Dead Bards tell no tales – A look through the eyes of Strabomenos

((Spoilers and some innuendos of the adult variety))

Well we have just finished our night on the town and we were all headed back to wind down for the night. I was back in my room and was just telling Rain how beautiful she was in that slinky red night dress. She in turn responded with a sheepish and uncertain grin. Things were looking up and then everything went to hell.

At my door I hear a hurried knock. It’s the Shoanti telling us that the bard was just stabbed back at the club and was taken below. Damn, damn that man. Blocked by a man that’s dead? Really?

Rain shifts back into battle mode and quickly begins to change into something a bit more suitable to what’s coming. Not at all how I envisioned getting her out of that dress. Taking that que I follow suit and begin changing rapidly as well. I pay no attention to Rain, as when I do finally get to see her undress it will be under better circumstances and I will take time to savor the moment.

(Rain’s musings……..

mmmm.. this material is stronger than it looks, I wonder how many bandages this could be cut up for?  and the color would hide blood loss.  not such a bad thing, would keep moral up but it would be damned close to impossible to move unseen in the trees with it. It’s freaking cold though, not any protection at all in bad weather. 

Strabo said something bout looking good in it?  what do folks normally say to things like that? 

“uh, thanks?” 

What the hell?  I must have done ok with that whole fitting in thing butt, can’t move for crap in it, no wonder folks take such little steps and need help gettin in an outta those carriages and can’t ride a proper horse, it ain’t just bein lazy after all. 

HOT DAMN!  Action time. Gotta get outta this silly piece of fluff and into some real clothes.  Back to work.  Best put this thing somewhere I can find later, probably need some bandages. 

….. incoherant musings close as instinct takes over.  With her bow in hand Rain settles back into the role she is comfortable with, prepping to shoot bad guys full of holes, completely relegating the rest of tonight’s activities to where they belong…. lessons learned, wishing her feet didn’t hurt from those stupid excuse for shoes. )

We all converge on the club to find “Light-in-the-pants” Lightbringer being all super stealthy and sneaking around the club like a cat. A cat with a huge friggin’ bell tied to its tail. Clank, clank, stomp, stomp! And there was Agrent saying he would lead us into the back door, while that magic torch tied to his head burns ever so discreetly. I offer up the token, “maybe we should think about this”, but true to form it goes completely ignored.

Normally I would never follow Agrent into the back door of anything, but when Rain stepped up I said to myself, “now there’s a back door I can follow”. That is my second favorite point of entry after all… correction, my fourth favorite.

Agrent heads in and surprise, surprise we wander into the only room containing every man in the building. I like group action as much as the next guy, but with only two ladies in the party ( Rain and Lightbringer) were are about to get screwed here. Seeing this, I decide to dive under the bar, pop off my Eagle’s Splendor and start channeling. I don’t know what the others are doing and I don’t care. All I know is that when I stop all the bad guys are dead. Praise Calistria, but I’m good.

Lightbringer noticed that the club owner was one handed and for whatever reason chose to replace it with a huge key. What an idiot. There was an idea with such potential and he wasted it on a key. A key? Really?

The Shoanti say that’s the key we need to get the bard back. And upon testing it we see they are right. Only thing is the door can’t be re-opened from the inside and this party will have to split up. Again. If that bard isn’t dead I’ll kill him.

Bron, the Shoanti, and I all head down into the hole. Ha ha. It’s wet and smells like fish. Yep, things are looking up. Did I mention everything went to hell? Friggin’ bard. No sooner do we all get in do we realize this tunnel is part of a tidal pool and the tide is… you guessed it, RISING. We find a deep spot and try to swim across but Dwarves don’t swim, and they make shiny bobbles for hungry sea serpents. Seriously.

OK, so we (meaning me) eventually kill the serpent things and drag the Dwarf out, but as luck would have it we find the real inhabitants of the tunnel. There are about 8 of these dopey aquatic monster things that I’m guessing they fed the bard to. Four attack us as four more poke hole in us with spears. Poking holes was my plan. What a rip off.

 We eventually power through these 8 only to find the reinforcements, 10 more. Bron struggles with one as Parlay and I wrap three up in my net while I seal it shut with my tanglefoot bag. Agrent, what a nut ball, races into a huge group of them solo, and does quiet well. Confidence is very well respected in my religion. Parlay and I soon join Agrent and eventually Bron does too, big head and little legs and all. This plan wasn’t very well thought out. But we finally win out. (Famous last words? …one escaped). Friggin’ bard.

(A look thru Strabo’s eyes)


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