Fantastic Maps indeed

Jonathan Roberts has a real talent for creating artistically beautiful fantasy maps that are also useful for gaming. His latest map The City of Redwall is an appropriately dwarven-style city on the edge of mountains. Check it out when you get the chance:

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Posted Journal 34

Journal 34 is up with corrections to the content, mostly minor stuff. I haven’t verified the names of the kid NPC’s yet for spelling.

Our prayers are with you John. Kick that cancer and be back with us soon.

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Party Treasure update

I have located the reference to the Bracers of Armor +2 the party obtained in the Misgivings. This is added back onto party loot, and everyone needs to add a 9th share of 4000 gold pieces to their total. (For the math impaired that means you divide 9 into 4000 to determine your total in gold, assume the remainder is spent on incidentals.) To my knowledge there is only one PC who can now use these, and that is Erlig. So I declare that he gets dibs on the item. If he doesn’t want it, the party is assumed to keep it in combined party loot until you can find a place that doesn’t charge 20% tax on magic items.

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Player Character backgrounds are complete

All the player character backgrounds are up now. Anyone wishing to send me their character’s impressions of things or add pictures to your character’s background should send me what you wish to add via email. Pictures need to be jpeg image files, or something I can convert to a jpeg.

I also added the latest journal. Some editing for accuracy was done by yours truely.

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Journal 30 Up

Journal 30 is up but needs some minor editing. Our faithful Bard journalist doesn’t quite know the difference between falling asleep and being paralysed by a ghoul. But then, why should he? Elves don’t get affected by a ghoul’s paralysis.

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More Character Backgrounds added

I have edited and copied the character backgrounds for Erlig, BronPak and Parlay and added them to the list. More player character backgrounds shall follow in a few days.

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Journal 29 in the hopper

I added Falathar’s journal with minor changes, mostly to fill in missing information at the end. And I moved Rain’s and Erlig’s commentary to their own pages.

Agrent Dervo and Rain are up now in the Player Character section. If anyone else wishes to write their own, feel free to send me your own write up. Otherwise I will do the writing. In my very own unbiased fashion.  >:)

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Still waiting for Falathar’s journal

Sorry you caught the flu, Mike.  Looking forward to your write up of two Wednesdays ago.

Meanwhile I am posting commentary from Rain and Erlig. Enjoy!

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Journals and links all in place

Finally I have all the Wednesday Night Society’s journals all added. Some need more editing, however. Really, Mike, do you have to put an exclamation mark at the end of every single sentence?

Also I have added links to useful websites. The ones to the right are for player use, mostly. Though I would appreciate it if you players would not utilize the SRD link or the Wiki to gain knowledge that your character is not supposed to know yet. Few find it easy to “forget” what they know and keep in mind only what their character knows. So do try not to spoil it for yourselves.

And last, but not least, I have added DM only links on the bottom of the screen for fellow DMs and myself.

I hope you all find this useful. Enjoy!

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Hello world!

Welcome to Dark Sasha’s world.

Contained within will be campaign journals from my gaming group’s role play adventures as well as various writings and comments from my friends. Future additions will include writer support and editing for friends and associates.

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