of molten glass.  The defendant was present and on our entry began firing arrows at us.  Then he fled – he was very acrobatic and hard to catch!”

The attorney for the defense inquired, “It says here in your report that goblins were present.  Are you certain that my client attacked you?”  Bron replied that he was certain it was him.  “We also found documents written by him detailing the attack on the town.”  Bron went on to explain how we later captured Tsuto and his allies below the town.  There being no more questions for Bron, he was excused from the stand.

Next, a Monk from the monastery that Tsuto had been sent as a child for his education.  He described Tsuto’s time at Windsong Abbey and what a wonderful student Tsuto had been.  “Surely, there must be some mistake about Tsuto’s involvement in his father’s death?”  The prosecutor asked if Tsuto had ever talked about his father.  The monk noted that they had asked Tsuto about his family, but that he never would talk about them.  “It is not that unusual.” 

Next it was Falathar’s turn to be called into the zone of truth and the witness stand.  The defense attorney asked him if Tsuto was the one to attack.  He replied “Yes.”  The attorney then asked, “How can you be sure Tsuto attacked in the midst of all the goblins attacking you?”  Falathar calmly rejoined, “I saw him attack us several time during fight.  As to Tsuto’s involvement in the goblin raid on the town, we recovered notes written in his own hand detailing the previous attack upon the town.”  Falathar then read from Tsuto’s own notes that had been entered into evidence.  The defense demanded evidence that Tsuto willingly participated in the goblin raid.  Falathar then read out loud Tsuto’s note about his love for Nualia. “My love seems bent on going through with it – nothing I say convinces her of her beauty.  She remains obsessed with removing what she call her ‘celestial Taint’ and replacing it with her mother’s grace.  Burning her father’s remains at Thistletop Shrine seems to have started the transformation, but I can’t say her new hand is pleasing to me.  Hopefully when she offers Sandpoint to Lamashtu’s Fire’s her new body won’t be as hideous.  Maybe I’ll luck out.  Succubi are demons too, aren’t they?”  The defense attorney sat down with a defeated look on his face, “No further questions.”

The prosecutor rested his case and the defense attorney called his next witness.  I call Ameiko Kaijitsu to the stand.  Once she had taken the oath and sat down in the zone of truth, “Tell us what you know.”  Ameiko, sobbing, recounted how her brother was treated by their father.  Everyone knew he was not a full blooded Kaijitsu.  He was openly ridiculed by other children.  His father never held or treated him fully as a son.  “Father was harsh in his treatment of Tsuto!  He had a chance to better himself.  Father paid for him to go to school.  Still, he chose to come back to Sandpoint and murder my father!”  The defense attorney then inquired, “Don’t you love your brother?”  “Of course,” Ameiko replied, “but he still tried and succeeded in killing my father!  Maybe he didn’t understand what he was doing…I don’t know!” 

There being no further questions she was released from the witness stand.  Neither the prosecutor nor the defense attorneys had more witnesses.  Judge Ironbriar then addressed Tsuto directly, “Do you wish to come to the stand to defend yourself?”  Tsuto defiantly retorted, “I don’t think I need to!”  Then Judge Ironbriar announced his verdict.  “Taking into consideration of the testimony and evidence presented, I find you guilty of the murder of your Father and your involvement on the attack on Sandpoint.  It is the decision of this court, that you shall suffer life imprisonment in the Hells.” (the city’s prison)

Once Tsuto was removed from court, Bron addressed the Judge.  Your Honor, we have a report on another court.”  Bron then handed the clerk the written report Falathar had prepared about the Hangman.  Judge Ironbriar asked, “What court?”  “The Silver Shore Courthouse,” replied Bron.  “You will find the court is now cleansed!”  The judge stated that must have been some feat, “How did you do it?”  Bron related how the Hangman, Jarbin Mord had left instructions for the court clerk to bring the jury back in ten years.  He related how he along with Falathar and Strabo had been kidnapped to fill in for dead jurors.  Bron presented the evidence we had gather including the note from other justice at Silver Shore, who was murdered as he wrote it.  It seems that the prosecutor Alistair had been infatuated with Mord’s wife Marlene.  He killed her along with her young son when she rejected him.  It was Alistair who assembled the jury that same day.  It was Alistair who used the Hobgoblin to intimidate the jurors that did not already have a grievance with Mord.  It was Alistair who bribed Judge Trabe with two bars of platinum.  It was Alistair who gave 12 fire opals to Patrisse to confound the Paladin, so he would not discover the truth. 

Bron then related how we were able to reason with the spirit of Jarbin Mord.  In fact, Jarbin Mord even pardoned several of the jurors.  Once, Judge Trabe confessed his crime, he by his own hand placed his head in the noose.  The spirit of Mord then kicked out the stool and hanged Trabe.  We revived Alistair and presented the evidence that proved he was the murderer.  We found him guilty and Mord carried out the sentence and strangled him with a rope.  Judge Ironbriar stated, “Sounds like they (the jurors) were lucky to have you for an advocate.  You are free to go.”

The party returned to the inn.  Strabo received a note that a letter was waiting for him back in Sandpoint.  Parlay asked Bron where he had arranged to have his war axe enchanted.  He wanted to get his bow enchanted.  Bron told him about the gnome wizard and where to find him.  Bron did warn Parlay that the gnome was a strange little man.

Parlay arrived at the wizard’s shop.  His senses were assailed by many strange sights and smells upon entering.  Parlay was greeted by the gnome, who inquired why he was there.  Parlay asked if he could enchant his bow.  The wizard replied he could and it would cost 1500 gold and take about two weeks.  The gnome slyly said that “I will drop the price by 500 gold if you perform a small task for me!”  Parlay asked, “what do I have to do?”  The gnome explained about needing twelve little Chymicks to complete a big job.  He goes on to explain that the Chymicks are found in the underground passages below the foundations of the old bridge.  “You just need a bag to put them in and don’t have anything made of glass on you!”  He took Parlay down to the basement and opened a trap door.  This revealed a passage the wizard had contrived to reach the old foundations.  “Of course you will understand it will be best if you don’t mention this.  The city powers don’t like people messing around down there.  One hundred years ago some adventurers accidently released some spider creatures, which got lose in the city.  Parlay then asked “why do you need this for the golems?” The gnome replied, “They are not motivated yet!” as he pointed to the motionless golems lined up in rows.  “I get the essence from the Chymicks. It is what motivates them.”

Parlay dropped down into the passage.  The gnome tossed down a sack, “Now, don’t forget, I need twelve.  If you see a spider…you do have something to protect you?  No glass?”  Parlay took out his ink jar and a bottle and handed them back up.  “It is against the rules to break into the foundations.  Best if we keep this between us.”  With those words from the gnome, Parlay moved down the passage.  He had to wiggle his way through tight spots.  Several other passages led off in different directions at various intersections.  He heard a skittering sound up ahead.  Slowly he picked his way in that direction.  He was rocked with a deep “boom – boom – boom” that startled him until he realized it was his own heart pounding in the silence!  Parlay brought out his ever burning torch once he reckoned he was close to the source of the skittering.  The light from the torch reflected briefly off of bits of glass momentary, but whatever it was just seemed to vanish.  He then heard the skittering anew in the distance.  “How am I going to find stuff I can’t see?” he lamented.

Parlay, realizing the futility of continuing, decided to go back up to the wizard’s basement.  The gnome was delighted to see Parlay return, “You got them” he eagerly squeaked.  Then the wizard noticed the bag was empty and demanded why.  Parlay complained, “They disappear, I can’t catch them.”  Gnome said they only appear to disappear, “They are able to dimension door to move away.”  Parlay wanted to know how the gnome caught them.  “Oh, I just stun them with a spell,” the wizard said expectantly.  The blank look on Parlay’s face drained the hope from the wizard’s face.  Parlay “I just pay you to enchant my bow!”  A dejected gnome said it would take two-weeks and cost 1500 gold.  Parlay left his bow with the gnome who was muttering “I just have to get them myself.”

Two week later when Bron picked up his war axe.  The gnome was very pleased to present it to him.  He went on to tell Bron how pleased the merchant consortium was with the clearing of the Silver Shore Court House.  Bron posed a question to the gnome.  He had heard Parlay tell of his effort to capture the Chymicks.  “What is the secret to capturing them?”  “You have to use magic.  Stun them or put them to sleep.  Color Spray drops them – they hate that!”  Bron asked about the spider things.  The gnome said none have been seen for a while.  The Chymicks eat the spiders and the spiders eat the errant adventurers.  The spiders have bodies made of glass, which is so hard weapons just bounce off.  “They do melt however,” smiled the gnome.  “Are you sure you won’t help me?” asked the wizard hopefully.  Bron declined which left the gnome walking off once again muttering.  “Now what if golems had six arms…h’mm.”

At the Inn Falathar returned to his room and found that his pack had been gone through.  He did a careful check, but only found “Thassilonian notes” compiled by Lyrie missing.  Falathar sought out Erlig to ask if he knew where Lyrie was.  Erlig said he hadn’t seen her yet that day.  They went downstairs where Falathar asked the Innkeeper if he had seen Lyrie go up to their rooms.  The innkeeper said that she had gone upstairs while they were out.  “She didn’t stay up there very long.  I thought she was looking for him,” as he pointed to Erlig.  “After all, she has spent every night up there with him.”  Erlig’s ears turned bright pink.  Falathar asked around, but no one seemed to know in which direction Lyiee was heading.  He walked over to the Pathfinder Chapter House and asked them to send messages to the different pathfinders to keep a lookout for her.


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